For the last six weeks, I have been in the Bible study, Nehemiah:  A Heart That Can Break by Kelly Minter.  And I have loved this study!  Being in Bible study gives great accountability, fellowship with other Christian women and helps increase your knowledge of God and His Word.  This has been a tender Bible study that pulls . . . no yanks, at your heart to see what God is laying on it. (Incidentally, if you are working through Beth Moore’s Bible study on James, this is a perfect follow-up.)
A couple days into week 5, Kelly talks about how God is “El Roi”, the God who sees, and that He also responds.  In Nehemiah 9:10, the Israelites remember how God saw their slavery in Egypt and heard their cries.  He directed Moses and sent signs and wonders to bring about their deliverance.

So Kelly asks the following question of the reader.  (You should first know that she previously expanded the definition of confession as “to express praise, give thanks, extol, make a public confession, make an admission.”)

“If you feel a certain area of your life is invisible to God, confess this and ask Him to reveal to you the truth that He sees you.”

So in the space below the personal question, I wrote, “how busy I feel.”  I know God sees that I am busy.  I know that He knows what is on my plate.  But to be completely open about it, it was how busy I feel that somehow seemed invisible.

how busy I feel

Sitting at my kitchen table, I began to pray and “confess” this to Him.  I continued by acknowledging that even so, He is my Rock and my Shield.  And looking out the window at a tree I have looked at a thousand times before, I saw a bird pop into a perfect little hole in the tree.  I had never noticed this hole before!  But I was instantly reminded by the tender voice of God that He is my hiding place.  


No matter how busy I am . . . how many good things are on my list, no matter what my obligations, I can run to Him because He is my hiding place.  He is the One who gives refreshment and nourishes my soul.  He soothes my anxious mind and heart and allows for times of complete rest in Him.

So like that bird that went into the hole in a tree for respite, I will go to the Lord.  And incidentally, I have to tell you that I now see that bird going in and out of the hole all the time.  God opened my eyes to the incredible picture of His tender loving care for me.  And if He feels that way about me, I know He feels that way about you, too.

What in your life do you need to know is not invisible to God?