Homemade Cardstock Baskets ~ Sweet Party Favors

A couple weeks ago, my son's Preschool teacher gave each child a construction paper basket to take home.  The baskets were simple, but adorable and got my wheels turning. These cardstock baskets would be fun favors for a little girl's flower power birthday party, a baby shower or even a bridal … [Read more...]

Cookie Cutter Fruit Shapes

This is a festive and easy idea to dress up your next fruit bowl.  Try using a Linzer Cookie Cutter Set to shape your cantaloupe, watermelon or pineapple into bite-size hearts, flowers, triangles or more. Use the heart cutter for bridal showers or engagement parties.Use the flower for Spring or … [Read more...]

An Outdoor Themed Bridal Shower

  Bridal Showers are so much fun!  Drawing personal elements from the couple's life or interests is a way to make a shower unique and more personal.   My brother and his fiance love the outdoors.  They are hikers, campers, canoe'rs and mountain climbers.  So it was a no-brainer to … [Read more...]