Join the Rebellion with these Star Wars Snacks

Is your family jumping on the bandwagon as far as Star Wars is concerned?  We are loving all things Star Wars but we’re a little behind the rest of the world.  My son just saw the original movies (Episodes 4-6) at the beginning of this year.  We had our own movie marathon and it was a blast.

My daughter headed over to my mom’s for a super special tea party and sleepover and my son geared up for a long night of light sabers, droids and ewoks.  (Although, I will tell you that by 10:00pm and half way into Return of the Jedi, Dan was at his max and called it a night.  He told my son that when he woke up, we could finish the movie.  So guess what?  Bright and early at 6:30am, we watched the second half of Return of the Jedi.  Good thing those Ewoks are so cute!

Anyway, I wanted the evening to be fun and special, so I made some yummy Star Wars Snacks, served themed drinks and we all had character t-shirts.  

Here is what I served:

Padawan Popcorn – Every movie needs popcorn!

Star Wars Snacks (2)


Light Saber Pretzels – An easy treat to make.  Dip pretzel sticks in white and milk chocolate.  Then, cover the white chocolate end with gold or silver sugar crystals and add an M&M to the other end.

Light Saber Pretzels - Star Wars Snacks

Yes, even pretzel rods inspire the imagination.

light saber - star wars snacks


Droid Cakes – This was my nemesis and I lost the original battle.  I intended to stack and frost small cake rounds.  Then, add colored icing and candies to look like a droid, along the lines of R2D2.  But it was a disaster.

Not only did I forget that white cake is particularly soft, but because I used cake rounds cut from a cookie-sheet cake, there was little browned surface that would stand up to icing.  Yikes.  Here is my mess:

cake mess (1)

cake mess (2)


This was the first time I ever took cake and whipped it into the garbage can with such disgust.  {Yep, keeping it real!}

So, with that thought literally in the trash, I made a quick batch of cupcakes, reserved my last bit of homemade frosting and forged a substitute.  Not at all what I had originally intended but to hear my sweet son utter about the original droid cakes, “Don’t worry, Mommy.  It doesn’t matter how they look, just who made them,” made it somehow better.


Droid Cakes - Star Wars Snacks


Chewbacca Cocoa – Simple hot chocolate, whip cream and brown sprinkles.

Chewbacca Cocoa - Star Wars Snacks (1)


Skywalker Sippers – These were yummy and it was only 1 cup of orange juice and 3/4 cup of club soda.  I loved the fizz!

Skywalker Sippers - Star Wars Snacks

. . . And I wasn’t the only one.  This girl sneaked some before heading off to Grandma’s house.

Star Wars Snacks (3)


Star Wars Snacks (4)


It was such a fun evening and all the effort was completely worth seeing my son’s face and snuggling with him as we watched the movies . . . a memory I will treasure.

And if you’re looking what I used for the 3-D droids, they were punch out and assemble pages from the Droid Factory book found at Five Below.

Do you enjoy family movie nights?  What are some of your favorites?  I would love to hear!


Join the Rebellion with these Star Wars Snacks 2