Spring Placemat Printable: Seasonal Fun for your Table

Spring Placemat Printable - Motherhood On A Dime

Happy Spring!  We may have had 12″ inches of snow just two weeks ago in Ohio, but it is officially spring time.  Let’s celebrate!

This month, I have a fun spring placemat printable for your kitchen table.  Print it, invite your child to draw, color and fill it out, and then laminate it for a special place at your table.

Spring Placemat Printable


Find out what you need to know and grab the free printable at Motherhood On A Dime where I am guest posting.



DIY Valentine Arrows For The One You Love

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DIY Valentine Arrows for the One You Love - tutorial

It was a blind date 15 years ago.

A date I agreed to reluctantly.

A date that turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.

So into the foyer of my mom’s house stepped this super tall guy, a whole head above my own (and I have always been considered tall for most girls).  Little did I know where it would all lead . . . a match, a marriage, two kids, and doing faith, family and life together.

This past December, I was listening to a radio talk show and the host asked his audience to think about who, in the past year, had made you a better person.  There was no question of the first person I thought of . . . my husband, Dan.  He is kind, funny, generous and hard working.  He is filled with faith, character and integrity and causes me to be a better version of myself.  He is my valentine.  He is my love.

Since Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away (on a Tuesday this year), I knew I needed to start thinking of something special for my husband.  I decided this year, I would use an arrow theme.  You know I can’t resist themes!  I would make cute arrows to attach to Dan’s gift.  And even cooler, having already selected this theme, I was super excited when I found this American Greetings card at the store.  Arrows!!  Plus a beautiful and sincere message.

DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love - American Greetings Card with arrows!

DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (49b)

DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (56b)

I love how a card is a simple way to connect with those you love.  Life is pretty complicated.  Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be.  This year, be sure to tell that special someone just how much they mean to you.

Need help thinking of what to write in a Valentine’s Day card?  Check out this post from American Greetings.  They are working to make the world a more thoughtful and caring place.  And they don’t just have paper cards, check the American Greetings site to pick up fun printables to help you manage your February calendar and shopping list.  I’ll show you at the end of the post how I am using their 8×10 printable.

For today’s tutorial, I will be showing you how to make these sweet valentine arrows in two different styles.  Do one.  Do both.  They look perfect tied to a pretty box with Valentine’s wrapping paper.

DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (48b)

What You’ll Need:

  • Patterned paper straws
  • Card Stock (red for the arrow and a scrap piece for a template)
  • Red Tissue Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Crafting knife

DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (3bb)

When I was shopping at the store, I also grabbed the wrapping paper for my husband’s gift.  I wanted to be sure it coordinated well with my arrows.  The red wrapping paper was perfect but I couldn’t resist buying the heart paper as well.  Isn’t it adorable?
DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (2b)


How to Make DIY Valentines Arrows


DIY Valentine Arrows tip-2

Cut out a triangular piece of card stock as a template for your arrow tip.  Then trace the template on red card stock as many times as you need.

DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (7b)

Cut out the arrow tips and set aside.

DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (11b)

Next, create a template for the tail (Tail Style #1).  I hand-drew the shape and then cut out four sheets for each arrow.  Save yourself a little time and cut through the entire stack of tissue paper for multiple arrows.

DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (13b)

Separate the pieces so that you have piles of two sheets each.  One stack will be for the top of the tail and the other for the bottom.

Add a line of glue as shown above.

DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (15b)

Lightly press the straw on to one of the stacks.

DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (17b)

Then follow with the other side, covering the straw.  In the event that the glue doesn’t press through to the second piece of tissue paper on a particular side, just add a dab of glue to hold it down as well.

DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (19b)

DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (21b)

To finish up this tail, cut slits on each side of the tissue paper.

DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (31b)

DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (9b)

Tail Style #2:  Cut a full stack of tissue paper (opening the package and unfolding, but not separating any sheets).  I cut the length to be about 3.5″ and the width was just over 3″ or simply what was between the creases on the tissue paper.

DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (39b)

Cut even slits in the tissue paper, taking care not to go too close to the top.

DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (6b)

Add a line of glue along the top.

DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (40b)

Then, roll the straw in the tissue paper.  Wipe any excess glue that squeezes out at the end.

DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (42b)

Separate the tissue paper to fluff the tail.

Now that all our ends are done, let’s move on to finishing the tip.

DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (23b)

With a crafting knife, cut a slit in the middle of the top of the straw.  Before you cut the straw for Tail Style #1, be sure that the tail is lying flat on the table and cut the slit parallel to the table.  This will allow for your tip and tail to both lay flat on your gift.  For the fringewrapped arrow, it does not matter.


DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (25b)

DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (35b)

Slide the arrow tip into the slit.

DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (27b)

The arrows are now complete!

DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (8b)


DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (55b)

When I began to wrap my husband’s gift I had forgotten that the packaging said the wrapping paper was reversible!  Aren’t the stripes fun?

DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (33b)

I used bakers twine to tie my arrows to the gift and added a little note to carry through my theme.

DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (30b)


DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (10b)


DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (32b)


DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (26b)


DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (43b)

Now of course, I couldn’t only pick up one card, I also wanted to buy my sweet kiddos cards to celebrate Valentine’s Day!  Here are my picks:

DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (12b)

DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (51b)

DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (14b)

DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (53b)

I know my daughter will love the butterflies and sweet message, and my son will think the punch-out airplane is super cool.

As I mentioned earlier, Americans Greetings also has cute (and free) printables to help with your February celebration.  Be sure to check them out!

  • Printable Shopping list with tear-off “loves notes” perfect for leaving around the house, in lunch boxes, etc.
  • Mobile/desktop wallpaper (to keep Valentine’s Day top-of-mind)
  • Printable 8×10 Valentine’s Day frame-worthy quote
  • Printable February calendar

See below how I am using the 8×10 printable in my Valentine’s Day decor.

DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (34b)


DIY Valentine Arrows for The One You Love (54b)


How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?  Check out American Greetings for more inspiration or click here to find a store near you that sells American Greetings products.


Connect with American Greetings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or on their blog.

You’ll Love This Easy Patriotic Snack Mix

You'll love this easy patriotic snack mix - perfect for July 4th parties & celebrations!

It is mid-June and I am starting to think of July 4th parties.  For years, I have wanted to throw a July 4th brunch and friends, this may be the year!!

Will you be hosting a party or attending a picnic?  If so, here’s an easy patriotic snack mix that is perfect for your upcoming July 4th celebration!

I choose to fill my galvanized tiered stand with cute paper cones and loose snack mix.  Take a peak!

You'll love this easy patriotic snack mix (1)

I am always very well stocked in an assortment of cardstock so that is what I used in red, white and two shades of blue.  However, because cardstock is thicker, it was a bit difficult to keep the cone secured and closed.  Thinner paper would have been much easier to work with.  Anywho…

Cut your paper into 6″ squares.  I liked this size for my tiered stand and it used a whole piece of 12×12 scrapbook paper.  Win-win!

you'll love this easy patriotic snack mix (4)

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I didn’t worry about using my Cameo for cutting the squares, but I did use it to make these cute patriotic doilies into stickers with this paper.

you'll love this easy patriotic snack mix (6)

You'll love this easy patriotic snack mix (3)

Now it’s time to move into the kitchen.

What you’ll need to make Patriotic Snack Mix:

  • 1 bag of pretzels
  • white chocolate to drizzle
  • 32 oz cocktail peanuts (salted)
  • Rice Chex (about 1/2 a box)
  • Corn Check (about 1/2 a box)
  • M&M’s (Red, White and Blue bag)

You'll love this easy patriotic snack mix (2)

Melt the white chocolate and drizzle it over the whole bag of pretzels.  I use these bags and just pop the chocolate in the microwave.

You'll love this easy patriotic snack mix (7)

Mix all your ingredients together and either fill cones or put in a festive bowl.  If your cones have a small hole in the bottom like mine, be sure to throw in a couple pieces of Chex in first.  This will keep the smaller items from falling out.

You'll love this easy patriotic snack mix (10)

You'll love this easy patriotic snack mix (11)

Don’t you want to grab a handful?

You'll love this easy patriotic snack mix (16)

You'll love this easy patriotic snack mix (18)

You'll love this easy patriotic snack mix (13)

Do you have an easy snack mix you like to serve?  Share it below in the comments.

You'll love this easy patriotic snack mix (19)


How to Make an Empty Tomb Cake

how to make an empty tomb cake (18)

Today, I have a fun and easy way to celebrate the Risen Savior, and as so many things around here do, it involves cake!

The most profound aspect of Christianity is that Jesus died for the penalty of our sins and conquered death when He rose from the grave.  We don’t serve a dead savior.  On the contrary, He is alive and at work today.  The excitement of that fact is something I want my children to comprehend and find thrilling.

We can teach and celebrate this in many ways, but today we are making a cake!

Here is What You’ll Need to Make an Empty Tomb Cake – 

  • 2 Mixing Bowls (one must be metal)
  • Cooking Spray
  • Flour
  • Cake Mix and the Ingredients on the box
  • Icing
  • Chocolate Candy Rocks
  • Heating Core depending on the size of your bowl (this post contains affiliate links)
  • One Oreo

Two things I love about this process – 

  1.  It’s easy!  Buy a box of cake mix and a can of icing and you’re half way there.
  2. You get to bake in a metal bowl!  Throw out the rules.  Pack away your traditional cake pans and feel the freedom.  Embrace baking in an ordinary mixing bowl . . . oh dear, my life must be a little dull for this to be exciting!

