I love the 4th of July!  Our town puts on the cutest, family-centered Old Glory Day celebrations.  But because this takes up much of the afternoon and I still like to have friends over at some point during the day, brunch seems like the most logical option.

Here are some quick tips for hosting your own July 4th brunch.

Patriotic Decorations

One thing that makes it easy to decorate for July 4th is the ready-to-go color scheme.  Pull from solid-colored table linens, themed paper plates & napkins, colored dishes and American flags.  Walk around your home looking for anything red, white and blue.  I am always amazed what I can scrounge up by shopping my house.

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Brunch Menu Planning

When planning your menu, be sure to check with your guests for any allergies and plan your menu accordingly.

Think about what can be made beforehand.  When I plan a menu, I look for a combination of items that I can make both the day of and the day(s) prior.  For this brunch, I was able to make the muffins, cut my fruit and prep the french toast casserole all the day before.  The breakfast strudel (which was amazing and from this freezer-cooking cookbook) was something I made earlier in the week, then thawed and baked the morning of the brunch.

If you’re ever going to name food, this is the time.  Think of patriotic terms and our founding fathers to come up with fun names for your menu items.

Use warming trays when trying to keep food warm before your event.

Offer a variety of items on your menu.  For brunch, serve a protein, starch/carb, fruit, vegetable and sweet.  I often include something that is build-your-own (like my mini-greek yogurt option).

If time allows, cut fruit into stars to show your patriotic side.

Set up a Beverage Station

I often set up beverage stations away from the busiest parts of my kitchen.  Not only does this help with congestion, but it is also fun to move your guests around your house or other venue.  I especially love doing this for large parties.  For a brunch gathering, you will need to serve coffee and juices.  I like to also offer a fruit-infused water (especially when I can chop the fruit the day before).

Play Patriotic Music

Whether using Spotify, Pandora or Amazon, put together a playlist of patriotic music to set the mood of your brunch party.  If you have Amazon Prime, this is easy, free and without advertisements.  Alexa joined our household in the last few months, making this even more convenient.


Plan out a Schedule of Tasks

One of my best tips for planning any event is to write out every task that needs to be completed before your guests ring the door bell, from putting ice in glasses to starting coffee.  Assigning a time to each task for the hours before your brunch not only saves the time of trying to remember everything you need to do, but it keeps you prompt and your sanity in tact.  Who wants to be a frazzled host?  Not me.

Will you be hosting a July 4th brunch?  What is your favorite part of entertaining?