Alice in Wonderland Games & Activities

Hello there!  We are wrapping up our Alice in Wonderland party today with a look at games, activities and favors.  I also will be sharing the order of events I used in case you want to structure your own Mad Hatter Tea.  If you missed the earlier two posts, you can catch up on whimsical decor and mad treats here.

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When the children arrived, the first thing we did was play croquet.  Remember when Alice and the Queen of Hearts were playing croquet?  We did not have flamingos as they did, but we did giggle over the idea.

play croquet at an Alice in Wonderland party


Next on our easy afternoon agenda was a reading of Alice in Wonderland.  If you are unsure of your guests’ knowledge of the story, take 10 minutes and read an exciting version of the Alice’s adventures.

Alice In Wonderland Games & Activities 3


We then burned some energy with a little “find a key for Alice” game.  Each child was assigned a color of ribbon and were instructed to find three keys hidden around the yard.  Keys were hung from bushes, tree branches and anything else we could find within the children’s reach.  They loved the hunt and I loved the awesome antique keys.  I am still trying to think about how to creatively use the leftovers.

Alice In Wonderland Games & Activities 6


Following the search for keys, the kids did what they were probably most excited about:  opening UNBIRTHDAY gifts.  Because my daughter chose to invite only three friends, we were able to do more with the party…like celebrate each child’s unbirthday with a present.

It was probably my favorite moment of the party because the kids were thrilled.  From their arrival, they had been eyeing the beautifully wrapped presents by each of their seats and they were giddy to get a present for their own unbirthday.  (I bought these particular gift boxes for the shape.)

Alice in Wonderland Party 15

unbirthday present for mad hatter tea - alice in wonderland party


Curious what was inside?  Here ya go!

unbirthday gifts for Alice in Wonderland Party - Mad Hatter Tea



We then sang Happy Birthday to my own little Alice and yep, you guessed it:  Happy Unbirthday to each of the other children.  They even blew out their own candle.  It was completely mad and quite wonderful!

After my daughter opened her gifts, we started one last activity.  I called it, “Yes, Your Majesty!”

Alice In Wonderland Games & Activities 5

I reminded the kids how the queen always wanted Alice to answer with gusto, “YEESSSSS, your majesty!”  So I made up a little Simon Says- type game.  I would instruct the kids to do something, like tap their head or run to the door and back.  Before they could start the task, they had to curtsy or bow, grandly wave their heart scepter and reply, “Yes, your majesty.”

It was quite funny, especially when I told them they weren’t loud enough or grand enough.   And I pretty much loved being called “Your Majesty.”  But then again, I am sure you would like it too.

Alice In Wonderland Party Favors

Alice In Wonderland Party Favors 2 (1)

The favors included another delicious “Eat Me/Take Me/Try Me” cookie, a deck of playing cards, the Nik-L-Nips Wax Bottles and a paint set.  I created the stickers with my Cameo and clipart I bought on Etsy.
Alice In Wonderland Games & Activities 7

Alice In Wonderland Games & Activities 8

Alice In Wonderland Party Invitation


It was a wonderful party!  One that I will always treasure.

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