The ULTIMATE Marshmallow Fight

Welcoming my husband home from work one day.


Are you looking for five minutes of true family fun?  Get Ready!  This will be one of those things that delight your kids, make you laugh as a family and create great memories.  In fact, this is one of my favorite memories of the last few weeks and the kids are still talking about it!


The History:  It started when I got the munchies one day and grabbed a bag of mini-marshmallows.  I called the kids into the kitchen to see if they wanted any.  But instead of just handing them marshmallows, I tossed some at them.  Sweet Girl smiled.  Sweet Boy giggled endlessly each time I hit him.  And since my aim leaves something to be desired, they both ran around the room and collected their spoils.


Then a couple Saturdays ago, Dan and I had a mini-marshmallow fight during lunch.  Sweet Girl sat there in confusion while Sweet Boy thoroughly enjoyed it.  And later that week, was when the idea hit me for THE ULTIMATE MARSHMALLOW FIGHT.  I remembered back to a picture from Pinterest where a wife welcomed her husband home with a foam dart gun.


So I created this note and bag of “ammo” and taped it to the door.



The kids each got their own bag of mini-marshmallows.  Then we waited for Dan’s car to pull in the drive and that was when we went to hide behind the kitchen counter.



Sweet Boy kept announcing, “I am so excited!”  And as we waited, the kids were filled with nervous anticipation for Daddy to walk through the door.  Little did we know that Dan was on an important call and waiting to come in!  So we sat endlessly.



But then the door opened and we jumped out and began throwing marshmallows at Dan.  We laughed, we ran, we ate!  And yes, there were marshmallows everywhere.



I have always loved the statement, “Families that play together stay together.”  And that is what we’re working towards.  Fun families, strong relationships.  

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  1. That looks like so much fun…we made some simple marshmallow shooters with the Cub Scouts…they sure had a lot of fun with them…I think we may even still have one…

    Have a lovely day!

  2. I found the link to the Marshmallow shooter post…

  3. LOL – Derek has no idea what he is in store for tonight!!! Love it Kristen – thanks for sharing.

  4. @ affectioknit – thanks for sharing. They look like lots of fun!

    @Hope – can’t wait to hear how it goes. The kids are going to love it!

    • They all LOVED it!! Our house was filled with marshmallows galore – and we smiled thru every second of it. Selah called to ask daddy to come home early from work because we had a surprise for him – sooooo fun!!!

  5. This sounds like so much fun. I am planning to play it with my son and husband tomorrow. Thank you for posting it.

  6. What a great idea!!! How fun. . .have you seen the marshmallow guns? We bought them for the kids’ grandpa one Christmas when our kids were about the age of yours and they were a hit. I think you can even just make them with PVC pipe.

  7. super fun! Thnaks for sharing!

  8. Incredible! You are such a fun (and brave?) mom!! My dog would sure love this game AND help with clean-up;)

  9. That would be fun but I wouldn’t be able to clean them up fast enough before my 10 month old got them in his mouth! Guess this would be an “after he is in bed” activity!

  10. Anonymous says:

    That’s awesome, my little (big) guy was just reminding me last night of a squirt gun fight that we surprised Daddy with when he got home from work once and he asked me if we could do something like it again. I think this is going to take place in our house REALLY soon. (But like Ali said…I have a 1 yr old in the house too so would have to watch out for him…everything goes in his mouth).

  11. Oh wow… Looks messy but awesome. Thanks for boldly going where I would not have attempted to go (until now….)!

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  13. Love this! Think we will be doing just this…

  14. I LOVE this idea!

    I just blogged about my Valentine version at

    I linked my post to yours.


  15. Anonymous says:

    What you need for this is these super easy marshmallow blow guns ( We just made these at my 6 year old son’s birthday party. HUGE hit!

  16. Thank you so much for this super fun idea! We just had a blast!

  17. I really like this idea, might use it as a reward system, whey the boys are good, homework is done and such, put a marshmallow in the bag for ammo. Then pick a day. The more you get the more you get to throw.