Fun Ideas for an Emoji Party

Are your kids into emojis and emoticons?  At the beginning of August, we celebrated my daughter’s eighth birthday.  She is crazy about emojis and sends her daddy lots of text messages filled with hearts, funny faces and smiling piles of poo.  So it was not a surprise when she asked if she could have an emoji party.

Here are some fun decoration and game ideas for your own emoji celebration.

Emoji Party Decorations

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Create paper fans with scrap book paper and emoji faces for your backdrop or as hanging decor.  I will often purchase clipart so that I can get crafty and print things myself.  This emoji clipart collection cost me $2.95 from Etsy.  Totally worth it!

Once you have selected your colors for the party, look for containers to serve your food.  For outdoor parties, I often lean towards disposable.  There are always many color options in single use party items and you can dress them up to fit your theme.  I added an emoji sticker to the mini popcorn boxes and they looked great.  Shown below, these 8 oz ice cream cups were perfect for serving fresh fruit.

Is there a better cupcake for an emoji party than a smiling pile of poo?  And truly, it couldn’t be simpler.  I used boxed chocolate cake and pre-made chocolate frosting.  I originally tried to make my own icing but I couldn’t get it dark enough so I ran out and bought Betty Crocker’s chocolate.  With a pastry bag and a round decorating tip, I swirled the frosting and added candy eyes.  The only thing to watch is that your frosting doesn’t melt in the sun like mine did.  🙁

For a classic look, try serving lemonade out of milk bottles with red striped straws.  Once you make a small investment (I think I spent a dollar each) in something like these milk bottles, it is fun to use them over and over again for special events.  I also served mini bottles of water on the hot party day.

You have undoubtedly noticed the two giant poo bean bag chairs.  I couldn’t resist!  I stumbled on them at Walmart and originally only purchased one.  But when I checked out and it rang up as $7.50, I had to go get another.  Don’t you love a deal?

Another simple and easy idea for decor is to shop your local dollar store for balloons.  I loved these emoji balloons and they were only a buck each.


Emoji Party Games & Activities:

Because we had a mix of old school friends, new school friends and family at the party, I knew we needed an ice breaker game.  I do not like it when parties are clicky.  So we were intentional that the girls blend well from the beginning.  If you are in the same situation, pick a game or activity that helps the children get to know each other.

Pass the Poo

The girls sat in a circle and we passed the poo key chain around.  When it was a girl’s turn to hold the poo (boy, that just sounds wrong!), she was asked to share her name, her favorite thing to eat for breakfast and her favorite summer memory.  Right after all the answers were shared and throughout the party, I asked the girls questions to test their memory.  I was impressed how well they remembered each others’ names and favorites.  *Incidentally, it helped me greatly to scribble down the girls answers so I could make sure I asked about each girl at some point during the party.

Painting (and Gluing) Emoji on Canvases

This was probably the favorite of all the activities.  I purchased white 8 x 10 canvases and with a compass and pencil, drew a light circle on each.

The girls painted the yellow faces for their emoji and then we allowed the canvas to dry while doing other activities.

Once dry, we returned and glued felt faces to the canvas.  The majority of the girls chose the heart eyes which I suspected would be the most desired.  Before the party, I had traced the shapes for a couple different faces so all the girls would have to do is cut the felt and glue.

I also gave them puffy paint with which to write their names.  Most of the girls were unfamiliar with puffy paint and ended up making their names too thick . . . which lead to smearing and making other fun designs with the paint.  It all worked out!

Emoji Yard Twister

My daughter loves twister, so we decided to play a little emoji yard twister.  With spray paint and a circle template, I painted circles on the grass.  Then, I used a smiley face template made with the Etsy clipart and my Cameo for the yellow circles.

We renamed each color for added emoji fun:  Red – the angry emoji, blue – the crying emoji, yellow – the happy emoji and orange – the confused emoji.

Emoji Ball Toss

We stumbled on these emoji ping pong balls at the store and my daughter came up with a simple points-based ball toss game.

Emoji Pinata

We filled this Poop Emoji Pinata with candy and emoji erasers.  As always, pinatas are a hit at kids’ parties.  Keeping with my yellow and red color scheme, I used these favor bags for the kids to collect their pinata loot.

