Life is busy!  And from what I hear from parents with children older than my own, it is only going to get busier.

So here is my confession:  I was so busy last week that I forgot to have fun!   I was busy running errands, busy with appointments and busy with my To-Do List.  Busy, busy, busy….

But it just so happened that we were at a park last week, not because I had the fun idea of taking my kids to a park, but because it was our MOPS Blast day.  However, with the rain and the fact that I was going to be late, we spent most of the time at the park alone.  But what a hidden blessing!

Sweet Boy went down the tunneled spiral slide – the biggest one he had done yet.  But Sweet Girl was too timid.  So I, without thinking, asked her if she wanted me to go down with her.  Hmmm….then I began to wonder if this was a good idea or not  and if I’d even fit!  But down we went…over and over and over again.  It was so much fun and a great reminder to create those fun moments with my kids.


The next day, I was intentional about fun.  So we headed out for a walk on the trails.  On our adventure, we stumbled upon a sweet long-haired black cat.  She followed us for the next half a mile!  It was another blessing because my kids were thrilled by this cat, now named Fuzz.




Busyness will continue.  It will be there tomorrow.  But these fun and special moments with my kids are not something I want to miss.