football game scavenger hunt

Recently in a guest post on Motherhood On A Dime, I mentioned that when my family heads out to an athletic game, my kids lose interest pretty quickly.  Does this happen to your younger children, too?  We end up spending more time out of the stands focused on hot dogs and ice cream than actually sitting and watching the game . . . much to my husband’s disappointment.  So for our last baseball game, I created a Baseball Scavenger Hunt and it definitely helped our kids develop more of an interest in the ball game.

Finding ways to involving young children in an athletic game not only creates interest and teaches them about a particular sport, but families bond when spending time together.  It was pretty cute watching my husband explain to my son some of the features of the game . . . you know, the kind that reach beyond the t-ball level.

So with fall sports “kicking off,” I thought I had better be ready for a football game with the kids and of course, I’m sharing it with you.  Print this free Football Game Scavenger Hunt on card stock and grab some crayons.  Head out to the field and enjoy more of the game with your kids.  *With a little effort, you could make this work from your living room couch, too.

Download the FREE Football Scavenger Hunt.

Football Scavenger Hunt

Enjoy the game!