Lego Movie Games that Make for an Awesome & Happy Party

Hi Friends!  I have six Lego Movie Games that will make for an awesome party.  We played them at my son’s 8th birthday party and the kids loved them.  And if you missed the first party post, you may want to start here.

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#1:  Guess How Many Legos Are In the Jar

This was a simple activity to do as kids came in the door, taking guess at how many legos are in the jar.  Do you have a guess?  Then answer was 350 and the prize for the closest number was chocolate lego bricks made with this mold and an Emmet minifigure.


Lego Party 20

#2:  Are You A Master Builder?

As we waited for all the kids to arrive, it was master-building time.  This is just free building and I always love to see what kids come up with.  Imagination is a wonderful thing!

One thing my son wanted at the party was to have red construction hats so they could be just like the guys in the movie.  I added “Bricksburg Construction” with yellow vinyl and my Cameo.


Lego Party 26

#3:  Collaborative Building

This was such a fun activity to watch progress.  Each child was given a numbered yellow bag with a set number of legos.  For our case, each bag contained 7 Legos.

The child with the #1 bag began to build.  Then when he was complete, he gave the beginning of the creation to the child with the #2 bag and they used their Legos to build upon the “working” design.  It continued until all the children had added to the creation.

Lego Movie Party 39

I loved how the kids encouraged each other and helped when needed.  *We made sure to give the #1 bag a decent sized base to get things started.

And if your child would like a themed shirt for the party like my son’s above, here is the Lego shirt I bought.

Lego Movie Party 5

#4:  Where Are My Pants?

As I mentioned last time, feeding the Lego Movie obsession was daunting, especially considering how many times I have heard this line from Emmet’s favorite TV show.  But when I plan a party, these are the fun details that make a theme more authentic.

Lego Movie Party 40

For this game, I took two pairs of Dan’s old pants and the kids participated in a running relay while wearing the long pants.  The best part was seeing the kids’ faces when they saw me unfold the pants and reveal the crazy long legs.  Keep in mind, Dan is 6’5″ and wears a 36″ inseam.  Let’s just say that seeing the kids trying to run was a hoot.

Lego Movie Party 9

#5:  Missing Relic

In the Lego Movie, President Business collects relics.  We had our own collection of relics and the kids closed their eyes while my daughter removed one.  Then the kids had to guess which relic was missing.

Lego Party 41
Lego Movie Party 21

#6:  Launch A Lego

My favorite game!  The kids were given sling shots and had to launch legos in an attempt to hit one of our balloons.  We tried it many different ways, but the best was when the kids formed a line and the child at the front of the line shot the lego, ran to get it and then went to the end of the line.  Legos, sling shots, balloons . . . it was just the easiest way to run things so that someone didn’t get a lego in the eye.  😉

Lego Movie Party 35


Are you planning a Lego Movie Party for your child?  I would love to hear what game you think your son or daughter would love most!  

And if you need decor ideas, check out this post.  You’ll love this easy way to create big posters of the favorite Lego characters!