How to Host a Fun & Easy Ladies’ Morning

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Have you been beyond busy the last couple of months?  With a new writing project, our big yard improvements and the usual busyness of family life, my head has been spinning.  I have been running here and there with no end in sight.  And in what often seems like so much chaos, I needed some time to slow down and connect with friends.  So I threw together a fun and easy ladies’ morning get-together.  And when I say “threw,” I am being literal.  I did this whole thing quickly and simply because that is all I could tackle right now.

And do you know what?

It was simple.  It was easy.

And it happened!

Plus, it was so much fun . . . and exactly what I needed.

Here is how I did it and how you can, too!

Pick a Simple Menu

While there are times for baking everything yourself and setting up fun food and beverage bars, for this little party I needed something more practical.  And that is where the new bottled Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffee came in!  I thought this would be the perfect treat for a ladies’ morning.  Served alongside baked goods, the iced coffee took center stage at our casual breakfast!

Even though I was going simple on my menu, I still wanted to offer choices to my guests because in my world of menu planning for a party, variety equals fun.  Here is where I was able to do it.  I offered four flavors of Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffee:  Original, Mocha, Espresso and French Vanilla.

Each bottle is a refreshing beverage with a smooth, flavorful coffee taste . . . one that can keep you going throughout your day.  I drank the French Vanilla and it was delicious!  Whether you’re enjoying Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffee at breakfast or any other time of day, it will give you that boost to help get things done.  And we all could use that!

Go Store-Bought and Pre-Made!

There wasn’t time to do any baking last week.  So in keeping things ultra simple, I bought prepared breakfast foods from Giant Eagle.  It was perfect!  Between the iced coffee and baked items, Giant Eagle was my one stop shop for this little gathering.   Entertaining becomes less difficult when you only have to run to one place for all your needs.

I served plain and asiago cheese bagels, biscotti, nut bread and muffins.  Can you tell I was going a little more savory than sweet?  If you’re serving bagels, don’t forget to have butter and a toaster available.

Send Text Messages to Keep Invitations Simple

Since we are not planning a formal soiree but rather a casual get-together, text messages are completely fine to use to invite your guests.  I texted friends the evening before saying something like this:  “Things have been crazy busy lately and I would love the chance to slow down even for a brief time and connect with some friends.   If you’re free, stop by tomorrow between 9:30am and 10:30am for some Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffee and savory carbs.”  One run to the store and several texts later, our fun was underway!

Shop Your House to Create a Cute Buffet

You may be amazed what you can come up with to put on the buffet if you just walk around your house.  I used my galvanized bucket for the iced coffees, a reclaimed wine barrel tray for my food, a bird cage for added decor and my refinished tea cart to hold everything.  I also found this cute circle banner to add “a little pretty” as a backdrop.  Do you have old birthday decorations you could repurpose and reuse to add interest to your tablescape?

Keep Set Up Easy

When time is precious, don’t worry about pre-plating everything on different platters.  Line a tray with a napkin and put all your food in one place.  It will look bountiful . . . plus you’ll have less to wash afterwards.

If you’re using a big tub for the iced coffee like I did, don’t try to fill the whole thing up with ice.  Place an overturned bowl at the bottom and put a plate on top of that.  You’ll need a lot less ice!

Once you have your set-up complete and have arranged the food and drinks, don’t forget to start a playlist to set the mood for your party.  Decide whether you want something relaxing or more upbeat.  For our ladies’ morning, I played beautiful instrumental music . . . it was warm and inviting.

I love it when things look good, taste great and are stress-free.  All of this allows me more time to focus on connecting with my guests.  For this ladies’ morning, everything was kept simple but it was perfect for a busy hostess and her friends.

Wondering where to pick up Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffee?  Here is where you can find it at Giant Eagle:

Do you need to carve out time to connect with friends?  Keep things simple and yummy with Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffee and already prepared foods from Giant Eagle.  Click this link to find a store around you.  





Quick Tips for Planning a July 4th Brunch

I love the 4th of July!  Our town puts on the cutest, family-centered Old Glory Day celebrations.  But because this takes up much of the afternoon and I still like to have friends over at some point during the day, brunch seems like the most logical option.

Here are some quick tips for hosting your own July 4th brunch.

