One Day Only: Save 60% on the Whole Bible!

We have several DVD’s from What’s In The Bible and we love them.  They are fun, creative and engaging plus they teach about what is in the Bible!  My kids enjoy the different characters and songs and I enjoy that they use a variety of teaching methods.  It is like watching a variety show on Genesis, Exodus or other books of the Bible.  I promise it will make you smile and want to sing along with the Bentley Brothers and other fun characters.

I do want to make a point to share that you may not agree with 100% of the content.  In one of the videos that we own, the video presents two options for interpretation.  It is nothing earth-shattering, but did give a good opportunity to talk about the subject with my kids.  It is not stopping me from endorsing their products and I’ll be purchasing this today for my own family.

This sale is only for Cyber Monday, so don’t wait too long to save 60%.  That’s 13 DVDs – the entire series – for just $79.99 when you use coupon SAVE30. Save over $114 when you buy this bundle!


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