last minute april fool's day pranks

It is April Fool’s Day and you may be thinking you are out of time to pull a prank on a friend or family member. But that doesn’t need to be the case. There is still time to try one of these last minute April Fool’s Day pranks.

1. Rubberbanded Kitchen Faucet – My “go-to” simple prank! Grab a rubberband and circle it around the hoze nozzle of the kitchen sink so that the handle is squeezed by the band. When your victim turns the sink water on, they will be in for a wet surprise. Incidentally, try not to forget you did it while you’re waiting for “someone else” to be fooled . . .

2. Auto Correct someone’s smartphone or computer – I did this to Dan last year thanks to Creative Family Moment’s tutorial on setting an auto correct function in a word processor. Every time Dan typed the word “the,” Word auto corrected to “Happy April Fool’s Day! Guess who loves you!” Little did I know that he would be calling me with IT in his office just to see if I did anything to his computer. It was sweet and even now I can’t wipe the grin off my face.

You can also do this to a smartphone. For the iphone: Go to Settings>General>Keyboards>Add New Shortcut. Make your phrase something funny and choose a simple, often-used word for your shortcut.

3. Stick Things in Shoes – This is something easy to do to your kids or have your kids do to Daddy. Find a little toy, nut or coin to stick in the shoes. I’d avoid anything that can crush or melt lest you stir any anger.

4. Dye the Milk – whether you add food dye to the gallon or just to the bowl of cereal, you’ll certainly get a smile from your kiddos.

5. Salt & Pepper Switcharoo – Empty your salt shaker and fill it with pepper.  Or if you’re using a glass shaker, take the lid off and add a tiny piece of tin foil above the salt where it won’t show. Then fill with pepper. Achoo!

6. Change the clocks – set the clocks ahead an hour. Yep, they’ll be arriving early.

7. T.P. Party – toilet paper one of your kids’ rooms while they are away.

8. Volume Up – turn up the volume on the TV, cell phone or car radio.

9. Hide the Phone – Put your husband’s cell phone in a great hiding place (ceiling panel in the basement, etc.). Ring it a couple times here and there.

10. Tape Something – if you are near an office telephone, tape the clicker under the receiver down. Whenever they pick up their phone, they won’t hear anything.

Tuck and tape the toilet paper roll so it is hard to find the end. Tape the mouse to the mouse pad.

11. Remote Trouble – Block the remote signal on your TV or remove one battery on your TV remote.

12. Cupcake Fun – Make cupcakes for dessert and fill them with Mayo. Find out how to easily fill a cupcake here. Or frost them with icing that has an unflattering ingredient added. *

13. Sponge Cake – Take a large sponge and ice it to look like a cake. Enjoy the looks when your family cuts into sponge. *But have some kind of dessert so your kids aren’t completely disappointed.

14. Smartphone fun – Turn on alarms for every hour. Set silly reminders. For the iphone & Siri, change what Siri calls the phone owner. Choose a funny nickname.

What will you do today? Share a prank below. 🙂

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