LEGO Mini-Figure Display

Legos here.  Legos there.  Legos, Legos everywhere.

If your kid is into Legos, you probably know exactly what I mean.  It is one thing to organize the lot of legos, but have you counted how many mini-figures your child has?  I was dumbfounded when I saw all the little guys in one pile.

So as I was hitting the garage sales last fall, I searched high and low for something that I could turn into a Lego mini-figure display.  Maybe an old plate display rack or tea cup holder.  And that was when I found this $5 wall hanging with little shelves that would be perfect to display my son’s collection of Emmet and his friends.

It just needed a little work.

DIY Lego Mini-Figure Display - Before

DIY Lego Mini-Figure Display - 7

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I am not sure what this display piece used to be.  There is a lip in each shelf, which leads me to think that it may have been a rack used to hang in churches with the hymn numbers on it.  Maybe?

What You’ll Need to Make a Lego Mini-Figure Display:

  • A display unit.  Find a stand or rack with little shelves.
  • Flat Legos (plates)
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Sandpaper
  • Something to weigh down the Legos once glued.  I used dominoes and a long {random} piece of metal.
  • Painting Supplies (if desired)

Let’s Get Started:

Before you do anything else and after you have your display unit, figure out what Legos you need.  My son used plates he had in his collection to count how many dots across the shelf we needed to cover.  He found the perfect combination of sizes and because I wanted a uniform color/look, I ordered light brown plates directly from Lego.

To find out the part numbers, I used and called Lego directly to place my order.  The customer service at Lego is super friendly and very helpful.  You will want to connect with their Pick a Brick store.

Identifying and ordering your bricks early on is important because the bricks will ship from Denmark and take 7-10 business days to reach you in the States.

DIY Lego Mini-Figure Display - 4


The next step is to prepare your display.  I wanted a darker brown look so I used Waverly Truffle Chalk Paint and their Antique Wax.  (The Waverly wax goes on more like paint than Annie Sloan’s wax.)

DIY Lego Mini-Figure Display - Painting


Before using Gorilla Glue to attach the Legos to the display, you will need to sand.  Follow all directions on the glue.

DIY Lego Mini-Figure Display - Sanding

DIY Lego Mini-Figure Display - Set Legos with Gorilla Glue

Line up all your Legos so they are ready to go and find a safe place to start gluing.  I don’t know what I was thinking…using the glue in the new family room with only a little cardboard.  But it worked out okay, thankfully.

I worked with one shelf at a time so that I could fill it with dominoes and let it set for a few hours.

DIY Lego Mini-Figure Display - Weight Down


Once your display is dry, start adding mini-figures.


DIY Lego Mini-Figure Display - 5

DIY Lego Mini-Figure Display - 3

DIY Lego Mini-Figure Display - 6


Do you need a Lego Mini-Figure Display?  How many figures do your kids have?


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