“A Heart Like His” Tea Party

Celebrate the end of a Bible Study with an Afternoon Tea Party - Seeking A Heart Like His-

Have you ever spent 10 weeks with a group of ladies, delving into the Word, sharing deeply and growing together?  I spent about 10 years with the same lovely group of women doing one Bible Study after the next and loving it.  There is something special about studying the Bible in depth while experiencing the fellowship of other ladies hungry for the things of God.

My mom recently wrapped up Beth Moore’s Bible study, “David: Seeking a Heart Like His.”  (This is the updated version of Beth’s study, “A Heart Like His.”)  My mom loves entertaining as much as I do and had the thought of hosting an Afternoon Tea with her group for the final session and I had the pleasure of helping…(planning, crafting and serving.)

And yes, I actually served the tea for her.  I was, however, a bit surprised when she rang a bell to beckon me to the table.

Welcome to my life.  😉

Creating “A Heart Like His” Tea Party

A Heart Like His Tea Party

This Bible study is on the life of David.  (Incidentally, if you haven’t done a Beth Moore Bible study before, they are wonderful!  Go now and get one.)

For A Heart Like His tea party, we wanted to pull elements from David’s life.  If you ever do a party based on a character (Bible or otherwise), know the story.  Know your character’s life, his challenges, his friends and his passion.  Details woven through the party are like little gifts presented for your guests to open.  We wanted to create a party rich with details of David’s life and ultimately pointing to his heart for God.

A Heart Like His Tea Party 1

A Heart Like His Tea Party 6


First, I chose a key image that would be carried through all the stationery of the party.  The crown.  David was a king.  This image appeared on the invitations, the menu card and the favors.

The Invitations –

With my Silhouette Cameo (This post contains affiliate links), I made these invitations and wrapped them with ribbon and wool yarn.  Invitations can set the mood for your party.  With this invitation, our guests knew to expect something a bit more formal than sandwiches for a picnic.

Tea Party invitation - A Hear Like His


The Centerpiece –

I was most excited to set a tablescape that would bring to mind memorable aspects of David’s life.  Here is what I included:

  • A Scroll with “A Heart Like His” and the Crown Image – I made this with a small dowel and cap ends from the craft store.  I wanted to pull in the reminder of ancient times, scrolls and royalty…as well as formally presenting the theme.
  • Wool Roving – David was a shepherd.
  • A Wired Heart and Unfinished Wood Hearts that I stained – David was known as a man after God’s own heart.
  • “HEART” letters that I picked up from a craft store and wound with wool yarn.
  • A golden box with fancy jewelry – reminding us that David was a king.
  • A shofar – a ram’s horn that would have been used in David’s day to call others for worship, battle and more.  David was a worshiper and a warrior.
  • 5 Smooth Stones – David fought Goliath with his slingshot and five stones.  
  • A Writing of Psalm 23 – David was a song writer and the author of many psalms in the Bible.  I actually burned the side of the paper to give it an aged and worn look.  I imagine he penned this sitting by the fire one night while tending his sheep.A Heart Like His Tea Party 2Bible Study Tea Party 12Bible Study Tea Party 10A Heart Like His Tea Party 5

    Bible Study Tea Party 9

Incidentally, we also played harp music during the tea because David was a harpist.

The Menu –

A Heart Like His Tea Party 4


Our menu included:

Jonathan’s Covenant Cucumber Sandwiches
The Shepherd’s Turkey Triangles
Jesse’s Chosen Chicken Salad Sandwiches

King David’s Scrumptious Scones
with Clotted Cream & Jam

Royal Petit Four Hearts
Crowning Lavender Shortbread Cookies

Saul’s Spiced Apricot
The Psalmist’s Peach Melba


Bible Study Tea Party 23

Bible Study Tea Party 26

Bible Study Tea Party 24

Bible Study Tea Party 21

Bible Study Tea Party 22

Bible Study Tea Party 25

The Favors –

My mom’s guests took home a sweet box to remind them of their study and the tea.  Inside was a laminated copy of Psalm 51  (They spent a lot of time on this psalm during one of the video sessions.  My mom wanted them to have a laminated copy.) and a “tea bag” with Bible verses on each side and an individual bag of Honey Vanilla Chamomile tea.  (The Bible mentions David eating honey.)

The verses were:

“Taste and see that the Lord is good.”  Psalm 34:8 and “Your Words are sweeter than honey.”  Psalm 119:103 (paraphrase)

Bible Study Tea Party 14

Bible Study Tea Party 15

Bible Study Tea Party 16


It was a beautiful afternoon.  The ladies enjoyed the Afternoon Tea and it was the perfect celebration to the end of a great study.

