the perfect theme for a fall party with free printable

Every October, Dan and I look forward to a party hosted by our friends, Sharon & Clayton.  It is the perfect Fall party theme. . .

The Cider Party

This year marked their 7th Annual Cider Party and we have been honored to attend the last 4 or 5 years.  The uniqueness of this party isn’t that you sit around and try a couple different kinds of cider.  The fun is that you sample 15-25 kinds of cider (in small servings) and vote for your favorites, according to category.  Several of the guests often bring their homemade cider, so there is a little competition for bragging rights.  

Cider Party (2)

Here is How It Works

The Invitation: Guests are asked to bring a dish and a gallon or half gallon of cider.  Our friends use a Facebook event invitation which allows for everyone to see what others are bringing so cider brands are not duplicated.  (And if they are duplicated, Clayton has been know to mix ciders for a new blend.)

What is Needed:  Little Dixie Cups for Sampling, Paper and Pens, The Instructions Sheet and Voting Bags (see free printables below)

The Preparation of the Judging:  Once guests arrive, Clayton gets to work removing or covering cider labels.  Each cider is labeled with a letter (A,B,C…).

Cider Sampling & Judging


The Judging:  Guests are given paper to take notes as they sample the different kinds of cider.  I wrote the categories on the top of my notes page to keep in mind and then A-O down the left side of my paper.  With each cider I tried, I wrote a note of description.

The Voting:  Once a guest has finished sampling, they write their choice for a winning cider in each category on a ballot and drop in the corresponding bag.

Cider Party - Vote Your Favorite

The Big Reveal:  After Clayton and Sharon have finished tallying the votes, the winners are announced in grandeur.

It is such a fun fall party!  Not only because of the theme and activities, but also because of spending time with dear friends.

Thank you, Clayton & Sharon, for sharing this with us!

FREE Download: Cider Party Ballot Bag Labels

Cider Party Ballot Bag Labels

FREE Download:  Cider Party Instructions

Cider Party Instructions-

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