Springtime Scavenger Hunt - Free Printable (1)

Oh friends, how I wanted the above picture to be taken out among the daffodils to inspire you and your kids to dash outside and enjoy spring.  However, the new construction mud pit that we live in and the fact that we got 4 inches of snow in the second week of April prevented me from doing so.  {Reality!}

Nonetheless, I am still excited for spring . . . the time of green leaves, blooming flowers and birds singing.  Are you?  Let’s pass the excitement down to our children with this Springtime Scavenger Hunt.  You may not find everything at once, but you can have fun in the pursuit.


springtime scavenger hunt image with border


Download Here >> Springtime Scavenger Hunt 

Simply print, grab a pen or crayon and head outside.  (And in my case, don’t forget the mud boots.)

What will your kids mark off first?  Have a great time!