“A Heart Like His” Tea Party

Celebrate the end of a Bible Study with an Afternoon Tea Party - Seeking A Heart Like His-

Have you ever spent 10 weeks with a group of ladies, delving into the Word, sharing deeply and growing together?  I spent about 10 years with the same lovely group of women doing one Bible Study after the next and loving it.  There is something special about studying the Bible in depth while experiencing the fellowship of other ladies hungry for the things of God.

My mom recently wrapped up Beth Moore’s Bible study, “David: Seeking a Heart Like His.”  (This is the updated version of Beth’s study, “A Heart Like His.”)  My mom loves entertaining as much as I do and had the thought of hosting an Afternoon Tea with her group for the final session and I had the pleasure of helping…(planning, crafting and serving.)

And yes, I actually served the tea for her.  I was, however, a bit surprised when she rang a bell to beckon me to the table.

Welcome to my life.  😉

Creating “A Heart Like His” Tea Party

A Heart Like His Tea Party

This Bible study is on the life of David.  (Incidentally, if you haven’t done a Beth Moore Bible study before, they are wonderful!  Go now and get one.)

For A Heart Like His tea party, we wanted to pull elements from David’s life.  If you ever do a party based on a character (Bible or otherwise), know the story.  Know your character’s life, his challenges, his friends and his passion.  Details woven through the party are like little gifts presented for your guests to open.  We wanted to create a party rich with details of David’s life and ultimately pointing to his heart for God.

A Heart Like His Tea Party 1

A Heart Like His Tea Party 6


First, I chose a key image that would be carried through all the stationery of the party.  The crown.  David was a king.  This image appeared on the invitations, the menu card and the favors.

The Invitations –

With my Silhouette Cameo (This post contains affiliate links), I made these invitations and wrapped them with ribbon and wool yarn.  Invitations can set the mood for your party.  With this invitation, our guests knew to expect something a bit more formal than sandwiches for a picnic.

Tea Party invitation - A Hear Like His


The Centerpiece –

I was most excited to set a tablescape that would bring to mind memorable aspects of David’s life.  Here is what I included:

  • A Scroll with “A Heart Like His” and the Crown Image – I made this with a small dowel and cap ends from the craft store.  I wanted to pull in the reminder of ancient times, scrolls and royalty…as well as formally presenting the theme.
  • Wool Roving – David was a shepherd.
  • A Wired Heart and Unfinished Wood Hearts that I stained – David was known as a man after God’s own heart.
  • “HEART” letters that I picked up from a craft store and wound with wool yarn.
  • A golden box with fancy jewelry – reminding us that David was a king.
  • A shofar – a ram’s horn that would have been used in David’s day to call others for worship, battle and more.  David was a worshiper and a warrior.
  • 5 Smooth Stones – David fought Goliath with his slingshot and five stones.  
  • A Writing of Psalm 23 – David was a song writer and the author of many psalms in the Bible.  I actually burned the side of the paper to give it an aged and worn look.  I imagine he penned this sitting by the fire one night while tending his sheep.A Heart Like His Tea Party 2Bible Study Tea Party 12Bible Study Tea Party 10A Heart Like His Tea Party 5

    Bible Study Tea Party 9

Incidentally, we also played harp music during the tea because David was a harpist.

The Menu –

A Heart Like His Tea Party 4


Our menu included:

Jonathan’s Covenant Cucumber Sandwiches
The Shepherd’s Turkey Triangles
Jesse’s Chosen Chicken Salad Sandwiches

King David’s Scrumptious Scones
with Clotted Cream & Jam

Royal Petit Four Hearts
Crowning Lavender Shortbread Cookies

Saul’s Spiced Apricot
The Psalmist’s Peach Melba


Bible Study Tea Party 23

Bible Study Tea Party 26

Bible Study Tea Party 24

Bible Study Tea Party 21

Bible Study Tea Party 22

Bible Study Tea Party 25

The Favors –

My mom’s guests took home a sweet box to remind them of their study and the tea.  Inside was a laminated copy of Psalm 51  (They spent a lot of time on this psalm during one of the video sessions.  My mom wanted them to have a laminated copy.) and a “tea bag” with Bible verses on each side and an individual bag of Honey Vanilla Chamomile tea.  (The Bible mentions David eating honey.)

