Enchanting Collection of Cinderella Party Supplies

With the new Cinderella movie's recent release (read my review), I am confidently guessing there will be many girls across the country looking forward to beautiful Cinderella birthday party. So to help you get started on planning that fairy tale of a party, I have put together several collections … [Read more...]

Little Mermaid Party Games & Activities

  We're back Under the Sea!  Today, we're talking about Little Mermaid party games and activities.  My daughter recently turned 5 and these were the three activities we did at her party.  I'm saving the best for last! 1.  Pin the Shell on Ariel Simple, classic and well-loved by … [Read more...]

Octonauts Party Games the Kids Will Love!

It wasn't too long ago that we were on the beach celebrating my son's birthday.  And I think I can now say that the beach is my favorite location for a party, probably because it is very conducive to a variety of activities.  Not the least of which were our Octonauts party games:  a traditional … [Read more...]

How to Make Treasure Map Paper in 2 Steps!

Do you love a good treasure hunt?  I do!  For my son's Octonauts party, we put together a Captain Calico Jack treasure hunt and the kids absolutely loved it.   But to make a pirate's treasure hunt authentic, you need to make treasure map paper. And it is so easy!  You can take a simple piece of … [Read more...]

A Camping Party {part 2}

Last Wednesday, we had the fun of peaking in at Lynnette's Camping Party for her son's 6th birthday.  Today, we are going to finish up with the children's activities and s'more cupcakes. The Fishing Hole: Lynnette hot glued magnets to the fishing line and to these Hobby Lobby fish and then … [Read more...]

A Peter Rabbit Party {part 2}

Yesterday, I was over at Redeemed Reader talking about How To Throw a Book-Themed Party.  Are you looking for a creative idea for a party theme?  Why not pull from a classic and loved story.  Oh, there are so many ideas whether you are planning a children's party or a baby shower.  If you missed it, … [Read more...]

New Year’s Eve Tradition: Games for Cash

What is your best New Year's Eve memory?  One that comes to mind is from when I was a teenager.  My brother and I didn't have any plans, so my mom brought up a ton of games from the basement.  She spread them out over the dining room table and started laying cash on them.  Winner of the game took … [Read more...]

The "Glamour Party" Scavenger Hunt

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was helping my cousin with her daughter's 10th birthday party. She was planning a Glamour Room for the fun bunch of 10 year old girls followed by a Fashion Show.  To build up the excitement, we sent them on this Glamour Scavenger Hunt around the house. When I … [Read more...]

The Class Reunion Game

  A couple weeks ago, my husband celebrated his 20th year High School Class Reunion.  It was an enjoyable evening.  Dinner at a golf course, old friends, fun photos and a great game.  The game was the reunion game where you ask who has the most ___ or how many times you have ___.  It was fun to … [Read more...]

A Dr. Seuss Party – The Activities

  Here is the final installment of our Dr. Seuss Party!  We'll finish the series by talking about the activities and games we played with my son's preschool class.  What fun we had! When choosing activities, I kept a couple things in mind:  It was important to me to have something the kids … [Read more...]