The Hidden Box

We have a special green box.  It is a fuzzy box with a fun little clasp.  And in this box is candy.

Somewhere in my house, at this very moment, the little green box is waiting to be found by my kids.

How The Fun Started:  We received a gift for Sweet Girl in this fuzzy green box when she was born.  Trying to decide what to do with the box afterward became a puzzle.  Sweet Boy had so much fun playing with it that I couldn’t just give it away.

So one day, I threw a couple pieces of candy in it and put it in one of my kitchen cupboards.  About a month later, Sweet Girl (while trying to hide in each and every cupboard herself) stumbled upon the hidden box.  Now, it is a game.  Often forgotten, but bringing little thrills when found!


  1. How cute! Cute box and cute little game. I remember growing up, my mom and I used to hide this really hideous looking ornament that we always got a good chuckle over. So we’d hide it in unexpected places, and we could always tell when it was found, cuz the one or the other of us would burst out laughing.

    Tracy Screaming Sardine

  2. The hideous ornament sounds like a lot of fun! Isn’t funny how the smallest things create such memorable moments?