There is nothing like company coming over for a little motivation to clean your house and take care of those put-off tasks.  (I’m sure you are much better than I am!)  After painting my daughter’s room this summer, I have been lax at putting everything up on the walls.  But out-of-town company will be coming soon and I thought this was just the motivation I needed to get her room finished.

Half way through the task of hanging items on her wall, I stumbled on this amazing idea on Pinterest.  It is so good, you’re going to love it.  It is that good.  No more measuring down and over to where the hole should be from the edge of the frame.  No more pulling out the measuring tape to hang one picture.  It really is amazing!  And it is so simple to do.

The idea comes from the Scrap Shoppe Blog who saw it on Get It Sold from HGTV.

What You’ll Need:  A piece of wood and a small nail.  The other blogger used a clothes pin, but I used this little ruler – a promotion item from someone running for election earlier this month.  The wood cannot be so flimsy that it will break when you hold a frame from the nail.


How to Make It:  Drive the nail through the wood just enough that you will leave a mark on the wall when pressed.

Hang your mirror/picture on the nail, supporting it as needed.

Put it in place on the wall and push.  You’ll have a little mark on your wall where the nail should go. Hammer one in and voila!  You now have the perfect way to hang your picture and no measuring needed!
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Update:  For those leaving comments and not quite getting it, here is a little step-by-step recap.  Hope it helps!
1.  Find a piece of wood (I used this ruler – but it can be anything.  The fact that it is a ruler is unimportant.).  Drive a nail into the piece of wood until the end pokes through the other side and then hammer no further.  We’ll call this Nail A.
2.  Take your picture frame and let it hang off of Nail A, while you are holding the “ruler”.  You may need to support the frame with your other hand.  (You’ll be keeping the picture frame on Nail A until Step #5.)
3.  Determine where you would like to hang your picture on the wall.
4.  Then, with your picture frame in place against the wall, give a gentle press on the frame where the picture hook and Nail A are.  You will be leaving a small indentation in the drywall from Nail A.
5.  Remove the frame from the Nail A and the “ruler.”  Nail A will remain in your “ruler” for good.
6.  Find the indentation on the wall and hammer a new nail (Nail B) into the wall and hang your picture.