Patriotic Decorations

One thing that makes it easy to decorate for July 4th is the ready-to-go color scheme.  Pull from solid-colored table linens, themed paper plates & napkins, colored dishes and American flags.  Walk around your home looking for anything red, white and blue.  I am always amazed what I can scrounge up by shopping my house.

(This post contains affiliate links.  Please see my Disclosure Policy for more information.)

Brunch Menu Planning

When planning your menu, be sure to check with your guests for any allergies and plan your menu accordingly.

Think about what can be made beforehand.  When I plan a menu, I look for a combination of items that I can make both the day of and the day(s) prior.  For this brunch, I was able to make the muffins, cut my fruit and prep the french toast casserole all the day before.  The breakfast strudel (which was amazing and from this freezer-cooking cookbook) was something I made earlier in the week, then thawed and baked the morning of the brunch.

If you’re ever going to name food, this is the time.  Think of patriotic terms and our founding fathers to come up with fun names for your menu items.

Use warming trays when trying to keep food warm before your event.

Offer a variety of items on your menu.  For brunch, serve a protein, starch/carb, fruit, vegetable and sweet.  I often include something that is build-your-own (like my mini-greek yogurt option).

If time allows, cut fruit into stars to show your patriotic side.

Set up a Beverage Station

I often set up beverage stations away from the busiest parts of my kitchen.  Not only does this help with congestion, but it is also fun to move your guests around your house or other venue.  I especially love doing this for large parties.  For a brunch gathering, you will need to serve coffee and juices.  I like to also offer a fruit-infused water (especially when I can chop the fruit the day before).

Play Patriotic Music

Whether using Spotify, Pandora or Amazon, put together a playlist of patriotic music to set the mood of your brunch party.  If you have Amazon Prime, this is easy, free and without advertisements.  Alexa joined our household in the last few months, making this even more convenient.


Plan out a Schedule of Tasks

One of my best tips for planning any event is to write out every task that needs to be completed before your guests ring the door bell, from putting ice in glasses to starting coffee.  Assigning a time to each task for the hours before your brunch not only saves the time of trying to remember everything you need to do, but it keeps you prompt and your sanity in tact.  Who wants to be a frazzled host?  Not me.

Will you be hosting a July 4th brunch?  What is your favorite part of entertaining?

How to Make a Delicious Waffle Bar Your Guests Will Love

How to Create a Delicious Waffle Bar Your Guests Will Love


If you are looking for a fun and easy breakfast idea, look no further.  This waffle bar is it!  It requires only basic prep work before your guests arrive and the build-your-own style menu is fun for all.

A couple weeks ago, I hosted a Norwex Party with friends and family.  Are you familiar with Norwex?  It is a company that makes products for cleaning your home (and more) . . . all chemical free.  You only have to add water to their cloths and they clean whatever you are tackling.  My favorite is the window cloth.  Wet the Enviro cloth, wipe the glass and then rub dry with the window cloth.  Amazing!  My windows have not looked this good since we moved in.  (Want to learn more?  Here is my friend’s link.  If you happen to place an order and wouldn’t mind, please add a note to your order that you are coming from Kristen’s blog.)

(This post contains affiliate links.)

Back to waffles!  I was searching for something fun for my guests to enjoy after we heard about the Norwex products.  Since our party started at 10am, I thought a delicious waffle bar would be the perfect treat.

A waffle bar worked well for several reasons:

  • Options are fun.  Guests can pick and choose, having complete control over what they put on their waffle.
  • When hosting a direct sales type party, your guests can come to the buffet when they are ready.
  • If you are using a Belgian Waffle Maker, you can only make one waffle at a time.  Having guests trickle in to the buffet table after they have placed their order or asked their questions, makes a belgian waffle bar very doable.

I love our Belgian Waffle Maker!  I received it as a bridal shower gift oh so many years ago and have used it many times.  If you’re shopping, here is one nearly identical.

Toppings to Make Your Waffle Bar Delicious:



Mmmm, toppings!  I wanted to offer healthy and sweet tooth options for our waffle bar.  I did have a couple guests tell me they tried a little of each topping just for the experience.  Oh, how I love them!