The girls went home with their emoji canvas art, pinata goodies and these bottles, filled with gummy bears inside.  It was a fun party!

Are you planning an emoji party?  What decor and activity ideas have you found?

A Playful Dog and Cat Birthday Party

A Playful Dog & Cat Birthday Party


If you have a child who loves dogs and cats, you’ll want to check out this dog and cat party for fun ideas and inexpensive decor inspiration!

My daughter turned 7 last year (yes, I know I am so late on sharing this party!).  More than dolls, more than legos, more than most other toys, this girl loves dogs.  Her bedroom isn’t filled with baby dolls.  It is filled with dog-stuffed animals.  So for this birthday celebration, it wasn’t hard for her to come up with a dog and cat birthday party theme.  And of course, all I need is a theme . . .

Take a look below at the food, decor, games and activities from this playful dog and cat birthday party!  And don’t miss my three favorite things about the party planning.

A playful dog and cat birthday party

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The Food

At the party, we served an assortment of yummy snacks and treats:  Buttered Popcorn, Dog Treats (Cocoa Puffs), Balls of Yarn (Oreo truffles), Cat Treats (Goldfish crackers), Chocolate Paws (from molds like these), Chew Sticks (Twizzlers) Cupcakes and Ice Cream.

A playful dog and cat birthday party (4)

A playful dog and cat birthday party (15)

A playful dog and cat birthday party (3)

All of my food labels had a background of light pink paw prints.  Unfortunately, they are not showing up in my photos very well.

A playful dog and cat birthday party (9)

A playful dog and cat birthday party (5)

A playful dog and cat birthday party (11)

A playful dog and cat birthday party (12)

A playful dog and cat birthday party (10)

A playful dog and cat birthday party (14b)

The cupcakes were chocolate with homemade buttercream frosting.  I made the cupcake wrappers with my Cameo and a “Woof Woof” wood block stamp.

A playful dog and cat birthday party (7b)

A playful dog and cat birthday party (55b)

Chocolate milk in glass milk bottles with fun pink striped straws.  Cats love milk, right?  The chocolate milk made it more of a treat.
A playful dog and cat birthday party (56b)

When the kids were sitting at the table, I told them that we needed to give their dogs (see below) vitamins.  The pink pearly Sixlets were the “vitamins” served in Wilton white nut cups.

A playful dog and cat birthday party (28)

The Decor

For our centerpiece, I wanted to mix dog bones and balls of yarn that looked like the cats had already begun to play.  I wrapped styrofoam balls with aqua and pink stripe yarn and left a trail of yarn on the table.  I hot glued dog bones to the spray painted cans and set everything to rest on newspaper (think paper training).

Party Planning Favorite #1:  I love using spray paint for decor.  It is an inexpensive way to reinforce the color scheme you have selected for the party.  Find something you already have or shop the dollar store.


A playful dog and cat birthday party (27b)

A playful dog and cat birthday party (22b)

A playful dog and cat birthday party (26b)

A playful dog and cat birthday party (19)

All of my surfaces were covered in brown craft paper (something else I love).  I added the paw print stamps (like this one) to each place setting, as well as on the white balloons.

Party Planning Favorite #2:  Use something out of the ordinary that your guests wouldn’t expect.  For this party, I used actual stainless steel dog bowls to serve the cupcakes and ice cream.  It was perfect and quite funny!

A playful dog and cat birthday party (21)


Here is the room at a glance:

A playful dog and cat birthday party (18b)

A playful dog and cat birthday party (42)

(Please don’t mind the dirt and weeds.  This was before we did landscaping at the new house.)

The Games & Activities

A playful dog and cat birthday party (36b)

Our guests were greeted at the door with paw print floor clings (so inexpensive!) leading to our Adoption Center.

A playful dog and cat birthday party (40)

Each child could pick from the assorted dogs to find a new friend to take home.

A playful dog and cat birthday party (33b)

A playful dog and cat birthday party (34)

Then, it was time to make collars for their new friends with pipe cleaners and beads, including these Alphabet Beads so that the puppies’ names could be spelled out.