Bible Study Tea Party 19

Bible Study Tea Party 18

Bible Study Tea Party 20

Are you in a Bible Study at the moment?  How can you celebrate the conclusion of the study?  


DIY Trophy Centerpiece for your Big Basketball Party

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser.
All opinions are mine alone.  #EasyBracketParty #CollectiveBiastrophy-centerpiece-for-your-big-basketball-party-2

The college basketball games are upon us!  This is my husband’s favorite time of the year as far as sports go.  And I love it because it is a great excuse to throw a party.

Today, I have some fun ideas for your own big basketball party, including this great trophy centerpiece made of Reese’s Miniatures and Mini Coca-Cola cans.  It is a win-win on your table.  And all my party snacks came from Giant Eagle, my one-stop-shop for all food and drinks.

So fill out your bracket and let’s start celebrating the big tournament.

How to Make a Trophy Centerpiece for Your Basketball Party


What You’ll Need:

  • 1 1/2 Party-Size bags of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Miniatures
  • 4 8-packs of Mini Coca-Cola Cans (32 mini cans total – do not take apart)
  • 8″ Styrofoam Ball
  • 1″ Dowel (I cut mine to 21.5″)
  • Toothpicks
  • Orange & Black Spray Paint
  • Metal Hanger

how-to-make-a-candy-basketball-trophy (8)

how-to-make-a-candy-basketball-trophy (10)


Stretch out the hook of your hanger and poke it into the styrofoam ball.  This will allow you to spray paint evenly (without covering your hands in the process).


how-to-make-a-candy-basketball-trophy (2)


Spray paint your styrofoam ball and dowel, orange and black respectively.  If you have a particular team you are rooting for, go ahead and use their colors and show your team spirit.  Allow the paint to dry, then pierce the ball with the dowel to create your hole for later.  My dowel went into the styrofoam about 3 1/2 inches.


how-to-make-a-candy-basketball-trophy (4)



Using toothpicks, begin to attach your Reese’s Miniatures to the styrofoam ball.


how-to-make-a-candy-basketball-trophy (7b)


Work in a circular pattern around one of the Reese’s miniatures.  It will look much better than working in lines around the ball.


how-to-make-a-candy-basketball-trophy (12)

how-to-make-a-candy-basketball-trophy (14b)


When you get closer to the bottom, put the ball on the dowel and continue covering the styrofoam in Reese’s cups.  I found it easier to angle the lower toothpicks more horizontally (almost parallel to the ground) than sticking straight out of the styrofoam.  It helped keep the bottom candies in place.

Your basketball part of the trophy is done and now, on to the base.


how-to-make-a-candy-basketball-trophy (16)


Cut one pack of mini cans in half.  You need to create two 4-packs.  This will help your trophy stand up nice and tall (and keep it sturdy).


how-to-make-a-candy-basketball-trophy (18)


Place the two 4-packs on top of each other and fit your dowel down through the plastic.


how-to-make-a-candy-basketball-trophy (20)


Separate out all the remaining cans.  Surround the base with the rest of the cans in a pattern of your choice.  Your trophy is ready.  Game on!


basketball-party-snacks-giant-eagle (1)


Here is how I decorated the rest of my table for our Big Basketball Party:


big-tournament-basketball-party (1)


Ritz Crackers and cheese cubes.

basketball-party-oreos (1)

Yummy OREO Cookies (who can resist?).

basketball-party-wheat-thins (1)

Original Wheat Thins and a cheese ball.

basketball-party (5)

Reese’s Mini Peanut Butter Cups in these cute cupcake liners.


Drinks:  In addition to the mini cans of Coke, Coke Zero and Diet Coke, I also had the 1/2 liter bottles.  Don’t forget the orange and white striped straw!


basketball-party (3)

 Everything was delicious!

where to find things at Giant Eagle

 (Where you can find the drinks and snacks I used.)


How do you celebrate the Big Tournament?  I’d love to hear!  Leave a comment sharing your family traditions and what you will pick up from Giant Eagle.  

Find other great #EasyBracketParty ideas at Giant Eagle Meals Made Easy!

The Perfect Fall Party Theme

the perfect theme for a fall party with free printable

Every October, Dan and I look forward to a party hosted by our friends, Sharon & Clayton.  It is the perfect Fall party theme. . .

