baby shower poem invitation
Throwing a shower soon?  Special little touches make the shower unique and memorable.  I like to write a fun little poem to invite the guests to the celebration.  And if you can rhyme at all, YOU can write a shower invitation poem too!  (…Or just change mine to work for you.)

Here is the poem I wrote for a baby shower for two couples.  It was also a mixed shower (meaning men were invited too).

Friends and Family gather near
The time for babies is almost here
Jen & Lindsay have been making plans
Prepping nurs’ries, driving mini-vans


A Shower is what you’re invited to
August 6th, they’ll come, won’t you?
The casual cookout for one and all
It must be done before this Fall!


So bring a gift for both or one
Bows and ribbon, so much fun
Boy or girl, oh should we say?
(They’ll sure look cute in pink each day)


Nick and David will be there too
For this joint shower, it’s pink, not blue
Invite your boyfriend or your mate
Let’s get together & celebrate!


Be sure to include location, time, host and RSVP details at the bottom.    Happy Shower!