Party Planning Favorite #3:  I love playing into kids’ imagination.  I acted like their dogs were real.  I told the kids that they had to train them . . . to sit, to obey and not to go the bathroom in the house!  The kids thought it was fun and I enjoyed watching them tell their little dogs how they needed to act.

A playful dog and cat birthday party (58)

Adoption paperwork was filled out and the adoption finalized!  Then, it was time for games.

A playful dog and cat birthday party (47)

I buried candy in a litter box filled with rice.  The kids took turns digging to find the treats.  * * Rice will get on your floor.  You’ll notice remnants in a later picture!

When the kids found their candy, I gave them . . . how do I say this . . . waste bags for their goodies.  You know the kind of bags that you are supposed to take with you when you walk your dog so that you can clean up any mess?  Yeah, that’s it.  I picked up a couple rolls at Dollar Tree.

A playful dog and cat birthday party (48)


A playful dog and cat birthday party (49)

Next came the Doggie Ears Game.  I put balls (tennis balls are best, but baseballs work too) into a new pair of tights.  The kids had to wear the tights on their heads and try to knock down bottles of “toilet water.”

A playful dog and cat birthday party (50)

A playful dog and cat birthday party (52)

Dog Bone Toss:  The kids had to toss dog bones and try to get them in the collars.  Simple, but fun.

A playful dog and cat birthday party (51b)

A playful dog and cat birthday party (53)

Our last game was a Milk Bone search.  While the kids played in the basement taking care of their new dogs, we hid Milk Bones all over the first floor.  The kids had a blast running around in search of dog bones.  Several of the kids wanted to take them home . . . even though they didn’t have a dog!?!

A playful dog and cat birthday party (61)

A playful dog and cat birthday party (31)

Before my daughter’s friends left, we handed out favors.  The kids received little frisbees and these dog and cat boxes (made with my Cameo).  Inside the boxes were:  Puppy Paw Friendship Bracelets, Whistle Bracelets (for training) and a couple pieces of candy.

A playful dog and cat birthday party (62)

One thing my daughter had requested on her invitation was that guests bring a small donation for the local humane shelter.  We gave suggestions like a roll of paper towels, a can of pet food or a small toy.  Her friends brought quite a bit and my daughter was so excited to take everything to the shelter.

A playful dog and cat birthday party (60)

Happy Birthday to my dog-loving, sweet girl!  


Thanks so much for hanging with me.  I hope you enjoyed taking a look at our Dog and Cat Birthday Party!

Find more Party Inspiration on our Themes Page.

Galactic Star Wars Party Games & Activities


We are back for more of my son’s 9th birthday party.  It was a small party with just a few boys, but they had a blast.  I had created fun decor and themed food, but what I think the boys liked most were the Star Wars party games and activities we had planned.


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Before the party, I had made Jedi Robes for the kids to wear.  Tutorial coming soon. Super-simple, no-sew tunics that the boys wore during the party and then took home afterwards.  They looked so cute (although don’t tell them that!).


Our first activity was to make Light Sabers.  I had put together the station, but we actually all just sat on the floor and worked on our creations.

I was ready with:

Make sure you are buying duck tape and not washi tape.  Your Jedi will put a lot of wear and tear on their light sabers.  The tape needs to be secure.


To Get the Kids Started on DIY Light Sabers:

Have them make an “X” out of silver duct tape covering one of the ends.  These two pieces should cover the entire end and creep over onto the grip.

Then, put single wraps of tape around the grip working up the handle.  Our Jedi did about 3-3.5 widths of the tape for their handle.  This provides a base for the light saber grip to be decorated.

Next, let the kids use their creativity to design their light saber.  Make bands of different colors in any direction.  Don’t forget to use a bit of tape to make the on/off button!


Once our light sabers were done, I told the boys that now it was time to take on the Stormtrooper army that had landed in the basement.


Before the party, I purchased 12 white helium balloons.  Looking at this google image and with a Sharpie marker, I drew a Stormtrooper helmet on each balloon.  I am not an artist, but I am a decent copier.  So with a good movie on in the background, I drew Stormtrooper after Stormtrooper.  It will be a skill that comes in handy someday . . . I just know it.


My growing army!


Now for the fun!  The boys came flying down the garbage shoot (aka the slide into our unfinished basement) and began fighting the Stormtroopers.  I had taped the balloons to the carpet using 3-4 pieces of tape to hold the balloons securely.  Know that no matter what you do, the balloons will eventually come loose . . . young Jedi are strong!


