What do you do with your party leftovers?  If you’re not planning on eating them in the next day or two, here are a couple quick thoughts to keep your hard work from ending up in the trash.

  • Give it away.  Do you have leftover desserts?  Make up a plate for the neighbors.  Do you have enough for a full plate of dinner?  Take it to an elderly couple or widow.  
  • Freeze it.  If you have leftover meat or freezable side dishes, bag them up for a future meal.  Dice the chicken, cube the ham.  Do whatever prep work you can now, so it is easy to pull out and serve in the future.  If you have leftover drinks, make popsicles or flavored ice cubes.  We recently made pink lemonade popsicles (at the suggestion of my friend, Tara) following the Dr. Seuss Party.  
  • Transform it.  Don’t want to eat the same thing again?  Try transforming it into another dish.  Add cheese, rice or beans . . . tortilla chips.  (Can you tell I’m in the mood for Mexican right now?)  Chop up the meat and make a wrap or put it on a salad for lunch the next day.  

So many possibilities!  Think practical and even a little out of the box.  Happy Leftovers!