The Cider Party

This year marked their 7th Annual Cider Party and we have been honored to attend the last 4 or 5 years.  The uniqueness of this party isn’t that you sit around and try a couple different kinds of cider.  The fun is that you sample 15-25 kinds of cider (in small servings) and vote for your favorites, according to category.  Several of the guests often bring their homemade cider, so there is a little competition for bragging rights.  

Cider Party (2)

Here is How It Works

The Invitation: Guests are asked to bring a dish and a gallon or half gallon of cider.  Our friends use a Facebook event invitation which allows for everyone to see what others are bringing so cider brands are not duplicated.  (And if they are duplicated, Clayton has been know to mix ciders for a new blend.)

What is Needed:  Little Dixie Cups for Sampling, Paper and Pens, The Instructions Sheet and Voting Bags (see free printables below)

The Preparation of the Judging:  Once guests arrive, Clayton gets to work removing or covering cider labels.  Each cider is labeled with a letter (A,B,C…).

Cider Sampling & Judging


The Judging:  Guests are given paper to take notes as they sample the different kinds of cider.  I wrote the categories on the top of my notes page to keep in mind and then A-O down the left side of my paper.  With each cider I tried, I wrote a note of description.

The Voting:  Once a guest has finished sampling, they write their choice for a winning cider in each category on a ballot and drop in the corresponding bag.

Cider Party - Vote Your Favorite

The Big Reveal:  After Clayton and Sharon have finished tallying the votes, the winners are announced in grandeur.

It is such a fun fall party!  Not only because of the theme and activities, but also because of spending time with dear friends.

Thank you, Clayton & Sharon, for sharing this with us!

FREE Download: Cider Party Ballot Bag Labels

Cider Party Ballot Bag Labels

FREE Download:  Cider Party Instructions

Cider Party Instructions-

Need an easy Fall Treat?  Check out these Acorn Donut Holes:


Wizard of Oz Party & Family Movie Night

Wizard of Oz Party and Family Movie Night

Last Saturday, we hosted a little Wizard of Oz Party and Family Movie Night!  It was a fun theme for decorating and creating.  And it was the first time all the kids saw the movie.  Now, I will tell you that we fast forwarded through some of the parts.  There will be time later for scary monkeys and some of the wicked witch scenes.

We simply got in the mood for the movie and songs with our treats and low-key activities.

Wizard of Oz Party door sign

Wizard of Oz Party Snack and Dessert Table


Twisted streamers are so simple and inexpensive!  The chalkboard is one I reuse over and over again and often paint the frame.  I was so excited to use a chalk pen instead of regular chalk.  It was awesome . . . until I tried to wash it off today.  Guess I’ll need a new coat of chalkboard paint.  Bummer.

All of our snacks were “in theme” with the movie.  We served Emerald City Popcorn, a candy coated popcorn that was supposed to be emerald green and not the ‘snot green’ color.  Sorry to be gross, but that is what it looked like.  It was completely delicious, however.  (Note:  I used the recipe from the above link, but the first batch of candy coating burned.  Once I lowered the heat to medium-low rather than increasing the heat when instructed, it turned out fine.)


Emerald City Popcorn for Wizard of Oz Party


Next came the Ruby Red Drops which were actually green grapes dipped in Chocoley’s Bada Bing Bada Boom Dipping and Coating Milk and rolled in their red sanding sugar.  My daughter ate the chocolate coating and left the grapes . . . hmmmm.


Ruby Red Drops for Wizard of Oz party

Over the Rainbow Kabobs 

Adding something healthy to the mix were the “Over the Rainbow” kabobs with fruit coordinating with rainbow colors.  And the crunchy for the night were the Bugles showing up as Scarecrow Hats.  Boy, it had been awhile since we had eaten those yummy Bugles!


Scarecrow Hats for Wizard of Oz Party


Next came one of my favorites, Yellow Brick Road Bars.  I made these treats with Chocoley’s Bada Bing Bada Boom Candy and Molding White, their yellow coloring oil and 12 section plastic sheet mold.  The chocolate was gourmet, delicious and very easy to work with!

Yellow Brick Road Bars for Wizard of Oz Party - Chocolate from Chocoley.com




My Sweet Dorothy with a handmade [garage sale] Dorothy dress.

The favors were Skittles (over the rainbow) in baskets and Tin Man Heart tins filled with red candy.  Don’t worry, these poppies didn’t make the kids sleepy.


