Valentine Gingerbread Party
Each January, we gather the younger half of our nieces and nephews and host a Gingerbread House Party.  However this year, the Puzzle Party along with our trip to Disney World occupied much of the month.


But because traditions are important in this house, there still had to be a Gingerbread Party.  It would just have to be moved . . . to February.  Which gave me plenty of new excuses to add a Valentine’s Day theme.  And we all know that I love themes.  😉


Shopping for Candy:  I usually pick up what I can as I find it.  But this year, I particularly focused on having a decent assortment of red, pink and white candies.








Strawberry milk with heart-shaped marshmallows.






To find out how I made the house, go to this post.  I make all my houses with a Cast Iron Ginger Bread House Mold like this one on Amazon.  All the hanging hearts and gingerbread paper dolls were made with my Silhouette Cameo.


We may eat a little too much sugar, but we always have a blast.  We design.  We build.  We eat.  But most of all, we create special memories together.  I love these kids!