The verses were:

“Taste and see that the Lord is good.”  Psalm 34:8 and “Your Words are sweeter than honey.”  Psalm 119:103 (paraphrase)

Bible Study Tea Party 14

Bible Study Tea Party 15

Bible Study Tea Party 16


It was a beautiful afternoon.  The ladies enjoyed the Afternoon Tea and it was the perfect celebration to the end of a great study.

Bible Study Tea Party 19

Bible Study Tea Party 18

Bible Study Tea Party 20

Are you in a Bible Study at the moment?  How can you celebrate the conclusion of the study?  


The Great Burger Giveaway with Yumms Burger Press & More!

The Great Burger Giveaway with Yumms and CelebrateEveryDayWithMe

Grilling season is nearly here in the Midwest.  Invitations to the backyard barbecue will soon go out.  Memorial Day marks the unofficial start to summertime . . . and I love it.

Outdoor entertaining, delicious grilled food, warm conversations and kids running around in the backyard.  And did I mention less clean up?  Definitely one of the perks of grilling season.

My barbecue confession:  I am not good at making a nice-looking, evenly-shaped burger.  Nope.  Give me a table to arrange and it will look great.  But my burgers all end up looking small, lumpy and any shape other than round.

So when I had the opportunity to review the Yumms Burger Press, I was eager and excited.  Maybe now my family and guests will enjoy beautiful burgers from my kitchen to Dan’s grill.  My only hesitation was to question if the press would be hard to clean (something I will answer below).

Check it out.

Yumms Burger Press 3


I loved that with the Yumms burger press, my hands didn’t have to get messy.  I could potentially go without touching the meat.  For this batch of burgers however, I was using ground turkey and did mix the meat and spices with my hands.  (Go here for my turkey burger pepper & herb spice mix.  It makes any turkey burger delicious!)

This is how simple the burger press is to use.  Once your meat is ready, put the tray insert in the base and scoop the ground meat into the press.  You’ll quickly get the hang of how much to use.

Yumms Burger Press 4

I liked to press the meat down just a bit with my spoon.  It helped me gauge the amount of meat I was using.

Yumms Burger Press 8

Then put the lid on top and press down!  (So easy, right?)

Yumms Burger Press 7

Yumms Burger Press 5

Finally, using the tray, lift the burger out.  You’re ready to start grilling!

Yumms Burger Press 6

Yumms Burgers

Yumms Burger Press 14

Once grilled, add some great toppings and you’re guests will be thrilled to start celebrating summer with the perfect burger!

On cleaning the press:  it couldn’t have been easier.  The product is dishwasher safe (and BPA-Free!) but even hand-washing it was a breeze.  I was quite pleased as washing dishes is my least favorite part of cooking or entertaining.  😉

Discount for All Readers:  

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Now for the Giveaway:

The fun folks at Yumms want to help you make a great burger for your next barbecue.

Yumms is setting up one lucky reader with:

  • a burger press so you can make beautiful, even burgers
  • a grill mat to keep food from falling through the grate
  • a barbecue light so you can grill in the dark without straining to see if your meat is cooked (c’mon admit it, we’ve all done this)
  • a $25 Amazon gift card so you can grab some fun barbecue paper products, serving dishes or other goodies

grill mat and light


Yumms Burger Press 11

Enter the Giveaway Below!

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great burger giveaway!!

My Trip to the Library for Entertaining Inspiration

My Trip to the Library for Entertaining Inspiration

I love Pinterest.  Browsing through all kinds of photos that give inspiration for decorating, parties and entertaining.  But there is something relaxing about looking through a book.

An actual book.

Flipping through pages of beautiful tables, creative presentations and delicious menus.  I love dreaming and searching for new ideas.  And the library is a great place to explore books that will provide you with plenty of entertaining inspiration.  The best part?  It is free…that is of course, unless you hit on a fabulous book that you want for your own bookshelf.

I found these books in our library’s online catalog and had them sent to my local library for pick-up.  They were so much fun to look through.  Below are my thoughts on each book and why you might enjoy them too.  And although I got my copies from the library, I’ve included (my affiliate) Amazon links below for your convenience.