This is what I offered:

  • Three sauces (chocolate, caramel and maple syrup).
  • Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, pecans, chocolate chunks, crushed Heath Bar, chopped Kit Kats, colorful sprinkles, ICE CREAM and whipping cream.

Waffle Bar Logistics:

I would have loved to have a pump from which my guests could get the batter (like they have in the hotels), but that would have added significant cost and isn’t something I’ll make enough use of in the future to warrant the expense.  So a clear glass pitcher worked just fine.  I put the pitcher and the measuring cup on their own plate to help keep things neat.

Many belgian waffle makers come with a measuring cup so you can pour the proper amount of batter on the griddle.

Presentation & Creating a Pretty Table:

If you’ve been with me for awhile, you know that I am always talking about creating different levels on your buffet table to create visual interest.

By using a turned over drawer, a wire basket (filled with a linen-wrapped box), cake pedestal, empty frames and fabric garland, I not only created different levels but also different textures.  This turns a table into a tablescape.

The frames are cheap garage sale finds, now boasting many colors of spray paint under the current light and dark blues.   The fabric banner was something I made years ago for our Peter Rabbit party.  Check this tutorial to learn how to make the fabric banner in three steps.

Let’s talk ice cream . . . my favorite topping for belgian waffles.  I didn’t want to have a gallon of ice cream sitting on the table making a mess as it dripped all over my blue checked fabric.  My solution?  Decant softened ice cream the day before into my galvanized tin ICE BUCKET.  Not only did it look great, but it held up very well during the party.  (Store overnight in the freezer.)

Signs can be another way to add fun and interest to your table top.  I tied in Norwex cleaning with my waffle bar by framing this text, “Now, you’ll love cleaning a WAFFLE lot.”

More fun:

Because our party was focused on cleaning and I had several guests who did not know each other, I asked my guests to fill out a name tag and write the cleaning task they enjoy the least.  It was fun to hear the answers.  We even had one person who really loves to clean.  Say what?!

For beverages, I served strawberry and cucumber infused water, two juices and coffee.


How do you like our Waffle Bar?  What is your favorite topping to put atop waffles?  

Shop this look:

10 Party Items Not to Pass Up at a Garage Sale

10 Party Items Not to Pass Up at a Garage Sale!

If you love entertaining and throwing parties, but you don’t like spending a lot of money, you need to hit the spring and summer garage sales!  I have scored so many great deals on treasures from garage sales and flea markets that I now use for entertaining, tablescapes and party decor.

If you see these 10 items, snatch them up and add them to your party closet:


1. Food Risers

A buffet always looks better when you elevate platters to varying levels.  Be on the look out for crates, stands or boxes that will help create visual interest on your table.

2. A Beverage or Tea Cart

I cannot tell you how often I have used my $20 tea cart.  Here is a whole post about it.  From beverage station and breakfast server to the perfect spot to feature a pretty birthday cake, this was one of my best garage sale finds ever!


3. White Serving Dishes

Okay, I may be a hoarder here, but I love white serving dishes.  A white platter can make food pop and look fabulous.  Consider all shapes and sizes.

4.  Themed Party Supplies

Now I may be totally crazy, but I make my kids pick their next birthday theme before garage sale season starts.  You never know when you’ll stumble upon a collection of themed party supplies that some mom just wants out of her house.


5.  China { Tea Cups and Luncheon Plates in Particular }

I have a fun assortment of unmatched tea cups that I love to bring out when a friend stops by or for a ladies’ lunch.  Don’t miss luncheon plates as well . . . whether china or glass.

6.  General Party Goods

You can build quite a stash of party supplies by purchasing balloons, crepe paper and paper products for a fraction of what they cost in the stores.

7.  Cake Plates

Oh dear, I love footed cake pedestals.  Different colors, different shapes and heights . . . a footed pedestal can make your food or dessert look so pretty.  Keep an eye out for the seller who is cleaning out!

8.  Trays

Over the years, I have grown quite a collection of trays . . . wood and metal.  And I probably have spent a decent amount in the stores.  When I shop garage sales, I look for different trays, including ones that I can refinish or simply add a coat of spray paint.

9.  Serving Utencils

This is one of those times when you especially want to know what you have on hand.  Keep your eyes open for “serving grade” spoons, slotted spoons, spatulas, slotted spatulas, pie knife/server and cheese knives.  I also like to have (cheap) extra spoons which I can take to a potluck and won’t lose sleep if the spoon doesn’t make it back home.

