The other night before the kids were about to go to bed, they asked to watch home movies from our trip to Disney World.  Of course, being the Disney-loving mom that I am, I let them stay up to reminisce over fun memories.  But my husband put a little twist on things.  We watched the home movies on the ceiling!   Yes, it is a little out of the ordinary, but hey, we’re out for the “fun” factor.

Last year, we bought this great little projector for purposes just like this.  We have crawled in our sleeping bags, watched movies on the wall in different places of the house and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

We spent about $60 and bought a refurbished EyeClops Mini Projector on Woot.  Amazon has this inventory  (the Discovery brand was another decently priced one).  Keep in mind:  the quality isn’t anything spectacular, but perfect for kid/family fun.  (You get what you pay for.)  You’ll need a very dark room and a light colored wall.

How do you increase the “fun” factor in your house?

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