Instructions – 

how to make an empty tomb cake (1)

Prep Your Medium-Sized Metal Bowl for Baking.  Prepare your bowl by lightly spraying with cooking spray and dusting with flour.  For a chocolate cake, it is often best to use cocoa powder.  But I didn’t have any and the white flour worked just fine.  

how to make an empty tomb cake (2)


In your other mixing bowl, make your cake batter according to the instructions on the box.


how to make an empty tomb cake (3)


Pour the batter into your bowl and bake at 350 degrees.  For my medium sized bowl, I was expecting 30-35 minutes like the ladybug cake I made years ago.  But because I used all the batter, it took more like 50-55 minutes.  For the last 10 minutes, I added a flower nail (substitute for an actual heating core) to help push it along.  Maybe I was just getting impatient.

how to make an empty tomb cake (4a)

Once your cake is mostly cooled, invert your bowl and pat it out.  You may wish to slice the bottom of the domed cake to make it flat.  I wanted the height, so I added extra icing at the bottom to make it work.


how to make an empty tomb cake (6)


With a sharp knife, begin to cut out your cave-like tomb.

how to make an empty tomb cake (7)


I cut reasonably far into the cake and used the crumbs as the path out and in front of the opening.
how to make an empty tomb cake (5)

Next, frost the cake.  Again, I was thinking simple here, so I just used a can of icing.


how to make an empty tomb cake (9)


how to make an empty tomb cake (11a)

Now, you will need to add the stone that was rolled away.  Twist an OREO and use one of the cookie sides as the stone.  What you do with the rest of the cookie (or the box for that matter is up to you!).

how to make an empty tomb cake (12)

To finish up your empty tomb cake, add some chocolate candy rocks.  I put mine around the bottom and in no particular pattern on the cake.

how to make an empty tomb cake (13)

This is a great time to have the kids help!

how to make an empty tomb cake (14)

When we were done with the cake, we grabbed our Gospel Story Bible and read the story of the resurrection.  I love this story book Bible!  It has such a focus on the Gospel weaved throughout all the biblical stories, emphasizing our need for Jesus, His sacrifice and our redemption.  It also has discussion questions for each story that can spur on some great conversations!

Now, I will tell you that my son asked if he could put some figures on the cake.  And if he had been talking about soldiers, angels, the women or Jesus, I would have been okay with it.  But something tells me he was thinking Star Wars and Lego minifigures.  So, keep them on track and continue to point them toward Jesus!

What special things does your family do to focus on the resurrection?

25 Inspiring Tablescapes That Will Make You Say Hello Spring

25 Inspiring Tablescapes that will make you say Hello Spring!

Are you ready for Spring?  I can’t wait to don the winter coats and hats to feel the warmer breezes and see the flowers bloom.  (By the way, if you want to come plant flowers in my new construction mud pit, please do!)

But to inspire your spring tablescapes, I have 25 stunning images that will make you say hello spring as you prepare to open your home to family and guests over the next few months.

Happy Spring!



I love this flower box and mason jar set from House by Hoff.


easy spring centerpiece idea

Simple and stunning yellows and whites shared on Yellow Bliss Road.


midwest living bounty of color

I cannot get enough of nests!  Love this bounty of color from Midwest Living.



Pink paisley, what a beautiful table for a spring baby or wedding shower.  Via WeddingOMania.


split bouquet

Split bouquet and many little vases from Midwest Living.



Are these not adorable?  From Pottery Barn.


carryout bouquet

I love the new use for this carryout bouquet from Midwest Living.


tie a bunch

Hope you love asparagus!  But this table will certainly spark conversation!  Via Midwest Living.


A welcoming spring kitchen vignette from Stone Gable Blog.


carrot vase

I definitely wouldn’t have thought of this carrot vase from Midwest Living.  Like or no like?



Go a little whimsical and find out how to make this lollipop topiary centerpiece at the DIY Network.



Uncommon Designs shows you how to make this bird nest napkin ring.



I love all the grass in this tablescape from Simple Details Blog.



Driven by Decor’s lovely bunny napkin fold.



A more vintage table setting from Rooms For Rent Blog.



I love this spring in the forest tablescape from Dear Lillie.



Steering clear from pastels with this tablescape from At Home With the Barkers.


butterflies midwest

Cute butterfly table from Midwest Living.



Grape vine place mats are the perfect nest for these dishes  on The Painted Chandelier.

Light and airy from Dreamy Whites.



Here is an easy craft for your kids’ table!  Via Martha Stewart.