Here is what I found:


Brunch Entertaining from Williams-Sonoma

Is there ever a Williams-Sonoma book that doesn’t look amazing?  This brunch book was filled with delicious looking recipes and did a great job talking about setting the scene and making your guests comfortable.  I love entertaining for brunch!


katie brown entertaining

Katie Brown’s Outdoor Entertaining: Taking the Party Outside

I loved how Katie Brown’s book broke down each outdoor party into cook, nest and grow.  Not only did the recipes look good, but I found the decor and crafting ideas to be super cute (like painting a picnic table with a checked pattern, a DIY concrete table made with shells and a huge pot, or even adding flowers to dress up your ice buckets).

Most of all, this book inspired me to think in terms of the complete party.


william sonoma entertaining

Williams-Sonoma Entertaining: Inspired menus for cooking with family and friends

Of the three books, this would be the one I would want to own.  One word:  gorgeous!!

This large book was filled with the most beautiful pictures, inspired menus and pretty tables.  I loved the reminder that at each party or casual gathering, you should ask yourself, “What is being celebrated” and let the answer drive your planning.  Whether it is a bon voyage party, a birthday or even just friends getting together, there is something to celebrate (can you see why I loved this book?)

The approach is seasonal with great parties for each time of year.  Incidentally, the beachside dinner made me want to call Tara and schedule a week on the beach with our families so we could throw such a dinner.

Not only were the photos fun, it was an educational book, from taking about place settings and beverage amounts to how to seat for a traditional dinner.  You probably already know that the husband and wife hosts should sit at the ends of a table.  But did you know that a man of honor should be seated to the female host’s right and a woman of honor should be seated to the male host’s right?  Or even that guests should intentionally not be seated by their spouses to increase conversation at the table.  Interesting, right?  Of course, you may not do this for all your gatherings, but I love learning about etiquette and tradition.

The library is a great (and free) resource for entertaining inspiration.  I have already put a hold on more books and I can’t wait to sit and browse through them.

So often, I use the library for books for my kids alone.  When was the last time you borrowed some books for your enjoyment and inspiration?  



My Trip to the Library for Entertaining Inspiration (1)

Rosette Napkin Fold for your Spring Table

How to Create a Rosette Napkin Fold

This rosette napkin fold is easy to do and you can put it in a glass, tea cup or even yes, a mossy pot.  Grab your napkins and let’s get rolling.

Depending on the size of your glass or container, you will need to vary how tight you roll the napkin.  But, here are the basics:

rosette napkin fold

I love how it looks in a clear glass!

rosette napkin fold (5)


For a toasting glass, coil the napkin roll into more of a spiral shape:

Tall Rosette Napkin Fold

For a flatter rosette in a tea cup, keep your initial rolling tight and round.  Then as you coil the napkin, don’t allow it to slack.  Work at keeping it as horizontal as possible so it will sit nicely in the cup.

rosette napkin fold in tea cup

Play with your napkins and find out what looks pretty for your glass or container.  Happy folding!

Which rosette napkin fold do you like best?  Would you do this for your table?

Other Napkin Folds:

DIY Mossy Pot Centerpiece

Mossy Pot Centerpiece

Spring is coming or at least I am telling myself that over and over again.  I love the variety of decorations that can go on a Spring table setting.

Today, we’re making a mossy pot centerpiece.  The number of uses for this pot are endless.  I used it as a napkin holder but you could do so much more.  Turn it upside down and top it with a glass plate and serve pretty pastries.  Add a styrofoam cone or ball and glue pastel M&M’s or other candy. . . yes, endless.

And I love that this little craft can be done very inexpensively.  Other than my glue gun and Mod Podge, all of the items came from the Dollar Tree.  Hooray for saving some dough!

how to make a moss covered pot

What you’ll need to make your Mossy Pot Centerpiece:

  • Terracotta Pot (mine was 5″ tall)
  • Reindeer Moss
  • Flower Gems, if desired
  • Scissors
  • Small Box or Bowl
  • Mod Podge, Bowl & Foam Applicator
  • Hot Glue Gun


moss covered pot 2

1.  Pour your reindeer moss into your box or bowl.  Break it up as much as possible.

make a moss pot centerpiece 3

2.  Cover your pot with Mod Podge.  I worked in sections.  You will need the glue to be pretty thick.

Incidentally, when I am working with large amounts of glue, I always use our Kiwi Crate bowl.  When it dries, I can simply peel the glue out in one piece.

mossy pot centerpiece 4

moss covered teracotta pot 5

3.  Roll your pot in the moss or apply by hand.  I did both.

moss covered pot 8

4.  Repeat until the entire pot is covered.

trimming moss on pot 9

5.  Allow to dry and then with your scissors, give your mossy pot a hair cut.

modge pot and moss 7

6.  Reapply glue and moss to spots of terracotta that are still exposed.

mossy pot centerpiece 12

5.  Press down on the moss by cupping the pot in your hands.

mossy pot half trimmed 10

8.  Dry and give the pot another hair cut.  Trim the extras and long pieces.

mossy pot for spring centerpiece 13

spring pot table centerpiece 14

9.  If you are adding any embellishments to your mossy pot centerpiece, do so with hot glue.  If you’re keeping it natural, you’re all done.

