teach me to serve 50 off

Over one year ago, I launched my ebook, Teach Me To Serve.  I have been so blessed and thankful for the wonderful response.  And it is time to celebrate!

For the first time, I am offering a 50% off discount code for pdf copies.

Teaching your kids to serve can seem to be two steps forward, one step back.  It requires persistence and practice.  There will be days when you shake your head at their behavior and then those blessed moments when they ask you if they can pick up that loaf of bread a woman dropped at Aldi and hand it to her.

There will be days when your son offers to carry the girl’s heavy backpack as you walk the friend to your car.  Sure, there are days of “what were you thinking?”  But then there are the days of sweet victory when you see the growth in their little hearts and minds.

What does it take?  Teaching and practicing.  I will be honest with you:  I have on more than one occasion gone back through my own ebook, trying to refresh my perspective and remind myself of all the easy ways young children can serve others.  It is a lifestyle and most definitely, one I want to pass on to my children.

So if you haven’t yet picked up a copy of Teach Me To Serve, here is your chance to get it for 50% off (which means only $1.99!!) for pdf copies.  Just use the code THANKFUL when checking out here.  This discount code is valid Monday, November 11th – Sunday, November 17th.

Go here to buy your PDF copy.  If you prefer a Nook or Kindle copy, you can find them here on Amazon or Barnes & Noble for $3.99.

Thank you so much for all your support.  I’d love to hear how you are teaching your kids to serve.