The YardSailr App & an Amazon $75 Giveaway

  Do you secretly get a little giddy when you're walking up a driveway to a yard sale? Are you excited to discover yard sale treasures? Do you like to save money by shopping garage sales for your kids' toys and clothing? If so, you may be a YARDSAILR. I shop yard sales for toys, … [Read more...]

How to Organize a Neighborhood Garage Sale

There is one very big advantage the neighborhood garage sale has over the individual sale:  TRAFFIC.  This was the tipping point for me when I was deciding whether to host my own sale or organize a neighborhood garage sale. My neighborhood has hosted annual garage sales for years thanks to my … [Read more...]

Say Goodbye To Survival Mode by Crystal Paine

When I first heard that Crystal Paine had written a new book, Say Goodbye to Survival Mode, I knew it was a book I wanted to read.  It is far too easy to load up on commitments, stretch yourself thin and end up utterly overwhelmed and exhausted.  Have you been there [too]? It makes me think … [Read more...]

My 2014 Lovely Generalities

Happy New Year, friends!  Did you make any goals this year? I love goals and am a big proponent of setting great goals.  But this year, I have decided not to write anything specific as I have in the past . . . at least for now.  Life is just a bit to crazy to add more details and timelines that … [Read more...]

Tasks for Simplicity

This month, we are wrapping up our journey to a Simply Organized Life.  It has felt great getting things in order, hasn't it?  For December, we are finishing with easy tasks to simplify our lives. I wrote about this in a previous post and since there is no need to re-invent the wheel, I am going … [Read more...]

Organizing Your Paper Life & My Dream Command Central

  With last month's task of organizing our digital life, it is timely and appropriate that this month, we organizing our paper life.  I don't know about you, but paper in my house is Clutter Enemy #1.  It is not toys.  It is not books.  It is paper. I cannot understand the amount of paper … [Read more...]

The Do’s & Don’ts of Organizing Your Digital Life

Remember our plan for a simply organized life?  Well, we are on the down-swing as we draw close to the end of 2013.  How have you been doing?  I have loved getting things in order . . . except for the cleaning routine.  It simply isn't happening.  But since most of us have bigger fish to fry, I'm … [Read more...]

Tips for Taming the Family Schedule

THE BUSY FAMILY.  Books have been written on it, news segments have reported about it.  The American life looks quite different than it did when our parents were growing up.  More opportunity, more variety, more technology. I will admit while I love all that our modern world does for us, there … [Read more...]

Simply Organized Life: A Cleaning Routine That Works!

Can I be honest with you?  I've been dreading this month's task more than any other.  When I sat down to write this post last week, I actually thought about scrambling to find someone to guest post for me. Why I've Been Dreading This: Finding 15-20 minutes in my day for daily cleaning seems a … [Read more...]

A Simply Organized Life: Retirement & College Planning

I know this isn't the most exciting of topics to talk about.  Even now as I write this, I am tempted to hit snooze.  But that is not going to help us on our way to a Simply Organized Life.  No, if there is anything we've learned, a well-ordered life doesn't happen while we passively sit by. … [Read more...]