Wizard of Oz Party Favors

Tin Man Heart Container for Wizard of Oz favor

Wizard of Oz Party Table

mason jars and striped straws for Wizard of Oz party


The Munchkin Juice was green punch from the Food Network.  It was a bit too sweet but had a good taste.  The kids sure loved it!


Green Punch in Mason Jar (Munchkin Juice) for Wizard of Oz party

Munchkin Juice for Wizard of Oz Party

Wizard of Oz Snacks


When the kids arrived, they each colored a picture of Dorothy and her friends and drew their own rainbow.  This was the only activity we did other than watch the movie.

During the film, I had two special treats for the kids, however.  When the Lollipop Guild sang their song, I handed out dum dum lollipops.  And later, when Dorothy arrived at the Emerald City, I gave the children green glow-in-the-dark necklaces.  It was a hit!


Wizard of Oz Coloring Sheet

Hand out lollipops at the lollipop guild song in Wizard of Oz

Hand out green glow sticks when Dorothy reaches the Emerald City.

It was a great party.  I loved the theme and the colors.  The rainbow color scheme was bold and fun to work with.  Soon, I’ll be sharing a Family Discussion Guide to accompany the movie.

Special thanks to Chocoley for providing all the chocolate and related products needed for this party.  Next week, I’ll be sharing how I made the Ruby Red Drops and how much I enjoyed working with their chocolate.

Until then, see you somewhere over the rainbow!

>Grab my free Wizard of Oz Family Discussion Guide.


Disclosure:  I received the products from Chocoley at no cost.  All opinions are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Policy on the About Page for more information.  

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March Madness Party Supplies & Free Printable


We are in the midst of Dan’s favorite “sports” time of the year!  March Madness:  64 college basketball teams competing for one spot.  Basketball.all.the.time.

So that the whole family can enjoy the madness, even the kids and I have filled out brackets.  Most of the kids’ picks are based on where Mickey and Aunt Tara live or the fact that the Muppets have a Manhattan Melodies production.  But win or lose, we are having a blast.  The only thing that would make it better would be to have a party!

Are you thinking about throwing a March Madness Party?

If so, you’ll want to check out these fun basketball party supplies from Birthday Express.  Plus, they have a set of FREE PRINTABLES to get you started for your March Madness celebration.  Check out the flags, tent cards for food descriptions (or table seating) and my favorite, the “Swoosh backboard” straw inserts.




Don’t you love it?  With these printables and party supplies, you will be ready to score at your March Madness party!

Download the FREE March Madness Printable Set from Birthday Express.

Spalding Basketball Plastic Tablecover

Basketball Fan Dessert Plates

Black White Striped Cupcake Boxes

Striped Paper Straws

Orange-sicle Rock Candy Stick

*Free Shipping at Birthday Express

Photo Credit –  Birthday Express:  Ideas & Inspiration.

(This post contains affiliate links.  Please see the Disclosure Policy on the About Page.)

Pi Day Party

pi day party

Back in January, Dan asked me if I wanted to host a Pi Party.  Well, all the boy had to do was mention the word “party,” and I was in!

If you’re trying to figure out what I am talking about, remember back to the mathematical symbol for 3.141592….You know the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.  Ok yeah, I forgot that part too, but let’s get back to PARTY.

Pi is 3.14 or if you think of it in terms of the calendar, it becomes March 14th.  What a lovely reason to celebrate (or maybe I should say nerdy reason)!  Either way, count me in.

What do you do at a Pi Day Party?

Invite your guests and serve pie.  We started with burgers and hot dogs.  Our guests each brought a side and a pie.

9 Adults, 12 kids and 6 pies.


I made little “Cutie Pi” stickers for the kids and “name labels” for the adults.  I can’t quite call them name tags because they were in code.  Dan and I had a blast getting creative and thinking of Pi Tags for the grown-ups.  We either had fun with their names (Hope and Lydia) or pulled from our knowledge of our guests.  For example, one mom loves chicken pot pie while her husband does not.  Another is on paleo…


Of course, I used my wonderful Silhouette Cameo, for all the pie/pi fun!




We scoured the internet for Pi sayings and pulled from our favorites for the table:

Pi Day Party - Pi Phrases


Dan also put together a playlist of songs with the word, “Pie” in them.  Did I marry my match or what?  He is so fun!

Next time March 14th rolls around, will you be throwing a Pi Party?  -Hope you’ll invite me!

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How to Host the Perfect Soup Party

how to host the perfect soup party

Well friends, I have found another kind of party that I LOVE.  A couple Sunday’s ago, I hosted a Soup Party for Dan’s family of 20.  It was the perfect theme for a cold, winter day.