This was the best part of the party!  The boys ran all around and beat the Stormtroopers.  At one point, they closed their eyes and walked through trying to use “the force” to tell them where the enemies were (although some peeked).

Dan was down in the basement as well and when the battle was wrapping up, I told the boys that Dan was Darth Vader and they all went after him.  I thought it was quite funny!  Hee Hee  😉


After the battle, we enjoyed a Pizza the Hutt dinner, Vader Veggies and all kinds of themed treats.  Then, we spent the rest of the evening watching The Empire Strikes Back (boys’ choice).


The boys went home with their Jedi Robes, Light Sabers and favor bags.  I printed and cut the Storm Trooper faces with my Cameo and glued them to white gift bags.  Inside the bags were:  a chocolate Millenium Falcon (made with this mold), Pop Rocks, mini Milky Ways and a Star Wars toy.  One thing I like about inviting fewer children is that I can spend more money on things like a toy in the gift bag.  It gets pretty pricey if you try to include a $5 toy in 10 kids’ favor bags!

It was a galactic party and one we will remember for a long, long time.

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Galactic Star Wars Party Ideas: Decor & Food


Do you have a young Jedi?  For the last year, my own Jedi has been looking forward to a Star Wars themed party.  Now, I know that I am often telling you that I have found [another] new favorite party theme but how can I not feel that way when we’re talking Han Solo, Chewbacca, BB-8 and so many more loved characters from a story far, far away!  If you are looking for Star Wars party ideas, you are in the right place.

Our galactic party was so much fun.  We invited only a couple boys, keeping the party small.  It reminded me of my daughter’s Alice in Wonderland party where there was a total of four kids.  LOVE!  But instead of falling into a rabbit hole, we hopped into hyper space, made light sabers and fought Storm Troopers!

For this party, I kept things more along the lines of the original trilogy but did enjoy pulling in a couple things from The Force Awakens.  Today, I will be sharing some of our Star Wars party ideas in regards to food and decor.  Let’s take a look!

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The Star Wars Tablescape:  I decided to go off track from the traditional Star Wars colors.  I found this great Tie-fighter sign on clearance at Hobby Lobby and from this, drew the color scheme of dark blue and lime green.  I already had the table cloth from our Finding Dory party and added an un-folded plastic (shhh!) table cloth as the runner.

Because I didn’t want to break the bank on the backdrop, I opted for twisted streamers.  I considered Star Wars curtains and other fabrics, but this was so easy and cost all of $2.00.


Thr R2-D2 bowls are from Amazon and looked great holding the snacks.  I like them so much and will pull them out every May 4th for Star Wars Day.  Also on the table are two Star Wars toys.  We made great use of so many of my son’s Star Wars paraphernalia.


What do you serve at a Star Wars party?  A quick look on Pinterest will give you many ideas.  Here is what I opted for:

Pizza the Hutt
Vader Veggies
Padawan Popcorn
Han Rolos
Wookie Cookies
Ewok Treats
BB-8 Cupcakes
Yoda Soda

I also served an assortment of Star Wars themed chocolates made from these molds.



The Padawan Popcorn was freshly popped popcorn with salted peanuts, blue and green M&M’s (don’t ask what happened to the other colors…A girl has gotta stay in theme!), and also pretzel sticks dipped in red chocolate to look like light sabers.


Of course, the Han Rolos were just the regular Rolos candy.  The Wookie Cookies were from Aldi, although this Keebler version or Girl Scout Samosas would work well, too.


The Ewok treats were Teddy Grahams.  I love it when I can buy a good portion of the party treats and have less to make myself.



The cupcakes were inspired by BB-8 with orange, white and silver sprinkles.  This past summer, I discovered color mist.  I love it!  It makes adding a little color to frosting so easy.  Yes, I could have dyed the frosting and but the mist looks so much cooler!  star-wars-party-ideas-6


When I served the cupcakes, I put a light saber cupcake topper in each one.  So simple, but the boys were elated!


On the counter, I served Pizza the Hutt, a little platter of Vader Veggies with dip and fun Star Wars themed chocolates made from these molds.  My favorite was the peanut butter flavored Han Solo in carbonite.




