Win LEGO KidsFest Tickets in Cleveland!!

Calling all LEGO® lovers!!  The award-winning LEGO KidsFest is returning to Cleveland on November 4-6, 2016 at the IX Center!  Would you like two tickets for the Friday night event?  If so, read on! Next month, we are so excited to be heading to the LEGO KidsFest, a traveling LEGO extravaganza … [Read more...]

7 Things We Did to Make Our Simple Treehouse Awesome

Adventure in the woods.  Treetop games.  Climbing and swinging.  Imaginative play.  Active fun.  All things I wanted in a treehouse.  Now if you have watched Treehouse Masters, you know the possibilities are endless when it comes to treehouses.  And I think one of those spectacular structures would … [Read more...]

A Fun Family Quest to Get Your Kids to Watch & Learn About the Summer Olympics

On August 5th, millions of people around the world will tune in to the watch the opening ceremonies of the 2016 Summer Olympics.  Will your family be among them?   As my kids get older, they are becoming more interested in the Olympic games.  They are learning that these are the best athletes in … [Read more...]

How to Make a Giant Decoding Disk

Do your kids like secret codes? A couple months ago, my son started making paper decoding disks to write secret messages.  The idea was inspired by this cool book for boys (affiliate links included in post).  Since then, we have been writing messages for each other and even before school ended, … [Read more...]

How to Get my New eBook for FREE

Did you know that there are hundreds of holidays that don’t make it onto the calendar each year?  I’m talking crazy, bizarre and just plain silly.  And while I’m not mentally nor physically prepared to start celebrating Marooned Without A Compass day, there are many celebrations that do deserve a … [Read more...]

How to Make Simple, Yet Gorgeous Dollar Tree Luminaries

(This post contains my affiliate links.) Oh friends, when my eyes caught a glance of these decorative glass bottles, I knew I had to do something fun!  And with a quick little addition, for a whopping total of 2 bucks, I made Dollar Tree Luminaries. Not only are the luminaries ultra easy to … [Read more...]

19 Ways to Savor Summer

I was sitting down with a couple of moms the other day, talking about all the excitement of summer.  One of them mentioned that as quickly as summer will soon start, it will fade just as fast.  I immediately knew what she meant. As summer begins, there is a twang of grief deep inside because I … [Read more...]

The One Thing We Do After Every Movie

There is something we do after every movie we see - whether we are at home or at the movie theater.  It is a game we play and we do it all the time.  It is something so utterly simple, you can do it too. Will it create fun with your kids?   You bet. Will it annoy your teenagers? Quite … [Read more...]

Celebrate with this Springtime Scavenger Hunt (free printable)

Oh friends, how I wanted the above picture to be taken out among the daffodils to inspire you and your kids to dash outside and enjoy spring.  However, the new construction mud pit that we live in and the fact that we got 4 inches of snow in the second week of April prevented me from doing so. … [Read more...]

How to Amaze Your Kids With Blooming Paper Flowers

It isn't quite warm enough in Northeast Ohio to be planting a garden, but we can grow these blooming paper flowers any time at all!  And the best part?  Your kids will be amazed how you can make these simple flowers out of paper and they will actually bloom. What You'll Need for a Garden of … [Read more...]