We are back for more of my son’s 9th birthday party.  It was a small party with just a few boys, but they had a blast.  I had created fun decor and themed food, but what I think the boys liked most were the Star Wars party games and activities we had planned.


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Before the party, I had made Jedi Robes for the kids to wear.  Tutorial coming soon. Super-simple, no-sew tunics that the boys wore during the party and then took home afterwards.  They looked so cute (although don’t tell them that!).


Our first activity was to make Light Sabers.  I had put together the station, but we actually all just sat on the floor and worked on our creations.

I was ready with:

Make sure you are buying duck tape and not washi tape.  Your Jedi will put a lot of wear and tear on their light sabers.  The tape needs to be secure.


To Get the Kids Started on DIY Light Sabers:

Have them make an “X” out of silver duct tape covering one of the ends.  These two pieces should cover the entire end and creep over onto the grip.

Then, put single wraps of tape around the grip working up the handle.  Our Jedi did about 3-3.5 widths of the tape for their handle.  This provides a base for the light saber grip to be decorated.

Next, let the kids use their creativity to design their light saber.  Make bands of different colors in any direction.  Don’t forget to use a bit of tape to make the on/off button!


Once our light sabers were done, I told the boys that now it was time to take on the Stormtrooper army that had landed in the basement.


Before the party, I purchased 12 white helium balloons.  Looking at this google image and with a Sharpie marker, I drew a Stormtrooper helmet on each balloon.  I am not an artist, but I am a decent copier.  So with a good movie on in the background, I drew Stormtrooper after Stormtrooper.  It will be a skill that comes in handy someday . . . I just know it.


My growing army!


Now for the fun!  The boys came flying down the garbage shoot (aka the slide into our unfinished basement) and began fighting the Stormtroopers.  I had taped the balloons to the carpet using 3-4 pieces of tape to hold the balloons securely.  Know that no matter what you do, the balloons will eventually come loose . . . young Jedi are strong!


This was the best part of the party!  The boys ran all around and beat the Stormtroopers.  At one point, they closed their eyes and walked through trying to use “the force” to tell them where the enemies were (although some peeked).

Dan was down in the basement as well and when the battle was wrapping up, I told the boys that Dan was Darth Vader and they all went after him.  I thought it was quite funny!  Hee Hee  😉


After the battle, we enjoyed a Pizza the Hutt dinner, Vader Veggies and all kinds of themed treats.  Then, we spent the rest of the evening watching The Empire Strikes Back (boys’ choice).


The boys went home with their Jedi Robes, Light Sabers and favor bags.  I printed and cut the Storm Trooper faces with my Cameo and glued them to white gift bags.  Inside the bags were:  a chocolate Millenium Falcon (made with this mold), Pop Rocks, mini Milky Ways and a Star Wars toy.  One thing I like about inviting fewer children is that I can spend more money on things like a toy in the gift bag.  It gets pretty pricey if you try to include a $5 toy in 10 kids’ favor bags!

It was a galactic party and one we will remember for a long, long time.

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