The Yoda Soda was a hit and so easy with just two ingredients:  Green Berry Rush Hawaiian Punch and Sprite.


I used the chocolate molds to make ice as well.  I asked each kid if they wanted to join the rebellion or the dark side.  Depending on their answer, they got X-wing, Darth Vader and/or Storm Trooper ice cubes.



A little “I Am Your Water” from Darth Vader.


Extra Decor:

I had picked up these string light covers at a garage sale last year.  My son thought they looked like the Death Star so it was a win-win for atmosphere when it was dark and movie time.


Doesn’t everybody have a Boba Fett head tucked away?


More of my son’s action figures strategically placed around the house. . . However, when I was writing for my Motherhood On a Dime post, after working on all my pictures, I noticed an Ewok in my primary image.  Yeesh.


If you’re ready to take on the First Order, come back next week to find out the three activities that really made this party a galactic hit.  

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How to Throw a Fun & Creative FINDING DORY Party

Fun & Creative Finding Dory Party Ideas

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Every time I throw another party, I find a new theme with which to fall in love.  Looking at the details, getting creative and planning some memory-making fun . . . this Finding Dory party was no different!

An aquatic-themed party is not new to my household.  We’ve done Little Mermaid, Octonauts and Luau parties.  But Finding Dory was such a fun movie that I couldn’t wait to revisit the open sea.

So let’s dive right in!  Here are our fun and creative Finding Dory party ideas from our family birthday celebration.


Finding Dory Party (20)

Welcome Your Guests in Typical Dory Style.

The new movie continues the story line of Dory’s short term memory loss.  Play this up as you welcome your guests into the party.  Ask them why they are here.  Dory would have forgotten.

Finding Dory Party Favor (2)

Once your guests are inside, play it up again.  After seeing Dory at the front door, my guests met her inside as well.  She is so quick to forget, isn’t she?

I decorated around the framed sign with two large conch shells and a galvanized bucket filled with Dory Fruit Snacks.

Finding Dory Party (5)

Introduce Other Characters from the Movie.

Destiny, Bailey, Hank and Becky are just some of the fun new characters introduced in Finding Dory.  I purchased a clipart set on Etsy to use for signs and other party printables.  I also purchased a set of Dory characters and topped my cake with Hank.

Finding Dory Party (4)

In making the cake, I used Wilton Tip 12 for the design and then sprayed the cake with color mist for a quick variation in color.  Oh boy was this easier than dying frosting!

Finding Dory Party (22)

Serve Drinks in Individual Fish Bowls . . . Yes, You Read That Right!

Inspired by Laura’s party, I purchased 29 glass bowls from the Dollar Tree and served “Ocean Water” in the fish bowls.  It is very difficult to drink directly from the bowl, so be sure to add cute striped straws.

Finding Dory Party (39)

If you are worried about people mixing up their bowls since you’re not using the traditional red party cup and a sharpie, here is what you can do:

Put pieces of washi tape on one or two glass picture frames.  Washi tape is very forgiving when peeling it off glass items.  Write your guests names on the washi tape before the party, then they will easily be able to label their bowls so as not to confuse their drinks with others’.

With the labels on the front of the glass, you can place instructions keeping “in theme” behind the glass of the frame.  This is what I shared on the printouts with Dory and Becky.

“Don’t be a Dory and forget which fish bowl belongs to you.  Find your name and put it on your drink.”

“Don’t mix up your fish bowls.  Becky can help.  Just stare in her eyes and find your name.”

Finding Dory Party (28)

Create a Fun Tablescape

For the backdrop, I made use of my bead board and fish netting as well as a Finding Dory poster.  In the netting, I weaved a handful of starfish and finished off the look with quotes from the movie (made with my Cameo).

Just Keep Swimming * That’s A Lot of Eyeballs Doing Nothing
There’s Always A Way * You Know, I Speak Whale
I’m Okay With Crazy * Bad Squishy

Finding Dory Party (24)

In the movie, Dory’s parents leave a trail of shells and Dory’s mom especially loves purple shells.  This led me to weave a line of purple shells among the snacks and drinks.

