10 reasons you should start a family lego project today

Last month, my kids and I worked on a Creation Series in Legos.  It was even more fun than I expected.  We learned about God’s creation and had an absolute blast building together.  We built everything from land and sea to turtles and very colorful birds.  Some of our animals didn’t make the cut in the series on my blog, but one of those animals soon became my favorite.

Here is why.  My son started on a giraffe.  At first, it looked like a yellow horse with two brown spots.  When he showed me, I suggested making the legs longer and to give the giraffe a longer neck.  We worked on it together.  Another day, my daughter and I decided he should have more brown spots.  Later, my son changed up the face.  And then a couple days later, my daughter thought our little guy needed a tail (I hadn’t even thought of that.).

The process was enlightening and entertaining.  Days of adding to each other’s giraffe updates until about a week later, we had a cute giraffe, a sweet example of what we could create when we worked together.  We all agreed he was complete and that he was good.  Our little family lego project turned out to be so much fun.

Have you ever worked with your kids to build something?  If not, I’ve got many reasons you should get started right now.

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