How will you use your mossy pot centerpiece?

DIY Mossy Pot for Your Spring Table

mossy pot centerpiece tutorial -2

Next week, I’ll be showing you a cloth napkin fold that you can use with the mossy pot.  But instead of just one pot, you’ll need multiples  . . . one for each place setting/guest.

20 Romantic Tablescapes for Valentine’s Day

20 Romantic Tablescapes for Valentine's Day

I love getting all sorts of ideas for decorating my table.  Here are some of the best ideas out there for romantic tablescapes you can use this Valentine’s Day.


1.  Ruffled Blog – Now, who would have thought a plaid afghan could be romantic?  Way to go!

plaid-wedding-ideas - ruffled blog

2.  Mochatini  – Strong reds and whites.

DPP07DA02090F1F39vd mochatini

3.  The Little Round Table – Whimsical romance!

011811LOVEBIRDS110057 the little round table

4.  Learn how to fold a napkin into a heart for your romantic table setting.

How to Fold a Napkin into a Heart--instructions

5.  Dining Delight – Lovely layering.

dining delight

6.  Love Letters Dinner Party on Catch My Party – Deliberate and detailed.

hemmerleinphotovday_0001 catch my party

7.  Pretty in Pink Table from The Little Round Table – Fanciful and pink.

011811PINKTUSSIES30017 the little round table

8.  Between Naps on the Porch – Romantic lantern.

between naps on the porch

9.  Rhapsody in Rooms – Instructions for turning scrapbook paper into a chalkboard runner!

2014-01-26_Valentines-Day-Date_Chalkboard-Runner-Words - Rhapsody in Rooms

10. Catch My Party – Yes, rustic can be romantic too.

522240_356324511070047_135646236471210_889269_1640209327_n catch my party

11.  Between Naps on the Porch – Candlelight and oh, that dessert!

Valentine's Table 01 between naps on the porch

12.  Katy Larson’s My Blessed Life – lovely presentation.

DSCF6679web-002 my blessed life

13.  Colin Cowie Weddings – Romantic pinks & golds.

zeuc3p0 colin cowie weddings

14.  Langham Huntington Weddings – A dining affair.

Ricardo4 - langhamhuntingtonweddings

15.  Styled Ever After – Now, we’re talking fun!

MG_0034 styled ever after

16.  Stylizimo Blog – Pale pink and Scrabble letters.

Valentines stylizimo blog

17.  Amanda Jane Brown – Edible decorations.  🙂

DSC_0008 - amanda jane brown

18.  Bellz and Whistelz Blog – What a lovely centerpiece.


19.  Have Recipes Will Cook – Cute dishes!

table1 - have recipes will cook

20.  House by Hoff – DIY Centerpiece.

valentine topiaries house by hoff

 20 Romantic Tablescapes for Valentine's Day.


Click Below for More Fun Ways to Celebrate Love:
date night questions 1


How to Fold a Napkin into a Heart

How to Fold a Napkin into a Heart--instructions

Add a fun touch to your table this Valentine’s Day or any other special day you want to share some love with those around you.  When my daughter caught a glimpse of what I was doing, she was so excited.  Don’t you love how easy kids are to delight?

If you need of red napkins:  I was searching on Amazon and found these red cloth napkins … some for an amazing low price.  They aren’t something you’d use for a fancy dinner party, but definitely something you’d see on my table for Valentine’s Day with my husband and kids or a casual dinner party.

Here is how to fold a napkin into a heart:

how to fold a napkin into a heart instructions


And that’s it!

heart napkin fold

 Do you have a favorite napkin fold?

Don’t miss our free Valentine Basket printable or the one thing I’m adding to our Valentine’s Day traditions this year.

