Last week, I shared all about the superhero decor for our PTO Parents’ Night Out.  If you missed it, you can see it here.  Today, I’m sharing a simple tutorial for how to make cityscapes (giant ones).

If you are throwing a super hero party or a night on the town-themed event, these cityscapes have a great bang for the buck!  They are very inexpensive to make, however they do require a decent amount of time.  Put on a movie and get crafting.  (This post contains affiliate links.)

What You’ll Need:


1. Purchase the black foam board.  Dollar Tree carries it and the foam board works so well.  (I called around to see who had enough in stock before running all over town or you can purchase it here.) Decide how many sets of buildings you would like.  The buildings look best when the foam board is vertical.  I cut two-three buildings per piece, but usually just two.

2. Draw your buildings with a chalk pencil and yard stick.  You can be as creative as you want.  Vary the heights and styles of the buildings.

3. With your crafting knife, cut out the building shapes.  NOTE:  I started with an older crafting knife and it didn’t cut smoothly at all.  The lines were messy and the foam board edge was chunky.  So I bought this knife and it cut beautifully!

4. Because the sides of the foam board are white, you’ll want to paint the edges with simple 99-cent black acrylic paint.

5. Now comes the most time consuming part, you will need to cut yellow squares to be the windows of your buildings.  I used two different sizes:  .685in by 1.133in and 1.133in by 1.133in.  I used my cameo to cut these which made it very easy.  If you don’t have access to a cutting machine, draw your lines on the back of the card stock and use a sharp paper cutter.

6. Place the yellow windows on the buildings.  Vary the window placements.  Look at the different buildings I made as examples.  Get a building’s entire windows in place, then start gluing.  I made sure each piece of foam board had two different sizes of windows.

This cityscape looked so fun.  With the foam board, you don’t have to worry about the buildings collapsing over.  My cityscape lined the dance floor and all it took was a little painter’s tape to hold the buildings against the wall.

Have fun!