when your head spins2

Do you ever feel like your head is spinning?  So much is going on in your life and then one more project or task gets tossed in your lap and you feel like your world is about to bust at the seams.  So many thoughts to think, so many decisions to make.  You walk downstairs to get something and then have no clue what you went down for.  Or you gather laundry to start a load, get sidetracked by a pertinent email or phone call and later in the day realize that you never started the wash.

I write out lists for every day.  I love my lists (and scratching out items even more . . . you too?  Oh, I knew we’d be great friends!).  But I will admit I often put more than I should on each day’s agenda.  I stack my day with great ambitious goals and like to see progress on my many projects.  But there are times when something happens and my whole list get chucked.

Two weeks ago was that time.  It was a huge blessing and I wasn’t complaining, but nevertheless, my schedule went from pro-active to re-active in about two phone calls.  Add to it that I had no idea what I was doing and the stress of decisions became harder.

You see, I have a God-sized dream of living on a large piece of land and having more space on the inside of my house too.  But I have often thought, if this is where God has us, I will learn to be content.  I want what He wants.  Then a couple doors began opening for a future possibility of this dream and I have started to get excited . . . and nervous at the same time.

With one door having opened, the next step was to sell land we owned.  It wasn’t in the location we wanted so we decided to put in on the market, for sale by owner.  We only put a sign out and hadn’t even listed it yet on the MLS.  The real estate market around here isn’t doing well and land is doing even worse.  We had no expectations.

But within two weeks, we received two offers on the same day.  This was when my world got flipped upside down.  Thankfully for an experienced cousin who has sold a lot of property, I had someone to call every two minutes when I had a question.  I began preparing contracts, disclosure forms, answering all kinds of questions, emailing documents, figuring out taxes, talking with attorneys, title companies and our accountant . . . it was a bit crazy but necessary and like I said, I wasn’t complaining.

We were in a bidding war.  Unheard of in this market in our area.  But on the 14th day of having that sign out, we accepted an offer significantly higher than our asking price.  Amazing?  Amazing God!

But it wasn’t done.  Now we were (and still are) trying to figure out what our next decision will be.  Which of the properties will we make an offer on?  Can we afford to build?  Should we just buy an existing house?  Can I leave the house I brought my babies home to (yes, I’m sentimental).  Question after question after question.  Again, my head is spinning!

Did you know that an owl’s head can spin 270 degrees?  I am amazed at how God created this bird. Without moving his body, an owl can turn this head three quarters of a circle.  He can spot the danger or scope out potential prey without making the noise of moving his entire body.  But one thing about the owl . . . his eyes are fixed in the socket.  They don’t move.

And what this reminded me of is the fact that our heads can be spinning in all kinds of directions.  We may feel like we have too many balls in the air or are being faced with all sorts of challenges.  But one thing we need must do to survive is keep our eyes fixed on Christ.

“Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, on whom our faith depends from beginning to end.”  Hebrews 12:2

No matter how insane my life feels at times, I keep my eyes fixed on Jesus.  Sure, I have a lot of unknowns at the moment, but one thing I keep coming back to is that God is in control.  He knows me and He loves me.  He always does what is best for me!  He is my shield, my glory and He lifts up my head when I am overwhelmed.

I don’t know what will happen in the future.  We may find we can’t afford to build what we want.  We may stay in this house longer than expected.  We.don’t.know.  But God knows and He is trustworthy.

When we face the unknown, when we sense the fear, when we want to look at our crazy life and press the pause button, keep your eyes fixed on Jesus.

What are you facing that is making your head spin?  How can you rely more on God and keep your eyes fixed on Him?

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