Finding Dory Party (34)

For munching, I served three kinds of goldfish and blue saltwater taffy.

Finding Dory Party Favor (3)

Make Use of Themed Signs

Have some fun playing on different parts of the movie.  On the way to the basement (where we ate), was the above sign with Sigourney Weaver’s line from the Marine Life Institute.  I also put a Quarantine sign on the bathroom door, and for the kids’ place cards, each tag had a picture of a character from the movie.

Finding Dory Party (7)

Finding Dory Party (37)

A Creative Non-Seafood Menu

I reached back into Finding Nemo for the line, “Fish are friends, not food.”  Since I was not serving any seafood, this seemed like a natural way to start the buffet line.

Step it Up with Fun Utensils 

I love wood utensils.  They add something unique to a party but I also like the fact that you can customize them for your particular party theme or color scheme.  I took some simple acrylic paint and painted the ends (as seen in the above photo).
Finding Dory Party (8)

Go Under the Sea with Live Centerpieces

Keep things swimming with goldfish in a variety of bowls and beakers (pulling from the movie) arranged on your dining tables.  My plan was to send a couple of the families with young kids home with fish.  However somehow, I still sit here with 13 12 goldfish.  Hmmm….

Finding Dory Party (15)

And in case you missed this post . . . yes, that is a slide in the back of the basement.  The basement is unfinished but hey, we have carpet remnants and a slide.  Good enough for me.  😉

Finding Dory Party (14)

Go Color Strong with Tables

Tables are a great place to go strong with the color scheme.  I stuck with Dory’s blue and yellow for the tablecloths.  The yellow runner is simply a plastic tablecloth not quite unfolded all the way.  It works, doesn’t it?

Finding Dory Party (35)

A Fun Memory Game

We always play a game at our family parties.  But this time, it was two hours before the party and I still hadn’t finalized the plans.  I knew I wanted some memory based game to play off the “Don’t be a Dory [forgetful]” line from the movie.

So sitting around the kitchen island, Dan, our friends Tara and Jon, and I came up with this “Don’t be a Dory.  What’s your story?” party game.  Each guest was asked to fill out the form with these three questions:

  1.  What is your favorite candy bar?
  2. Name a movie that you’ve seen this summer.
  3. What Olympic event would you like to win a gold medal in?

All completed forms were spread out on the dining room table and guests were invited to review each other’s answers.  Later in the evening, we gathered everyone together and Dan asked a question (or all questions) from a particular sheet.  For example, who can remember the movie that Jody saw this summer.  The first person to shout out the answer won the page and the person with the most pages at the end of the game was the winner.  It was fun to see how many people remembered so many of the answers.  Not nearly as many Dory’s as I thought!

The top two winners received this as a prize – – >

Finding Dory Party (36)

Finding Dory Party Favor (1)

Tag ’em and Send ’em Off to “the Cleveland”

In the movie, Dory is mistakenly tagged with a transport tag that identifies her as one of the fish being sent to the Cleveland Aquarium.  For our party favor, I wrapped a Cleveland Aquarium brochure (with coupon) around a box of Swedish Fish.  The tag read like Dory’s, “TRANSPORT 3181” with the addition of “Thank you for coming!”

And thank YOU for swimming with us for this Finding Dory party.  I hope you are finding inspiration for your celebration.

Until next time,

Just Keep Swimming!


Finding Dory Party (27)

AWESOME Lego Movie Party Ideas Your Kid Will Love

Awesome Lego Movie Party Your Kids Will Love


Well, my little boy turned 8.  And if you’ve had the pleasure of meeting him, you probably know that he is very into legos and the Lego Movie.  In fact, there have been times I have had to put the kibosh on the singing of “Everything is Awesome.”  It is a catchy song and I really do like it, but 500 times in row . . . well, you probably know exactly what I mean.

So let’s feed the obsession of the Lego Movie with a Lego Movie party.  I’m asking for trouble, right?  But I love any theme to design a party around and even if it means I will have that song in my mind for the next 364 days, so be it.  I love that sweet boy.

At the party, we played super fun games and I will share those next week.  Today, we’re talking decor, food, favors and other great Lego Movie Party ideas.

Take a peek!

