Our Summer Bucket List

Our Summer Bucket List

Do you write a Summer Bucket List?

This is our last week of school and we are so excited to start summer vacation.  I was talking with Tara the other day about summer schedules.  And that is when I realized that we have some sort of activity or obligation every weekend through mid-August.  Now, how did that happen so fast?

I don’t know about you, but when I am this busy, I need to be deliberate about having fun and creating those special moments.  That is exactly what a Summer Bucket List does for me.

At the end of the Summer, I will be able to look back and think of all the memories attached to each activity.  But let me take care to share with all the fellow perfectionists:  if you don’t get to everything, don’t worry!  It is summer!  No tests, no grades, just summer fun.


Summer Bucket List Activities


If you want to know why you should write a summer bucket list or need help on ideas, be sure to read my post here.  Here is this summer’s list:

  1. Go to the Zoo.
  2. Catch Fireflies.
  3. Eat S’Mores.
  4. Swim Til We’re Pruny.
  5. Have a Garage Sale.
  6. Shop Garage sales.
  7. Make Sno Cones. (This is still one of my favorite IG pics!)
  8. Go Berry Picking.
  9. Make Confetti Pudding Pops.
  10. Play in the Sprinkler.
  11. Go Hiking.
  12. Have Friends over for Campfire Cones.
  13. Go to the Drive-In.
  14. Entertain on the Deck.
  15. Go Camping.
  16. Attend “Old Glory Day” Celebrations!
  17. Have a Picnic.
  18. Go to the Beach one EARLY morning.
  19. Pick Flowers.
  20. Fish with Uncle Aaron.
  21. Have a Date Night Picnic.
  22. Help my 6 year old son write a book.  (yes, he wants to!)
  23. Explore a New Park.
  24. Make Strawberry Shortcake.
  25. Watch the Sunrise from the Front Porch.

What is on your Summer Bucket List?  If you have a post on it, please share the link in the comments below.

Happy Summer!


  1. Karie Everett says:

    Awesome Idea!! We do the same thing, make a Summer Bucket List, but we don’t make it so creative. I will have to try this. The little kids would love it! Did you make them completely on your own? Oh and I would love to know when your garage sale is and any other awesome community garage sales you know about??

    • Karie Everett says:

      not sure why my husbands e-mail is there, oops, suppose to be mine 🙂

      • Hi Karie!! I did make this Summer Bucket List on my own – cut it with my Silhouette Cameo. Oh, I hope you do come by for the garage sale again. It would be so nice to see you. It is this Thursday – Saturday (12-14). I actually can’t wait for it to start so I can relax. 😉

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