Alice in Wonderland Party Sweets & Treats

We’re all mad here.

And I am very excited you are joining us for this Mad Hatter Tea.  Today, we’re talking about Alice in Wonderland party sweets and treats.  You’ll see the Mad Hatter cake and other sweets my daughter and her friends enjoyed during the celebration.  If you missed the party decor from the first post, you can see why I love this whimsical theme here.

Alice in Wonderland Party - 5

{While not food related} I have to point out the two painted frames and white bird cage hung above the table.  All three were garage sale finds that cost me $2 and some spray paint.  The bird cage became hard to see as the day went on, however.

And now, Sweets & Treats:

Alice in Wonderland Party - 3

Alice in Wonderland Party - 1


With so many sweets available, each child was allowed to pick two treats throughout the course of the party, in addition to the birthday cake.  (In the next post, I will share our party games and order of activities if you want to structure your own Alice/Mad Hatter Tea.)

Alice in Wonderland Party - 6

Alice in Wonderland Party - 7 (1)

Alice in Wonderland Party - 9

Alice in Wonderland Party - 12


The sweets consisted of Rice Krispy treats dipped in blue chocolate, sprinkled with white pearly jimmies, resembling the colors of Alice’s dress.  I dipped pink strawberry wafers in purple chocolate and drizzled with pink chocolate for the Cheshire Cat.  Cookies surrounding the Queen of Hearts were yummy Ikea jam heart cookies and storebought pink meringue cookies (found out later that these were particularly awful and I am glad the kids did not go for them.)

The blue and white candy sticks in the apothecary jar were given to the kids at the end of the party to put in their favor bag.  I sent enough home for all their siblings (we had enough sugar left in the house).

Alice in Wonderland Party - 11

Alice in Wonderland Party - 13

For the Mad Hatter cake, I stuck with what I know:  buttercream.  I am not very familiar with fondant, although all the Mad Hatter cakes you see on Pinterest are pretty much all in fondant.  Construction of the cake was interesting and actually kind of fun.  You can see my Instagram photo of the construction.

Alice in Wonderland Party - 15

Alice in Wonderland Party - 2

Which cookie will make you grow larger and which will make you grow smaller?

One of my favorite things on the table was the delicious batch of cookies made by D is for Delicious.  Aren’t they adorable?  Eat Me, Try Me and Take Me.  (The bakery takes custom orders but you must be able to pick up in northeast Ohio.  They no longer ship across the country.)

Alice in Wonderland Party - 19


After croquet, I brought these Drink Me bottles out for the kids to enjoy.  And for the “tea” itself, I used good old lemonade in super cute, whimsical tea cups.  (See the first post.)

Which treat do you want to snag?  I could go for more cookies!
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