Of all the fun we had that fall afternoon, the Super Mario Brothers Scavenger Hunt was the hit of my son’s birthday party!  Click here to see the first post about our Mario party.

Of course, it is no secret that I love scavenger hunts.  But I knew I needed to step up my game for this group of 9 and 10 year old boys by keeping it clever as well as in line with our Mario theme . . . and not just with the clues.  The way the boys would get the clues would be equally important!  I had visions of the boys punching open a question mark box (like Mario does in the game) to get each new clue.  Here is how I did it:

How to Create a Super Mario Brothers Scavenger Hunt


What You Will Need:

The first thing to do is purchase these Super Mario Yellow Question Mark Boxes.  Buy enough packs to correspond to the number of clues you will have.  If you’re interested, I will send you my opening letter and clues (text only) for free; just fill out the form at the end of this post.

Once you have the boxes, you need to make them punch-able.

First, assemble a box.  Then draw a square for where you want the opening to be on the bottom of the box.



Unassemble the box and cut out the marked area.



Reassemble the box and glue the flaps so that it will stay together.



Pre-cut squares of tissue paper to fit on the inside of the box.  No extra points for perfect squares – no one will ever see the inside.

Add a bead of glue around the inside and place the square of tissue paper down.  Allow to dry.




Number your boxes to coordinate with the clues.  You will be so happy you did this later when you’re running all over, placing the boxes in their designated spots.



Print the clues and Princess Peach’s letter.  I had purchased a set of clip art but unfortunately cannot share it with you because of copyright.  You can grab one of these on Etsy and add the images in or buy some Mario stickers and put them on the printed clue sheets.



Cut and place the clues inside the boxes.  Then close up the tops.




Last step, hang the boxes – paying close attention to the order and placement.  I will often make myself a cheat sheet with the clue number and its location so that I am sure I don’t get something out of order.  I used fishing line to hang the boxes to give them a suspended-in-air look.



Game Time!

Give the kids this letter from Princess Peach in an area where the first clue is nearby.  Our boys had seen the first question mark box but had assumed it was just decoration.  Hee Hee.


Get this letter as a PDF (minus clipart) below.  Just add a sticker of Princess Peach!


Join the kids on the scavenger hunt and be ready to help should they get stumped.  Sometimes all they need is to hear a little emphasis on a couple of the words and their little Mario brains light up.



The end of the scavenger hunt was fun with this large star pinata.



String it up and be sure to include chocolate gold coins among the candy!



Would you like a (text-only) pdf of the letter from Princess Peach and the scavenger hunt clues?  Please know that some of the clues are particular to our house and yard but I have given you suggested changes.  And they will certainly give you lots of ideas.  (Answer key is provided.)  Just fill out the form below.  Subscription to our newsletter is included and we hope you’ll love it!  But you can unsubscribe at any time.

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