A Unique Anniversary Gift I LOVE!

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Serving Tray - Anniversary Gift Idea

Oh friends!  I’ve been so excited to share this gorgeous and unique anniversary gift idea for a special couple.  From Uncommon Goods, comes this Reclaimed Wine Barrel Serving Tray.  And let me tell you:  it is simply stunning!

But first a word about the company it came from because I think you’ll appreciate their values.  Uncommon Goods is a retailer that features unique designs and handcrafted gifts created in harmony with the environment and without harm to animals or people.  The Brooklyn-based business supports artists and designers and half of what they sell is made by hand.  The company values the creative individual and believes they have a responsibility to impact the world in a positive way.

Click here to check out their large collection of unique anniversary gifts . . . and you know how I like a fun, meaningful and unique gift! 

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Serving Tray - Unique Gift Idea 12

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Wood Serving Tray - Gift Idea 4

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Serving Tray - Unique Gift Idea 14


I set the reclaimed wine barrel serving tray up as an anniversary gift, ready to treat the couple with breakfast in bed.  Whether you have been married one or twenty years, you have to be deliberate about keeping the romance alive.  Breakfast in bed with this goodie-filled tray would make a creative and fun gift.

The serving tray is made from upcycled staves of retired oak wine barrels, which makes the colors rich and warm.  Each tray is handmade and unique.  When I received it, I was quite surprised to find out how heavy it was and very impressed with the quality.  While some may think it pricey, I think it would make a lovely wedding or anniversary gift for a special couple.

And . . . did you know that it is traditional to give a wooden gift at the fifth anniversary?  A’hem, Dan…a little late.

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Wood Serving Tray - Gift Idea 3

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Serving Tray - Unique Gift Idea 11

And beyond breakfast in bed, there are so many other uses for the serving tray.  It would look fantastic on a coffee table with a few books and a vase or on the dining table as a centerpiece filled with seasonal decor.  The tray could also become a more permanent home to a wedding photo and favorite memorabilia from the day, creatively displayed on a library table or dresser.

But I couldn’t stop there.  Here are some other ways to use this tray:

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Wood Serving Tray - so many uses (1)

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Wood Serving Tray - so many uses (2)

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Wood Serving Tray - so many uses (3)

For entertaining, use the tray at the beginning of your buffet line to hold the plates and silverware.  Showcase the tray as you carry all your drinks out to the patio to serve your guests.  For tablescapes, elevate the tray and fill it with party-themed decor.  So many uses!  I just love it.

Be sure not to miss Uncommon Good’s collection of personalized wedding gifts here.

Would you like to receive this tray as a gift?  Do you have an anniversary or wedding gift to buy?

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Serving Tray - Memorable Gift for Anniversary or Wedding


Disclosure:  I received this tray in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.


  1. I would have love to win this tray as a gift. It’s made very nicely and I like all of the items has been included on that tray.

  2. So glad that you adore the tray. They were designed with a whole lot of love for wine, entertaining and just everyday living. I always appreciate positive views and good vibes with that Uncommon Goods perfect experience. Cheers to you and yours!

    • Thanks, Lisa!! It is a gorgeous tray! I loved the line of products for reclaimed wine barrels from Uncommon Goods. I was debating between the tray, the cookbook holder and the wine barrel stave basket. Everything is beautiful so there was no wrong choice. 😉