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I know it has been quiet for the last week or two around here, but it is because we have been working on our new look. What do you think? You will still be able to find the same great content in the same places but know that we’re still tweaking a few things. If you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Please Help Me Launch My New Book

I am so excited to finally share more details with you about my new book, At The Well.  It is a book for Christian singles, taking them on a journey through Genesis 24 – the story of Isaac and Rebekah – where God reveals the most beautiful blueprint for finding love and pursuing marriage.  You can read more about the book here.

Now, I realize that here at Celebrate Every Day With Me, our readers are primarily MOMS!  So, while I know this book may not apply to you directly, I am guessing that some of you have kids who fall into the Christian single category or you have intentions of talking with your children about seeking God when looking for a husband or wife.

Whether this is you or not, I really need help for a successful book launch.  Would you consider joining my launch team?  Being a part of a launch team means reading a pre-release PDF copy of the book, writing a review and sharing about the book.  Then on launch day (February 4, 2018), you’ll post your review on Amazon.  Don’t worry, we will lay everything out to make it as simple as possible!

Click here to join the launch team and start reading At The Well before everyone else!

Starting The Year Off With “Seek Him First”

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Happy New Year, Friends!  It’s great to be back with you.  I love the new year because it feels like a wonderful, fresh start (which is funny because it’s just a flip of another page on the calendar).  But even so, the new year creates a great opportunity to re-prioritize, make goals, and find inspiration and focus for what is most important in life.

Have you been thinking about goals or things you want for 2018?  Mine include being present and focused with family, publishing a new book and growing deeper in my relationship with the Lord.

With this last goal, I am so glad I read my friend’s new ebook, Seek Him First:  How to Hear From God, Walk in His Will, and Change Your World.  I first got to know Jennifer Hayes Yates through Self-Publishing School where we have been accountability partners for the last six months.  Jen has such a heart for the Lord and for others to grow in their faith.

In her latest book, Seek Him First, she shares from her own experience what seeking God first and above all has meant in her life.  With relevant Scriptures, real life stories and heart to heart talk, Jen will not only show you what quiet times can look like along with different Bible study methods, but she will also motivate you to jump in and get started (or dig deeper).

The book is an easy and enjoyable read, and I love the questions Jen asks at the end of each chapter.  The questions will get you thinking and focusing on how you can grow and what comes next.

If you have been:

  • struggling with having a consistent quiet time with God
  • wondering if you are hearing from God
  • desiring to know God’s will for your life

. . . then, this book is for you.

Jen is an engaging writer and she continually points you in the right direction.  The pages ooze with her love for God and I loved reading the book.

If you’re wanting to get a fresh start with the new year and grow deeper in your relationship with the Lord, be sure to check out Seek Him First.  For a short time, it is ONLY 99 CENTS!  Then, it will go up to regular price.  So don’t wait too long.

Learn more about Jen at her website, JenniferHYates.com and don’t forget to leave a review for her book on Amazon.

My Favorites of the Year and See You in 2018!

Hi Friends,

The end of the year is coming and I am going to be taking December off from blogging.  I am looking forward to more time focusing on Jesus, family and the opportunity for renewal and rest.

I won’t be around the social media sites as much either, but I will pop in here and there.  If you’d like to email me, please feel free to do so.  Thanks so much for a wonderful 2017!

Warm Wishes and May the Love of Christ Fill Your Hearts,

~ Kristen

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How to Make String Art for Home and Party Decor


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I love the fun look of string art.  Whether you are adding it to a child’s room or putting it above a tablescape for your next party, there is something creative and artistic about using string to create a design.

For my adult coloring party, I wanted a fun and colorful look to my backdrop.  So I made a string art sign and today, I am sharing the tutorial.  You will see how easy it is to create your own string art and learn what I wish I would have done differently.

Here is What You’ll Need:

  • Wood Sign Base
  • A Print-Out of Your Phrase or Design
  • Scissors
  • Hammer
  • Nails (I used #17 x 1 inch)
  • Spray Paint
  • Embroidery Floss


To get started, you’ll need to pick your phrase or design.  If you are using text, play with different fonts on the computer until you get the look you want.  In actual size, print your phrase or design and cut close to the lines.  Leave yourself a little border of white paper around the letters.


Place the phrase or design on the wood.


Begin to hammer in nails on the lines of the letters.  I spaced my nails about 3/4″ on straight lines and fudged where I needed to.  I hammered the nails in, leaving about 5/8″ of nail exposed above the wood.  I didn’t measure each nail for height, just estimated.  Be as consistent and straight as possible.


Continue until all letters are complete and then, remove the paper.


Spray paint your backdrop and the nails.  I wanted the letters to disappear into the wood, causing my threaded letters to pop.  If you want your wood to be natural, you may choose to paint the nails in advance or leaving them as is.



Now, it is time to string your letters with embroidery thread.  Tie a knot around one of the nails and begin to wrap around the letter outline.  I started with the outline of the letter and then zig-zagged back and forth to fill the interior.  I really didn’t have much of a pattern but I wanted good coverage with strong lines.  Before finishing a letter, I went around the outline once again so that this thread would be strong and pronounced.


When you are done, tie off another knot, and snip the extra thread.



What I wish I would have done differently:  I liked the idea of cursive writing for the “and.”  However, I should not have used the embroidery thread that was multi-colored.  I should have used a solid color for the cursive.  It made it blur in all of my photos.  Know that it doesn’t look as bad in person.  🙂

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Have you created string art before?  Do you have any helpful tips to add?  Leave a comment and share below.    

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