10.  Ribbon

I have found new ribbon at garage sales for 10 and 25 cents/roll which totally means I stock up.  It comes in handy for party favors, decor . . . all sorts of things.

Those are my top 10 items but these are other great entertaining/party items I have found at garage sales as well:  Frames, TV Stands, Wood Chairs, and Old Books.

Tell me, what would you add to the list?

how to organize a neighborhood garage sale.


Creative seating when space is a problem on Entertaining Fridays.




Garage Sale Find - TV Tray Makeover


LEGO Mini-Figure Display


book page wreath tutorial

Pineapple Citrus Cooler for a New Year’s Brunch

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser.  All opinions are mine alone. #EmergenCRecipes #CollectiveBias


I love any reason to celebrate.  However, there is something uniquely special about throwing a New Year’s party.  Maybe I am just sentimental, but I love the idea of reflecting back over the previous year while at the same time feeling the excitement for new opportunities and adventures.

For this party, I hosted a little New Year’s Brunch.  I chose a color scheme of citrus-orange, white and gold.  I wanted that clean, fresh feeling to meet head on with the glitz and glimmer of a New Year’s celebration.  At many of my parties, I feature a fantastic drink that fits perfectly into my theme.  This year was no different.  I created a delicious and refreshing Pineapple Citrus Cooler that my guests loved.  The bonus?  It’s healthy.  What a great way to start off the new year!


I served the drinks on a beautiful gold tray (catch the DIY below) as my guests arrived.  I love putting something in my guests’ hands when they walk in the door.  For some people, having something to fidget with can make them feel more comfortable.  Plus, a fun drink at arrival is welcoming and hospitable.

Let me show you the WHOLE party . . . from the menu and how to make the buffet risers to the festive decor and this yummy pineapple citrus cooler recipe.


Planning a Tablescape

When I plan a tablescape, I purposely want my guests’ eyes to be drawn to different levels on the table top.  I will use cake plates, risers and other props to elevate my platters.  For this brunch, I wanted a clean look which would require simple risers or boxes to lift my food off the surface of the table.  No draping fabric or other flowing materials on this table!

In much of my party planning, spray paint is a frequent friend.  Last summer, I discovered gold spray paint.  It is ah-mazing!  I was so enthralled, I even painted some rocks in my yard and hid them in the woods to surprise my kids.  For this party, I used a combination of gold and orange for the risers on the buffet table.

The boxes came from a craft store (at 50% off which is always good when you know you are immediately going to change and repurpose the original product).



The boxes took several coats of paint but I was thrilled how they turned out.

HELPFUL TIP:  If you are struggling with coverage over certain colors (like orange spray paint over my chevron patterned box), throw a coat of white paint on the box.  I was having a difficult time getting my orange to hide the contrasting chevron lines, but once I put a coat of white over the entire thing, the orange took much better.


For a pretty tray to hold my festive drinks, I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted.  So I spray painted this bamboo tray with my gold paint.  Can you see why I love spray paint for party decor?

HELPFUL TIP:  Be sure to add a coat of sealer on items that will hold drinks to avoid water marks.


Now, let’s take a look at how to make this delicious Pineapple Citrus Cooler:



I ran to Walmart to pick up the ingredients and I love that this recipe isn’t anything too difficult.  You’ll just need to chop some pineapple and squeeze an orange.  Everything else is super simple.

Pineapple Citrus Cooler Ingredients (1 Serving)

1.    1/2 Cup Pineapple Chunks
2.    1/2 Cup Pineapple Juice
3.    1/2 Cup Crushed Ice
4.    The Juice of 1/2 an Orange
5.    One Packet of Emergen-C “Super Orange”

Fresh fruit garnish optional.


Put the pineapple chunks in a blender.


Add pineapple juice …


… the freshly squeezed orange juice …


… and ice.


Blend until smooth.


Then, add one packet of Emergen-C and stir by hand.  This will make the drink fizzy and add healthy vitamins, nutrients and electrolytes.  For years, I have had Emergen-C on hand in my pantry and love how it makes me feel refreshed and replenished . . . especially during the winter months, when staying healthy is important to me.