Developing Your Entertaining Goals

developing your entertaining goals - free printableIt’s a New Year!  Did you do anything fun for New Year’s Eve?  We stayed home, celebrated with fancy glasses, sparkling grape juice and an early midnight. We played, relaxed and enjoyed some great snacks.

Have you made any goals for this new year?  Maybe you wrote goals to be more focused, to simplifyget organized or to simply have more fun in the coming year.

But if you like entertaining, hosting gatherings and planning parties, have you thought about jotting down some goals for this area of life?

There is the practical side of entertaining . . . the logistical side.  We will talk through that and common hindrances in entertaining.   But we will also look at the heart of welcoming guests into our home.  Because to me, it is impossible to separate the hospitality aspect from entertaining.

When I have guests over, I want them to be comfortable, at ease, have a meaningful time and hopefully a lot of fun as well.  Placing value on your guests and their time in your home is at the heart of hospitality.  This molds the way I plan a party or gathering in my home.

Below you will find a set of questions to spur on thoughts for setting your own entertaining goals.  If you’d like a printable copy, you can grab it at the bottom of this post.  It has plenty of space to write down notes and thoughts.

Help for Developing Your Entertaining Goals
(Both practical and hospitality-minded.)

How many times a month or year do you usually open your home?  _____

Do you want to host gatherings in your home more often?  Is entertaining something you would like to do with regular frequency?  _____

What keeps you from entertaining?

□   The Work of Cleaning

□   Struggles with Cooking/Food

□   Time

□   Money

□   Other:  _________

What could make a difference with this? (See ideas below.)



If Cleaning:  When you have an event on the calendar, can you plan on doing a little each day for a week before your party to avoid the craziness of cleaning the whole house the day of the event?  If you are planning on entertaining more regularly, can you implement a cleaning routine to accomplish your work in a little time each day so that nothing gets out of control?

If Cooking/Food:  Work on finding a couple recipes that can become your go-to meals that are family (and guest) favorites.  Ask friends and be sure to try recipes in advance.

If Time:  Have someone clean for you or pay your kids to do extra chores.  Buy pre-made food or ask guests to bring a dish (but only if you haven’t already asked them to bring a gift.)  Simplify your menu.  You don’t need three different desserts.  Choose just one.

If Money:  Become good at coupon shopping or scouting out the grocery deals.  Try freezer cooking to help save money and time.  Keep menus simple or like above, ask guests to bring a dish to pass.


Who would you like to invite over?  Is there a family you would like to get to know better, a group of friends or a club/team you to which you belong?  List those you would like to include in this year’s gatherings.  __________________________________________________________________



What do you enjoy most about entertaining?



Do you enjoy entertaining more at a particular time of year (seasonal, holidays, outdoor entertaining)?



Is there a particular holiday (even the silly ones) that you would like to expand into a party?  We hosted a Pi Day Party on March 14 (as in 3.14) last year.  It was simply an excuse to get a group of friends together and eat pie.

Our friends who host the annual Cider Party are already planning a Back to the Future Party on October 25th (the day Marty McFly goes back to the future).  Isn’t that fun?

Once for my Father-in-Law’s birthday, we hosted a “Drowning in Milk” party and all desserts were perfect accompaniments to a glass (or bowl) of milk.  Let’s just say that I married into a family not of dunkers, but put-your-dessert-in-a-bowl-and-drown-it-in-milk kind of people.  So we made it into a party!

Make a big deal out of something silly.  What would your friends and family have fun with?




On the practical side, what would make entertaining easier?  Do you need to save up for more dishes, tables or chairs?  (See this post on creative seating if space is a problem for you.)  Do you need a beverage dispenser or set of serving utensils and dishes?

Over the years, I have been building up my supply of white serving dishes and pedestal cake plates.  Food looks gorgeous on white!

Is there an item you’d like to purchase in the next year for your parties?


What stresses you most about entertaining?


How can you lessen this stress?


Do you need to start your preparations earlier so you have more time?  Have you thought about taking a cooking class, locally or through Craftsy (affiliate link) to learn a particular skill or great recipe?  Maybe you need to abandon your do-it-alone mentality.


What makes you most comfortable when at someone else’s house for a gathering?


How can you focus more on hospitality when you entertain?




Other Thoughts on Your Entertaining:



Download Your Printable Copy Here

 What is something you want to focus on this year in your entertaining?  

Developing Your Entertaining Goals with Free Printable