Superhero Party Games & Activities

Last week, I shared the first part of my son’s superhero birthday party . . . simple but super decor and food.  Today, we’re talking superhero party games and activities {you’ll soon see why the final game was my favorite thing about this particular party!}.

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Super Hero Party 13

I had three superhero party games and activities planned.  First, the kids colored superhero masks.

Super Hero Party 10

With my Silhouette Cameo, I made these Superhero Bingo boards.  I’ll admit this was a lot of work changing out images for each board before printing.  But the kids had fun with it as our second activity.

And then the activity that took most of our time:  Superhero Training

Super Hero Party 2

Taking the characteristics of a true superhero, I created activities to test our guests and help them to learn what it takes to be a hero.

Super Hero Party 20

1.  A Superhero Stands for Truth.

Also known as superhero trivia time.   The kids had to answer these True/False questions.

  • The Incredibles are a whole family of superheroes.  <T>
  • Superman is not from Earth. <T>
  • Peter Park is Batman.  <F>
  • Captain America is really from Mexico. <F>
  • Kryptonite makes Superman fly faster.  <F>
  • Batman lives in Gotham City.  <T>
  • Iron Man is one of the Avengers.  <T>
  • The Hulk is a big blue guy.  <F>
  • Batman’s enemy is the Snow Monster from Frozen.  <F>
  • Wolverine is a superhero because he can howl like a wolf.  <F>
  • Clark Kent hides his true identity by wearing glasses.  <T>
  • Superman is super strong, super fast and has super claws.  <F>


2.  A Superhero is Super Strong.

Super Hero Party 21

The kids had to climb a step ladder and hold a 3L soda bottle over their heads.  On a second try, they had to hold two bottles.

3.  A Superhero has Super Speed.

We divided the group into two teams to test their speed.  Each team had to send a person down a stretch of grass, around a tree and back to cue the next runner in line.

4.  A Superhero is Helpful.

We pretended someone was hurt and the group as a whole had to carry that person on a blanket.  Superheros are helpful and gentle (no dropping the allegedly injured).

5.  A Superhero uses his or her Super Smarts.

Super Hero Party 6

I love a good mystery code!  For this challenge, the two teams had to search for their “mystery envelopes.”  Inside, each team found a message to decode.  The teams took turns among their members figuring out what the message was.  But since each team only had half of the message (see above), they couldn’t figure it out.  We waited patiently until one of the kids figured out that if they put the two code sheets together, the message made sense.

It read:  “Watch out for the villain who dresses in black and wears a red headband.”

This led into our final challenge.  The man in black with the red headband and a test of courage.

Super Hero Party 22


6.  A Superhero is Courageous.

Super Hero Party 23


After the kids decoded the message, one of them caught a glimpse of a man in black with a red headband.  I am so thankful I married a man who can goof it up and have fun with kids.

Armed with a can of silly string, the kids showed their courage in fighting the man in black.  This was probably the favorite “challenge” for most of the kids.

Super Hero Party 12

Would your kids enjoy the Superhero Training?  

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