Plus, the B Vitamins enhance energy naturally* (and who wouldn’t appreciate that?).  Hooray for an easy and delicious way to take vitamins that are important to a healthy lifestyle.  There are several different flavors you can try.  They are all good, but Super Orange is my favorite!


I added a glittery gold stirrer and striped straw, along with fresh fruit garnish.  So pretty!

HELPFUL TIP:  When garnishing with orange slices, make sure your slice is not too thin.  If you cut the orange thin, the flesh of the orange will not be strong enough to hold your orange in place.  A little thicker of a garnish will do the trick!



New Year’s Brunch Menu

This menu was such fun to plan.  Here is what I served:

> Breakfast Casserole

> Fruit Kabobs (served on the same gold stirrers as in the drink)

> Yogurt & Granola Cups

>Tea Sandwiches

> Blueberry Muffins

> Cucumber Canapes

> Assorted Cheesecake

> Chocolate Cake















Our New Year’s Brunch was such fun.  Everyone stayed much longer than I expected, which only means one thing . . . a good time!


Here is where I found my items in the store:



Do you have a healthy drink recipe you like for parties?  Check out more from Emergen-C, including getting your own free sample.  


*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Gift Guide: For the Hostess

Are you looking for fun gift ideas for the person who loves to entertain?

Here is a collection of 15 items, each under $25, perfect for delighting the hostess!

>> And if you happen to be that hostess, just send this link to your husband.  He will be grateful for the ideas.

(This post contains affiliate links.)

gift guide for the hostess

1. 8-Inch Skirted Cake Stand – White cake stands and platters make food stand out and look pretty.  They are also versatile enough to fit in to just about any party theme.  This skirted cake stand has a beautiful pattern.

2. String Lights with Clear Globes – Make outdoor entertaining glow in the evening with these beautiful string lights.

3. Oval Steel Tub – Put away the big cooler and use this oval tub to hold beverages.  The oval shape allows for more drinks on top, making it easy for guests to grab.

4. A Perfect Day for a Picnic by Tori Finch  – Give the hostess plenty of inspiration for her parties with this added twist . . . picnic entertaining!  It is fun to think outside the dining room.

5. Sweet Lace Cupcake Wrappers – Add a touch of elegance and sweetness to entertaining and desserts with these cute cupcake wrappers.  A hostess will love to pull them out on a fun occasion.

6. Mini Chalkboards Signs – Perfect for adding descriptions and labels to tables, food and drinks.

7. Galvanized Metal Carry-All  – Go rustic and use this carry-all to hold silverware on the buffet table.  I love this for summer entertaining!

8.  Burlap Pennant Banner – These triangular flags can be used as is or customized by the hostess.  The kit also comes with jute and paper straws.

9.  Serve It Up Plate Stand – Turn your favorite plate into a raised serving piece with this stand!

10. Madeira Provo Teak Bread Board – A lovely board for the hostess to serve breads and cheeses to her guests.  Can one have too many of these?

11. Patterned Paper Straws – Add fun to any celebration with a set of paper straws.  I keep all kinds on hand, ready for any party.

12. Stainless Steel Coffee Carafe – Who wants to put their everyday coffee maker out on a pretty table?  This carafe will keep the coffee hot and looking great.  (If you don’t mind going a bit over $25, here is a cool push pot that I think looks even better!)

13.  Barefoot Contessa Parties! Ideas and Recipes for Easy Parties That Are Really Fun by Ina Garten – Another great book of inspiration, ideas and recipes for the girl who likes to entertain.  

14. Three-Tiered Porcelain Dessert Stand – Perfect for adding style and height to the dessert table!

15. Porcelain Cupcake/Treat Pedestals Set – The hostess will love the way these varying height pedestals showcase her delicious cupcakes and treats.


>> Want 15 great hostess tips?  Read this post on how to be the hostess with the mostess!

Cooking Spaghetti --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Mini Pumpkin Pies for an Easy Family Game Night

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser.  All opinions are mine alone. #EffortlessPies #CollectiveBias


If you’ve been following along in my weekly newsletters, you know that we switched schools this year for my kids.   To say it has been a challenge is an understatement.  With the stress of difficult change and adjusting to the unfamiliar, my husband and I have been making it a point to have more fun as a family. To laugh more. To play more. To be silly with our kids.  All in an effort to remind them that this is their home base and no matter the struggle outside of these walls, we are a family who likes to have fun. That has not changed.

