On Saturday, May 19th, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be married at West Minster Abbey followed by a full day of celebration.  Will you be watching?  Why not invite a group of ladies and their daughters over to watch the ceremony together?  Here are 10 tips for planning a spectacular Royal Wedding Watch PARTY!


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 1.  From the Moment They Walk in the Door, Remind Guests Why They Are There

The British flag makes for a striking entrance when your guests enter your home.  Show your love for Great Britain and the royal family as you greet your guests for your watch party.


2.  It’s Early!  Serve a Delicious Breakfast

Now I know some of you will look at me like I’m crazy when I tell you what time the Royal Wedding will be on TV here in the States.  (I’ve already gotten some of those looks from people I pre-invited.)  With the wedding starting at noon local time, the wedding will air at 7:00am Eastern Standard Time.  And with all the exciting pre-wedding coverage, things are going to start quite early!  I remember for Prince William’s wedding feeling like I was up in the middle of the night, but it was worth it.  My mom came over and we had such fun!  From what I can tell, Prince Harry’s wedding is starting an hour later which is good for us here in the U.S.

Since you will be opening the doors of your home at the crack of dawn, serve a delicious breakfast to your guests.  I am planning on egg casseroles, scones with clotted cream and jam, muffins and/or donuts, fruit (probably something along the lines of strawberries and blueberries to keep in patriotic colors – possibly a trifle), lavender tea cookies and butter cookies.



These British Flag Toothpicks are so cute and a great way to dress up your buffet!

3.  Send Invitations

With such a formal event as a Royal Wedding, have some fun and send out actual invitations.  I bought a crown stamp and gold embossing powder to fancy up our invites.

They will read something like this:

You are cordially invited to a

[crown stamp embossed]


Saturday, the nineteenth of May
at Kristen’s residence
Guests may call at six o’clock in the morning for pre-wedding coverage.
Wedding Ceremony begins at seven o’clock.

Breakfast will be served.
RSVP by May 12th
Wear Your Best Hat!

4.  Hand Out British Flags

Maybe it is the picturesque image I have in my mind, but I can see all the ladies and little girls waving their British flags as we watch Prince Harry and Megan each make their way through the streets of London to Westminster Abbey.  I purchased hand-held British flags that my guests will not only be able to wave during the Royal Wedding Watch Party, but also take home afterwards.




And isn’t this the perfect occasion to use my refinished tea cart?

5.  Serve Tea

What could feel more English than serving tea at your Royal Wedding Watch Party?  I will serve Peach Melba as our loose tea and then also offer guests a variety of tea bags from my DIY tea caddy.


6.  Use China

If you have china, this is the time to pull it out.  If you don’t, gather an eclectic set on which to serve your tea and breakfast.  I will be borrowing most of the dishes from my mom who has a beautiful assortment of tea cups and plates.


7.  Provide Photo Props

Especially for all the little girls, I know my guests will have fun snapping pictures with my royal photo props.  What is wonderful is that I didn’t have to make anything new for this!  I used these props at my friend, Melissa Deming’s book launch party for Daughters of the King.  Here are a couple other cute photo prop sets:  British Party and Princess.


8.  Decorate and Decorate

This is my most favorite party of any party…carrying out a party theme with decorations.  The British flag is a quick way to decorate, but also consider what you already own that is red, white and blue.  You may find more than you think!



A British flag banner can be used in many different places in your house.  Put it on the mantel, above the buffet or across the room.




Because this is a Royal Wedding, I am also bringing gold into our color scheme as in this table centerpiece.  Scattered around the glass candle holders are little crown charms.  They are the sweetest ever and I may just have to get more and use them in another way too.  And in keeping true to my love for England, the table runner pictured above was a wedding gift from a dear friend of mine in England.


9.  Send Your Guests Off With Favors to Remember The Special Event

My daughter was too young to remember wearing her hat and waving her British flag for Prince William’s wedding, but she is the perfect age to remember this Royal Wedding!  I bought beautiful crown necklaces (similar to this one) for my guests.  Now depending on how many guests come, they may be for the little girls only.


10.  Add Extra Meaning to Your Morning

If you are a Christian, take the opportunity to remind your friends of their role in God’s Kingdom.  This picture will accompany the tray with the necklaces, reminding us that in Christ, we are daughters of the One True King!  That is an even greater celebration!

How will you plan for your Royal Wedding Watch Party?  


Decor Ideas:

And if you aren’t on a budget for your Royal Wedding Watch Party, here are a couple other fun items that would make a statement!

P.S.  I think I need to buy this vintage t-shirt!


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