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It wasn’t too long ago that we were on the beach celebrating my son’s birthday.  And I think I can now say that the beach is my favorite location for a party, probably because it is very conducive to a variety of activities.  Not the least of which were our Octonauts party games:  a traditional treasure hunt and obstacle course.

Whether you are hosting an Octonauts party, an Under the Sea party or other beach event, these games were so much fun.  And I will let you in on a couple lessons learned along the way.

Kwazii & Captain Calico Jack’s Treasure Hunt

If you watch Octonauts (find out more of what I think about this show in the first party post), you probably know that Kwazii is a pirate cat and his grandfather was a brilliant pirate named Captain Calico Jack.  Don’t you love the play off of Captain Jack Sparrow?

On the party table was the message in a bottle.  I told the kids that Kwazii left this for us and I read them the note on their first treasure map.

octonauts treasure map

Ahoy, Me Hearties,

My grandfather, Calico Jack, buried treasure on this here beach many years ago.  Follow the map in search of his long lost treasure and remember:  you must share the plunder!

Your friend,

Kwazii    (yeow!)

treasure maps

Dan and my nephew set the treasure hunt up before the party, burying the treasures at each stop.  Using the maps, the kids found visible markers (the fish, crab, shark and pirate ship made from my Cameo).

The treasures were buried below these markers in ziploc bags.  And a kind thank you to those people on the beach who didn’t unearth our plunder before the kids found it.

shark marker for treasure hunt

4 Maps – 4 Markers – 4 Spots of Buried Treasure

The first three spots had treasure buried along with the next treasure map.

1st Spot – Pirate Eye Patches

2nd Spot – Mini Telescopes

3rd Spot – Plastic Gold Coins


The 4th Spot housed the final and real treasure chest (a pinata).  However, Dan and my nephew buried this plunder so deep that my nephew had to help the kids get it out.  Lesson learned:  the deeper you go in the sand, the damper it is which will yield a somewhat mushy pinata.

buried treasure

But, truth be told, the kids did not mind a bit.  The last event of the party was to break the treasure out of the pinata.  Lesson #2:  Any candy not completely sealed will get sand in it when the candy hits the ground.  Gritty Smarties, anyone?

treasure chest pinata

Peso’s Mission to Save the “Turtle” Eggs

If you are familiar with Octonauts, you know that Peso is a medic who helps all creatures.  Dan and I dreamed up a little mission to save the “turtle” eggs and return them to their mothers.  (Yes, I know you aren’t supposed to move turtle eggs in reality, but it suit our game and the kids had a blast.)

Each child was lined up and given a number.  With a staggered start, the child then ran to the grass line to find their numbered hard boiled egg.  (Plastic eggs would have sufficed, but I couldn’t find mine.)

octonauts obstacle course

Protecting their egg, the kids had to run through the obstacle course.  Climbing through hula hoops, crossing the pit on the plank, hopping hoop to hoop and finishing with a tire-like run that football players do.

obstacle course 1


beach obstacle course

Last was to safely deliver their turtle egg to the proper mama turtle (and corresponding number).

turtle egg rescue obstacle course

I already shared that I don’t do cakes for the kids parties anymore.  See the Octopus Cupcakes here.  But I thought I would share the cake I made for my son’s actual birthday.  Themed toys make decorating so much easier and faster!!

octonauts birthday cake


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