Being a mom is hard work.  We run here, we run there.  We teach, train, encourage, challenge . . . wipe.  We meet the ups and downs of motherhood head on every day.  There are those glorious moments of joy and delight, but also those times of utter frustration and chaos.  Have you ever wondered if you are doing it all right?  I sure have.  And that is one reason I love my cousin’s annual ideas for doing Mother’s Day in community.  We need each other for love, support and encouragement!

Last year, I shared Cherise’s idea for exchanging Mother’s Day Compliments.  Each of us wrote a compliment for the other moms in our group.  Cherise then assembled all the encouraging words and put them in adorable little take-out boxes for each mom.  You can see the photo on the link.

Today, I want to share her next idea.  It involved flowers and candy.  Hooray!  She drew names and we each were given one mom to focus on.

Here was our Assignment:  Buy a meaningful flower and candy for your secret mom.   For example, a sunflower for the mom with a cheery disposition, Sweet Tarts for the mom who has a sweet and thoughtful heart.  For my secret mom, I bought a gladiola which represents strength and a Baby Ruth candy bar because Ruth went through great hardships, yet stood firm in faith.  *If you are going to choose a flower that is harder to get, make sure you call around well in advance.  I was fortunate that the 6th florist I called was able to get a gladiola for me in a 48 hour turn around.

Do you have a group of moms to do this with?  Are you in a Bible study, book club or mom’s group?   If not, just grab your close circle of friends.  Supporting one another as moms is important.  We can all use encouragement in the important job we’re doing!

>> See the next Mother’s Day Idea.

**Incidentally, if you’re looking for a great book to read with a group of moms, check out Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe.  It is a great book for developing community and renewed perspective on motherhood.  Read my full review here.  BONUS:  the Kindle version is on sale for $3.99 today only.

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