19 Ways to Savor Summer - have fun and enjoy your time together

I was sitting down with a couple of moms the other day, talking about all the excitement of summer.  One of them mentioned that as quickly as summer will soon start, it will fade just as fast.  I immediately knew what she meant.

As summer begins, there is a twang of grief deep inside because I know that the time goes by so quickly.  In a few short months, my kids will be back to school, another year older and another year closer to spreading their wings beyond my apron strings.  I almost can’t stand it.  And that is when I have to take a breath and remind myself of all the fun to be had, the memories to be made and the need to savor the time at hand.

Usually at this time of year, I post our Summer Bucket List.  But instead, I am sharing 19 ways to savor summer . . . to slow down, to enjoy the little moments and have fun with your growing babes.  Take a glance and see how you will take on summer and squeeze every drop of fun, relaxation and time together.  *You can print a copy down below.

19 Ways to Savor Summer - free printable


1. Write a Summer Bucket List

As a family, write a list of activities you want to do this summer.  Ideas may include:  berry picking, making sno cones, visiting a new park . . . make it a joint effort and let everyone choose a couple activities that excite them.

2.  Plan a Fun 1st Day off of School

3.  Do Something for a Lark (an activity done purely for amusement or adventure)

No rhyme or reason, just do something for the fun or it.  Make a run for the beach, stop for an impromptu ice cream treat . . . take a spontaneous adventure.

4.  Play Outside Often

5.  Do a Scavenger Hunt

6.  Plan a Road Trip

7.  Pick a New Activity to Try as a Family

8.  Go Camping

9.  Sleep In

10.  Be a Tourist for a Day in Your Own Town

11.  Have Lots of Unscheduled Time

Enjoy the freedom of summer without the constraints of run here & run there!

12.  Eat Ice Cream

Keep your freezer stocked this summer or start an ice cream day tradition.

13.  Attend a Local Concert

14.  Have a Picnic

15.  Catch Fireflies

16.  Throw Water Balloons

17.  Swim until Pruny

18.  Stop at Every Lemonade Stand You See (or sell at your own)

19.  Participate in July 4th Festivities


Download and Print Your Own Copy Here > > 19 Ways to Savor Summer Free Printable

Wishing you a fun-filled, memory-making, terrific summer vacation!

~ Kristen