After you READ this post, you will think I’m nuts.  But after you DO this, you will instantly be reminded of some of the happiest times of your life.  And I’ve been doing it for years!


Do you think memory can be tied to scents?  I sure do!


Every time I have a very special event coming up, I intentionally start using a wonderfully scented lotion.  I use it over and over during that time and then let it sit in my cupboard for awhile.  Then when I pull it out and use it, I am immediately taken back to the special moments and memories.


For my wedding and Hawaiian honeymoon, I used Daffodil Fields.
For both births of my babies, I used Rice Flower & Shea.

For a trip to Disneyworld, I used Daffodil Fields (yes, I know… the same as my wedding! For a recent trip to the beach, I used Coconut Lime Verbena.


Something to keep in mind:  as you may have noticed, these are all Bath & Body Works scents.  Know that some will be discontinued and your scent memory stock eventually will be no more.  (And nope, I’m not getting any compensation from Bath & Body Works.  I just love their lotions.)

Update:  for our latest Disney Vacation, I used Cherry Blossom Shower Gel.  It works just as well as the lotion.  Every morning, I reminded of the fun and magic.  🙂