One of the ways we do this is by playing games.  It is a fun way to celebrate being together.  We keep things pretty simple:  a couple of games and an EASY treat.  And this fall dessert that I am sharing today is perfect for keeping it simple in that it only takes putting together a few ingredients to make delicious these mini pumpkin pies.

No slaving over the stove.

No baking, creaming or whipping required!

Just grab the ingredients, layer them up and enjoy.  The pies are ready in five minutes and no one will guess it was this easy.


Here is what you need to know –

Mini Pumpkin Pie Ingredients:

  • Light & Fit® Pumpkin Pie Greek Yogurt®
  • Reddi-wip®
  • Mini graham cracker pie crusts
  • Caramel topping
  • Mini chocolate morsels

I was able to pick up all my ingredients on a quick trip to Walmart.  I love that these pies don’t have a long list of ingredients.  Really, it is only three items with a couple of toppings for added fun.  The no-bake, mini pies make for a quick and easy snack after school, a yummy dessert for fall and holiday entertaining or just a night at home playing games with the kids.  I love this!



Fill the mini graham cracker pie crusts with Light & Fit® Pumpkin Pie Greek Yogurt®.  One 5.3 oz container can fill two pies.  And with yogurt as the filling, this pie is a healthier dessert option.  Greek yogurt is so good!


Then, swirl the Reddi-wip® on top.




Drizzle on a little caramel sauce.


And add mini chocolate chips.


That is it!  It’s so easy that even your kids can help make this dessert.  The pumpkin, caramel and chocolate flavors combine for a delicious fall treat.










Did I mention how easy clean up is?  This dessert is easy as pie . . . . Yes, I really just said that!


Here is where I found items in the store:


What easy desserts do you like to serve?  For more inspiration, visit, where you’ll also find these Ibotta offers:

  • Buy 4 Dannon singles of Light & Fit OR Oikos, earn $1.00
  • Buy (2) Reddi-Wip cans, earn $0.75.
  • Bonus: purchase both and earn an additional $0.50


Connect with these Brands:

Reddi-wip – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest
Dannon – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest

The Best Garage Sale Find of the Year


Do you like entertaining?  Let me tell you about my best garage sale find of the year and why you might want to start searching, too!

All spring, I looked at garage sales and flea markets for a beverage cart.  I wanted a wooden cart (affiliate) but only seemed to find the retro metal ones.  That could be cute for a cocktail cart, but I was looking for something much more versatile.

And then one day, a friend (my garage sale buddy who spent 13 hours shopping the Springfield Extravaganza with me) texted to say she was looking at a wooden tea cart for $30.  She included a picture and at my first available moment, I headed over and snatched up the cart for only $20.



I refinished the cart in Old White Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan.  Yes, that particular paint is more expensive but I had gotten a steal on the cart so I splurged on paint that I love.



Here is what makes this beverage cart so great and why you might want one too:

It is mobile.  Little casters and giant wheels not only add character but allow me to wheel that baby any where on the first floor.


This particular cart has a tray that is the perfect spot for glasses.  The tray can slide out or be fully removed.  I used the tray to hold mason jars for guests to grab and fill up at our July 4th brunch.


It is versatile.  The cart doesn’t lend itself for serving drinks alone.  I have used it as the cake table at our Finding Dory Party and as the collar-making station for my daughter’s Dog & Cat Party.



It is expandable.  Originally, I thought I would remove the two leaves that fold out.  However, when it was all done being painted, I just couldn’t do it.  The two leaves came in handy for an expanded serving station for our bagel bar breakfast.

If you find one with a drawer, that is an added perk.  I have draped cloth napkins out of it for display as well as used it to hold plates and napkins for our meal.

And just because it is technically called a tea cart doesn’t mean it has to be all girly!  At my son’s Star Wars Party, I used it as the station to make light sabers.

It is a wonderful cart and fits so many of my entertaining needs.  I am thrilled to have found it!

Not sure what kind of tea cart suits your style?  Check out the variety of options on Wayfair.  There are some great looking carts!