How to Make 3D Artwork Your Kids Will Carry All Summer

Hi friends! I am SO excited that summer break is nearly here!  Being free from school work and schedule, and getting tons of time to play outside.  Are you ready? At the new house, we have lots of woods, tons of dirt and too much poison ivy.  But there are also cool rocks, a seasonal creek, … [Read more...]

How to Make Birds Nests for a Ladies Brunch

I have found a new little obsession this spring.  (Remember last summer's obsession?)  Maybe my new preoccupation is because I have desperately waited for spring to actually arrive.  Or possibly, it is simply because these things are plain old sweet.  But I cannot seem to get enough of birds nests, … [Read more...]

How to Make Burlap Wall Art With Your Kids

Hi friends!  We have been in the new house for just about six months and I am still working on hanging art and photos on the walls.  A little lack of decorating inspiration and . . . yes, procrastination too.  But today, that's ending with this sweet burlap wall art.  It will combine your child's … [Read more...]

How to Make Tiles into Coasters for Party Favors

Whether you are looking for a handmade gift or unique party favors, today have a fantastic craft for you!  I will be showing you how to make tiles into coasters.  They are surprisingly inexpensive and can be suited to any theme (which is always a huge win in my book). I made these map coasters … [Read more...]

How to Make a Beautiful Spring Centerpiece with Flowers and Candy

  Today, I have a lovely spring centerpiece that will look gorgeous on your table.  Instead of flowers arranged around a vase filled with stacked candies, this arrangement nestles the candy atop the flowers, inviting your friends and family to gather near to taste sweet treats and enjoy the … [Read more...]

How to Make Winter Blessing Boards with your Children

When I was growing up, on the side of our refrigerator, my mom hung a Blessing Board.  It was a small framed chalkboard with the word, "Blessings" across the top and on it, we would write things for which we were thankful. Over the years, there were many words written on that board from the … [Read more...]

How to Make Sweet Acorn Ornaments and Gift Tags

A couple weeks ago, Dan and I were at a fundraiser dinner and the table favors were sweet acorn ornaments.  They were so cute and I knew instantly I had to make more.  Their acorns involved drilling and metal rings, but I needed something faster and easier. So I grabbed an assortment of ribbons … [Read more...]

Learn Something New with these Free Craftsy Mini-Classes

Do you like to learn new things or improve upon your existing skills?  I have always been one to enjoy trying something new.  I may not always be awesome at it, but I like the process.  Simply, I love to learn! And when I saw these free mini-courses from Craftsy, I had to share them with you. … [Read more...]

Great Garage Sale Finds: TV Tray Makeover

I love shopping garage sales.  You never know what you'll stumble upon that you can use as is, upcycle or simply throw a fresh coat of paint on and create something new. For the last several months, I have been keeping my eyes open for TV trays.  Remember back to my post on creative seating for … [Read more...]

7 Patriotic Crafts for your Tabletop

As I was searching for inspiring patriotic tablescapes, I kept coming across awesome patriotic crafts to add your Fourth of July tables.  Take a look and let me know which is your favorite. DIY Flag Table Runner from Everyday Dishes. Easy color from Today's Creative Life. Crepe Paper design … [Read more...]