A couple weeks ago, I shared a Baby Shower Invitation poem I wrote.  I love making shower invitations unique with fun and personalized poems.  Here is one I wrote for my brother and his fiance’s Bridal Shower.  Since my brother, his fiance and a large part of our family live out of town, we decided to make this shower an all day event and invite the men too.  We had so much fun!

A Family Bridal Shower

You and the Fam
Are Invited to Stay
For a Fun Bridal Shower
On a Warm Summer Day

For Matthew and Tery
The Big Day is Near
Let’s Shower Them Now
Oh, Won’t You be Here?

Show up about Two
Leave When You Must
But Sparklers and Lanterns
Will Take off ’bout Dusk

We Hope You Will Come
We Hope You’ll Be There
Great Fun and Some Games
For this Special Affair

If you can rhyme, you can write a poem for your next shower (or feel free to manipulate mine to suit your party).  Don’t forget to provide Location, Date, Host & RSVP information at the bottom.  Have fun!