A Little March Madness Love

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Next week, it starts.  Nearly three weeks of the best basketball of the whole year and my husband’s favorite month of sports.  What is replaying through my mind is seeing my husband jumping up from the couch and yelling, “That’s why they call it March Madness, baby.”  He just loves it!  And not being such a huge sports fan myself, I have grown to enjoy the fun, more than just tolerate it.

Even if we don’t share our spouse’s interests, it is important to support them.  I recently heard Gary Chapman talking on Moody Radio about how his wife likes art shows.  Now, he has no particular interest in them, however, because he loves his wife and loves being with her, he goes with her to the galleries.

So since March Madness is about to start, I am gearing up.  I will fill out a bracket because I am competitive and want to see how I do compared to Dan.  I have no knowledge of the teams whatsoever, rather I make selections by  ranking, location and the sound of the team’s name!)   In fact, I so want to see how I am doing in my picks that I have been known to have the basketball games on when Dan is not even around!

But this year, I am going to step it up a bit.  Dan is on Spring break from class for a couple weeks and he deserves some time to relax, watch basketball and enjoy some fun snacks.  I have planned a different treat for every night of basketball (12 evenings).  Now there are a couple times when he won’t be home, so I will just skip those days.

Pepperoni Pizza Puffs from Lick the Bowl Good

Here is what I have planned:

What does your spouse enjoy doing that you can become a supporter and cheerleader?

Update:  My husband, laughingly, told me that this Tuesday and Wednesday technically don’t count for the official March Madness brackets.  I really only needed 10 snacks, not 12.  He doesn’t mind, however, because he will be enjoying the snacks watching the pre-tournament games.  Do I get bonus points for that??  

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