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Lego Movie Party 38

We hosted my son’s party at a local park.  In my area, our park system allows residents to reserve the pavilions for free.  So that in itself is a huge blessing.  I love the lake in the background at this property and it had the option of an indoor shelter should we have inclement weather.  Everything really is awesome.

Lego Movie Party 22

What could be better than posters of the two favorite characters, Emmet and Wyldstyle?  Friends, if you are looking to enlarge and print something for a party, search for coloring pages online and then head to Staples.  I downloaded these coloring pages from Lego and emailed them to Staples to print engineering prints.  Then I mounted them to foam board (Dollar Tree) and strung them up at the pavilion.  My kids will love coloring them at a later time.

Lego Movie Party 16

Lego Movie Party 23
Lego Movie Party 34

One of my favorite views!  The kids sat lakeside to eat.  I kept the table super simple.  Balloons and Lego box lids as the centerpiece.

This party required much more cutting on my Cameo than my daughter’s Alice in Wonderland Party.  I cut the lego shapes, both banners, favor boxes and cupcake toppers/wrappers.
Lego Movie Party 11

Lego Movie Party 10

Friends of ours made this Emmet for their daughter’s party.  Hand-me-downs are great even for parties!

More engineering prints of Uni-Kitty and Benny, just the smaller size for the bathroom doors.
Lego Movie Party 4

Lego Movie Party 12
Lego Movie Party 17

And what would a Lego party be without the Kragle under glass?  I used nail polish remover and a qtip to wipe off some of the lettering and give it a worn look.  

Lego Movie Party 28

Even though we held the party on a Monday afternoon, of course we had to pretend it was Taco Tuesday which meant a Walking Taco Station.

Lego Party 27

Lego Party 29

Lego Party 33

Lego Movie Party 37

I was delighted with the kids’ excitement when I asked them how many “bricks” they wanted in their drinks.  This is the mold I bought to make the lego ice.

For the cupcakes, I purchased Lego Movie clip art from this Etsy store to make the toppers.  The candy came from a local specialty store (here is an amazon link).

Lego Movie Party 13

Lego Movie Party 14


Lego Movie Party 15

Lego Movie Party 8

I made the lego favor bags with my cameo and filled them with chocolate, dots and minifigures.  And if every party has a crisis moment, this was mine.

The wonderful folks at Chocoley sent me chocolate to use for the party (Bada Bing Bada Boom Candy & Molding Chocolate, Real Red Coloring Oil and Blue Coloring Oil).   Their chocolate is delicious and I like using it.

The only problem?  I gave them the wrong mailing address.  I slipped and mistyped one of the numbers on my address.  When I realized the problem, it was only 72 hours until the party (and you know how I like to prepare in advance).  After a couple calls to Fed Ex and visiting 5 neighbors’ homes, I found the chocolate at the final house on the street.  Phew!  A couple days later, we took these treats to the nice neighbors who didn’t eat my chocolate.  😉


One thing I learned about using the brick and minifigure molds was that I needed to pipe chocolate into the divots to be sure everything was filled and well-formed.  Because I was learning as I went (sigh), I wasted some of my good chocolate and had to supplement with store-bought.  But don’t worry, we still ate everything!

Lego Movie Party 3

Lego Movie Party 1

Lego Movie Party 2

Chocolate minifigure, anyone?

What do you like best about this party?  Don’t miss the awesome games coming in the next post!


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Alice in Wonderland Party Sweets & Treats

Alice in Wonderland Party Sweets & Treats

We’re all mad here.

And I am very excited you are joining us for this Mad Hatter Tea.  Today, we’re talking about Alice in Wonderland party sweets and treats.  You’ll see the Mad Hatter cake and other sweets my daughter and her friends enjoyed during the celebration.  If you missed the party decor from the first post, you can see why I love this whimsical theme here.

Alice in Wonderland Party - 5

{While not food related} I have to point out the two painted frames and white bird cage hung above the table.  All three were garage sale finds that cost me $2 and some spray paint.  The bird cage became hard to see as the day went on, however.

And now, Sweets & Treats:

Alice in Wonderland Party - 3

Alice in Wonderland Party - 1


With so many sweets available, each child was allowed to pick two treats throughout the course of the party, in addition to the birthday cake.  (In the next post, I will share our party games and order of activities if you want to structure your own Alice/Mad Hatter Tea.)