Stunning tablescape from Magnolia Market.



Floral and cozy from Home Is Where The Boat Is.


spring collectio midwest living

Beautiful and rustic centerpiece from Midwest Living.



Branches and blues on this lovely table from Centsational Girl.


And two more fun ones!  (affiliate links)

grass placemat table

I love these placemats for a spring garden party.


Spring colors and ready-to-go rolled silverware from The Mad Hatter Party Box on Etsy.

Which tablescape is your favorite?

My Top Valentine’s Day Picks from Etsy

Top Valentine's Day Picks from Etsy


Whether you’re talking Valentine’s Day decor or gifts, I love the uniqueness of items found on Etsy.  There is a one-of-a-kind treasure for everyone and it is an opportunity to support small businesses.

Here is my collection of top picks for all things LOVE found on Etsy:

(This post contains affiliate links.  If you make a purchase using one of my links below, I will make a {very} small commission.  But I appreciate your support.  Thank you for helping Celebrate Every Day With Me.)


Heart Embossed Rolling Pin – Make the cutest cookies!



Valentines Red Rose Lights – Perfect for home decor or a party!



Personalized Compass – *wipe tear*



Love Wood Letters – I would love to have this for Valentine’s Day decor in my house!



Be Mine Valentine Banner – vintage love!



Rustic You Are Loved Pears – Great for any time of the year, really.



Every Story is Beautiful Burlap Print



Long Distance Relationship Coffee Mugs



Olive You Pillow – Do you have someone who would enjoy this humor?  I do!



I Love You Because Chalkboard Sign



Embroidered Envelope for Chair – So sweet for kids.  Do it all of February!



Latitude Longitude Bracelet – where your heart lies.



Personalized Carabiner Keychain



Bicycle Love Pillow



Valentine Fingerless Gloves – aren’t these adorable?



Hand Knitted Boot Cuffs



LOVE Rustic Mason Jar Set

What is your favorite item?  Have you purchased from Etsy before?


7 Patriotic Crafts for your Tabletop

7 Patriotic Crafts for your Tabletop

As I was searching for inspiring patriotic tablescapes, I kept coming across awesome patriotic crafts to add your Fourth of July tables.  Take a look and let me know which is your favorite.


DIY Flag Table Runner from Everyday Dishes.


Easy color from Today’s Creative Life.


Crepe Paper design from Good Housekeeping.

4th of july table - stars stamp shabby creek cottage

 Star Stamped Table Runner from Shabby Creek Cottage.

diy-red-white-blue-centerpiece-14 she wears many hats

Colored rice table decor from She Wears Many Hats.


Mason Jar Flag from It All Started With Paint.

54eaf26985be4_-_clx0704cook4-de-25740077 flag fans

Flag Fans from Country Living

Do you like to get crafty for celebrations?  Which is your favorite?

More Patriotic Fun:

13 Inspiring Patriotic Tables -

patriotic chocolate-covered pretzels

sparkler fun - 30 ideas for children of all ages

13 Inspiring Patriotic Tables

13 Inspiring Patriotic Tables--

I love Fourth of July Parties!  And I love browsing Pinterest to find gorgeous inspiration for tablescapes.  So, I have put together a little collection of my favorite patriotic tables to inspire your own celebration.

Incidentally, I have always wanted to host a blow-out, fantastic Fourth of July party.  But one thing or another has always prevented it.  I’m thinking next year may be the year since we’ll be in the new house . . . although we’ll have to see if we have a yard of grass or complete mud and dirt.  😉

Have a Happy Fourth!

54eaf268cfe1f_-_clx0704cook02-de-21330399 country living

Vintage and cute from Country Living.  PS – Can I borrow that red truck?


I love the stand holding the fruit and other goodies.  A statement piece like this has great versatility for all kidns of occasions.  Via Country Living.


Vibrant red pails from Talk of the House.

table-setting-m southern living

Stars & stripes from Southern Living.


Seaside beauty from Tobi Fairley.


A more formal celebration via Hostess with the Mostess.

cakebannersparkle1_2238_generalLove this all-American buffet table from Loralee Lewis.


Sparkling hats from Between Naps on the Porch.

IMG_8042 sweet something design

Love this carnation centerpiece and plaid tablecloth from Sweet Something Design.

img_3875- catch my party nautical

Cute pennant banner over this series of long tables from Catch My Party.

fourth-tabletop-l - sunset

Sweet lanterns and solids via Sunset.

july-4th-party1 - hwtm

Vintage loveliness from Hostess With The Mostess.

july-4th-picnic hwtm 2

A patriotic picnic from Hostess With The Mostess.

13 Inspiring Patriotic Tables -

So much to love!  What is your favorite?