Have you been experiencing freezing or colder than usual temperatures?  We have had our own little arctic freeze in Ohio, even cancelling school here and there (which I love too).

Soup is such a great winter remedy.  The hot, soothing, “comfort food” . . . and did I mention, a big pot can last several days?  So why not turn a great soup (or soups) into a little party.  Invite your friends, your family or your neighbors and serve up a delicious soup.  Add the great conversation, an atmosphere demonstrating the love of Christ and you are set.

Tips to Host the Perfect Soup Party:

1.  Start your soups a couple days prior.  Not only do you not want to be going crazy at the last minute, but soups always seem to taste better on Day 2.

2.  Offer a couple options for soup.  Ok, I went a little overboard on this.  I had trouble picking which soups, so I offered four:  Chicken Tortilla, Split Pea, 4 Cheese Minestrone and Ground Turkey and Vegetable.  (See below for where the recipes came from.)

3.  Choose soups that freeze well.  I planned on making more than I needed and froze a decent amount of soup.  And guess what?  I just pulled soup out last night and have a couple dinners of soup all ready to go.  Love the convenience of freezer cooking!

soup party labels

4.  Label your soups so your guests know which each soup is.

5.  Have a fabulous assortment of toppings.

6.  Get a little creative.  Which toppings will go best with which soup?  Tell your guests.

suggested toppings for soup party

As you probably know by now, the creativity and design of a party are my favorite parts.  Yes, if I could cater every single party I host, I most definitely would!  Leave the cooking up to someone else and the decorating and little touches up to me.

7.  Sour cream makes any soup creamy.  Be sure to include it among your toppings.

Soup Party Sides

8.  Keep the sides simple.  Serve with salad and a delicious assortment of breads.  My family brought the sides and desserts, which allowed me to focus on the soups.

9.  Think about how your guests will manage everything.  I decided to use a chinet plate as a sort of tray.  With my Cameo, I cut a piece of scrapbook paper and added “Soup’s On.”  The soup bowl, the salad bowl and bread just fit, making it easy to carry.

I also ALWAYS like to put the silverware and napkin at the end of the buffet line.  Why carry silverware through the line when your hands are needed most?

soup party plate

 10.  When it is all done,  be a blessing.  Package up a bowl or two of soup (ziploc freezer bags work great), grab bread and deliver to a sick friend, a family with a new baby or someone going through a rough time.  It is a thoughtful and easy way to serve others.

Where My Soup Recipes Came From:

Chicken Tortilla –

Don’t Panic–Dinner’s in the Freezer: Great-Tasting Meals You Can Make Ahead

Split Pea Soup & 4 Cheese Minestrone –

Don’t Panic–More Dinner’s in the Freezer: A Second Helping of Tasty Meals You Can Make Ahead

Ground Turkey –

Fix-It and Forget-It Lightly Revised & Updated: 600 Healthy, Low-Fat Recipes for Your Slow Cooker

These three cookbooks stand out as among my favorites!  I can recommend all of them.

What is your favorite soup for a cold day?


(This post contains an affiliate link.  Please see the About page for more information.)

A Fruit Pizza Party

fruit pizza party

If you’ve followed along with me, you probably know that I love any kind of party that has build-your-own–well, anything.  There was the deluxe hot dog bar, the campfire cones, the apple ring delights and of course perfect for this time of year, the hot chocolate bar.

Recently, at my nephew’s birthday party, my sister-in-law set up a Make-Your-Own Fruit Pizza Party.  Oh yes!  It was delicious and of course, lots of fun for all ages.

She offered an amazing assortment of fruits ready to top an iced sugar cookie.  The icing was sweet, cream cheese-based and quite delicious.  In fact, my mouth is watering for one right now!

Here is what you’ll need to host your own fruit pizza party.

 Fruit Pizza Bar

Fruit Pizza Ingredients:

  • refrigerated sugar cookie dough (I love my sister-in-law for keeping it simple!)
  • 1 block of cream cheese
  • 1/3 c sugar
  • 1 t vanilla extract
  • assortment of sliced fruit


1.  Bake your sugar cookies per directions on packaging.

3. Mix cream cheese, sugar and vanilla extract.

4. Spread the cream cheese icing on the cookie and layer the fruit.

* If you won’t be eating the fruit right away, use the glaze from this recipe to coat the fruit.


fruit pizza


And if you’re wondering about the selection of fruit, here is what my sister-in-law served:  strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, red grapes, bananas, pomegranates and chocolate morsels.  Yum!