Alice in Wonderland Party - 6

Alice in Wonderland Party - 7 (1)

Alice in Wonderland Party - 9

Alice in Wonderland Party - 12


The sweets consisted of Rice Krispy treats dipped in blue chocolate, sprinkled with white pearly jimmies, resembling the colors of Alice’s dress.  I dipped pink strawberry wafers in purple chocolate and drizzled with pink chocolate for the Cheshire Cat.  Cookies surrounding the Queen of Hearts were yummy Ikea jam heart cookies and storebought pink meringue cookies (found out later that these were particularly awful and I am glad the kids did not go for them.)

The blue and white candy sticks in the apothecary jar were given to the kids at the end of the party to put in their favor bag.  I sent enough home for all their siblings (we had enough sugar left in the house).

Alice in Wonderland Party - 11

Alice in Wonderland Party - 13

For the Mad Hatter cake, I stuck with what I know:  buttercream.  I am not very familiar with fondant, although all the Mad Hatter cakes you see on Pinterest are pretty much all in fondant.  Construction of the cake was interesting and actually kind of fun.  You can see my Instagram photo of the construction.

Alice in Wonderland Party - 15

Alice in Wonderland Party - 2

Which cookie will make you grow larger and which will make you grow smaller?

One of my favorite things on the table was the delicious batch of cookies made by D is for Delicious.  Aren’t they adorable?  Eat Me, Try Me and Take Me.  (The bakery takes custom orders but you must be able to pick up in northeast Ohio.  They no longer ship across the country.)

Alice in Wonderland Party - 19


After croquet, I brought these Drink Me bottles out for the kids to enjoy.  And for the “tea” itself, I used good old lemonade in super cute, whimsical tea cups.  (See the first post.)

Which treat do you want to snag?  I could go for more cookies!
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Alice in Wonderland Party

Alice In Wonderland Party

Get ready to hop down that rabbit hole because I have so much to share from my daughter’s Alice in Wonderland Party.  It was a fun theme with so many opportunities for creativity and classic Disney characters.  Today, we will take a look at the decor, but be sure to stop back later to see the food, games and more.  (And thanks for your patience while I prepped this post – yikes!)  

Alice in Wonderland Party 22

Curiouser and Curiouser

We called the party a Mad Hatter Tea with sweets and cake (which I will share next time).  My daughter only invited three little friends and I have to confess that I loved the small, intimate party.  I was able to do more with less and it was a very relaxed party.  My son was inspired to cut down his usual number of guests for his upcoming birthday, but it is proving more difficult than he thought.  How do you decide how many friends to invite to a childrens’ party?

Alice in Wonderland Party 4

A door leading to nowhere, how perfectly curious.  I picked up this door at a garage sale and absolutely love it.

Alice in Wonderland Party 3

So much of the party decor came from my mom’s collection:  the Alice doll, the cookie jar on the ground next to the above table, staked butterflies, china and Disney characters.

Alice in Wonderland Party 6

Alice in Wonderland Party 7

Alice in Wonderland Party 5

The flowers and little butterflies on the trees helped me add to the whimsical atmosphere.  I was very lucky to pick them up at Pat Catan’s on clearance pricing.  Don’t you love scoring a great deal?!

Alice in Wonderland Party 9

Alice in Wonderland Party 10

Alice in Wonderland Party 8

The placemats on the table are pieces of scrapbook paper cut with a scallop using my cutting machine (affiliate link).  Since unbirthdays are a key part to the Mad Hatter’s Tea, we decided to get each child a gift to celebrate their own unbirthday.  How fun it was to see the kids excited to open their present and my daughter loved picking each one out.

Alice in Wonderland Party 11

Alice in Wonderland Party 12

Alice in Wonderland Party 13

Alice in Wonderland Party 17

Alice in Wonderland Party 18

Alice in Wonderland Party 20

Alice in Wonderland Party 26

Alice in Wonderland Party 27

Alice in Wonderland Party 28

Alice in Wonderland Party 30

Happy Birthday to my Dear Little Alice!

Alice in Wonderland Party 24

Here is a sneak peak of the food table:

Alice in Wonderland Party 31


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