My Trip to the Library for Entertaining Inspiration

I love Pinterest.  Browsing through all kinds of photos that give inspiration for decorating, parties and entertaining.  But there is something relaxing about looking through a book.

An actual book.

Flipping through pages of beautiful tables, creative presentations and delicious menus.  I love dreaming and searching for new ideas.  And the library is a great place to explore books that will provide you with plenty of entertaining inspiration.  The best part?  It is free…that is of course, unless you hit on a fabulous book that you want for your own bookshelf.

I found these books in our library’s online catalog and had them sent to my local library for pick-up.  They were so much fun to look through.  Below are my thoughts on each book and why you might enjoy them too.  And although I got my copies from the library, I’ve included (my affiliate) Amazon links below for your convenience.

Here is what I found:


Brunch Entertaining from Williams-Sonoma

Is there ever a Williams-Sonoma book that doesn’t look amazing?  This brunch book was filled with delicious looking recipes and did a great job talking about setting the scene and making your guests comfortable.  I love entertaining for brunch!


katie brown entertaining

Katie Brown’s Outdoor Entertaining: Taking the Party Outside

I loved how Katie Brown’s book broke down each outdoor party into cook, nest and grow.  Not only did the recipes look good, but I found the decor and crafting ideas to be super cute (like painting a picnic table with a checked pattern, a DIY concrete table made with shells and a huge pot, or even adding flowers to dress up your ice buckets).

Most of all, this book inspired me to think in terms of the complete party.


william sonoma entertaining

Williams-Sonoma Entertaining: Inspired menus for cooking with family and friends

Of the three books, this would be the one I would want to own.  One word:  gorgeous!!

This large book was filled with the most beautiful pictures, inspired menus and pretty tables.  I loved the reminder that at each party or casual gathering, you should ask yourself, “What is being celebrated” and let the answer drive your planning.  Whether it is a bon voyage party, a birthday or even just friends getting together, there is something to celebrate (can you see why I loved this book?)

The approach is seasonal with great parties for each time of year.  Incidentally, the beachside dinner made me want to call Tara and schedule a week on the beach with our families so we could throw such a dinner.

Not only were the photos fun, it was an educational book, from taking about place settings and beverage amounts to how to seat for a traditional dinner.  You probably already know that the husband and wife hosts should sit at the ends of a table.  But did you know that a man of honor should be seated to the female host’s right and a woman of honor should be seated to the male host’s right?  Or even that guests should intentionally not be seated by their spouses to increase conversation at the table.  Interesting, right?  Of course, you may not do this for all your gatherings, but I love learning about etiquette and tradition.

The library is a great (and free) resource for entertaining inspiration.  I have already put a hold on more books and I can’t wait to sit and browse through them.

So often, I use the library for books for my kids alone.  When was the last time you borrowed some books for your enjoyment and inspiration?  



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