My End-of-the-Year Purpose-Filled Hit List

Plow through.  Get it done.  Plunge ahead. . . All thoughts and attitudes that can easily steer us as we move through our busy days.  But, what I have been thinking about lately, what I have been asking myself is:  Are there costs to this sort of approach?  Do things or people get sacrificed with … [Read more...] Review and Why I am Squealing with Delight!

  This week, I had the opportunity to review the website,  Friends, I am loving this site and could spend all day browsing through their beautiful lines of products.  Minted has so much to offer, whether you are creating photo cards, planning a party, shopping for custom artwork … [Read more...]

Tips for Taming the Family Schedule

THE BUSY FAMILY.  Books have been written on it, news segments have reported about it.  The American life looks quite different than it did when our parents were growing up.  More opportunity, more variety, more technology. I will admit while I love all that our modern world does for us, there … [Read more...]

Back to School Prayers for Moms

Being a mother is a beautiful, God-given role.  Rocking that precious gift in your arms, spending a rainy afternoon cuddled up on the couch reading books together, kissing their sweet head when asleep.  Motherhood definitely has those picturesque, savory moments. But we can all acknowledge that … [Read more...]

Back to School Prayers by Subject

Last week, we prayed through 12 Scriptures and prayers for for our kids as they returned back to school.  This week, we'll be praying by classroom subjects.  We'll look both at the academic side and the spiritual impact we desire for our kids. Remember, prayer is effectual!  We can pray … [Read more...]

12 Back-to-School Prayers for Your Kids

This week, we are kicking off a mini-series . . . Back-to-School Prayers.  Whether you are educating children in your home or sending them off to school, as parents, we have certain hopes, dreams, aspirations . . . and fears for our kids. I want to teach my kids all I can, guide them to make the … [Read more...]

Free 8×8 Shutterfly Book

First week of school for us . . . done!  How many pictures did you snap on your children's first day of school?  I got a bit carried away . . . One thing I love is capturing special moments with my camera and then as you probably know, making photo books and re-living the memories over and over … [Read more...]

Encouraging Reluctant Readers

I am very excited to welcome Emily Whitten of Redeemed Reader as our guest today.  If you are struggling with a reluctant reader or even want to encourage a continued love of reading in your child, you will enjoy Emily's post today.  I sure did! Most parents understand the importance of reading.  … [Read more...]

They Love Your Laugh!

  I am going to ask you to stop for a minute and think about something.  I'd like you to think through the course of yesterday.  How many times did your kids hear you laugh?  How often did they see you smile or hear you chuckle?   When I am busy, I realize I laugh less.  When I am … [Read more...]

Back To It

Hello friends!  It is nice to be back with you.  The last few weeks have been anything but slow and calm as I took a break from blogging.  We gave the final push to get our house listed on the market.  I am still wondering how you get anything else done when you are keeping your house nearly … [Read more...]