7 Valentines You Don’t Want to Forget

  Valentine's Day is just around the corner (as if you didn't already know from your Pinterest feed!).  It is easy to buy little Valentine's for the school chums or neighborhood kids, but are you inadvertently missing out on blessing others who would enjoy the encouragement of a homemade … [Read more...]

How to Host the Perfect Soup Party

Well friends, I have found another kind of party that I LOVE.  A couple Sunday's ago, I hosted a Soup Party for Dan's family of 20.  It was the perfect theme for a cold, winter day. Have you been experiencing freezing or colder than usual temperatures?  We have had our own little arctic freeze in … [Read more...]

10 Simple Ways for You and Your Child to Serve this Winter

Even though it is winter and many of us are bundled up to stay warm inside, there are still plenty of ways to serve and help others. Serving needs to be a mindset until it becomes a way of life.  I know from experience that the idea of helping others must be in the forefront of my mind if I am to … [Read more...]

1st Time Offer: Teach Me To Serve ebook PDF version 50% Off!

Over one year ago, I launched my ebook, Teach Me To Serve.  I have been so blessed and thankful for the wonderful response.  And it is time to celebrate! For the first time, I am offering a 50% off discount code for pdf copies. Teaching your kids to serve can seem to be two steps forward, one … [Read more...]

Struggling to Teach Your Child to Serve?

One day your child is being super friendly to the new kid, picking flowers for his sister and helping set the table.  You're feeling pretty good about this parenting thing.  Your child is thinking of others and being helpful. Then the next day, you glance over and he is the mean one in the group. … [Read more...]

Raising Kids with Hearts to Serve

  Today, I am over at Tricia Goyer's site, Not Quite Amish talking about raising kids with a heart to serve.  The Amish community is known for it service and kindness to others.  Our current culture tends more to the "all about me" mentality.  I even fight the tide of selfishness in my own … [Read more...]

Mini Trifles: Fun to Make, Made To Share

I am always on the look out for ways to involve my kids in giving to or blessing another person.  This particular idea not only makes it easy to do just that, but it is fun to make and quite delicious. For Our Chocolate & Strawberry Trifle, You'll Need: * Angel Food Cake * Chocolate … [Read more...]